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Corey’s Build Thrive Succeed Agency Is Helping Cleaning Businesses Stand Apart and Win Big

Build Thrive Succeed
Photo Courtesy: Corey Everhart

I recently sat down with serial entrepreneur Corey Everhart. I was fascinated to learn about his background in the service industry, particularly the cleaning industry. I also discovered he’s now devoted to helping service businesses and entrepreneurs across the US with his agency known as, Build Thrive Succeed.

Corey started in the commercial and residential cleaning industry back in 2008 and has made quite an impact. Corey explained how his company attracted new clients by leveraging a powerful social presence on Instagram and being featured in different forms of published press. His first cleaning company grew to have two office locations and employ over 120 team members while servicing thousands of clients (commercial and residential) across Maryland. In 2018, Corey sold his cleaning company to pursue a career in aviation and build what would become Build Thrive Succeed Agency.

“Starting a cleaning business isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work and takes real dedication and entrepreneurial spirit to be successful. I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle during my first few years. Winning new clients was the challenging part. Prospective clients would always hire the big well-known franchises over my company. Finally, I realized the main difference between my company and theirs was that they had credibility and were seen as the authority in the industry. Their brands had a powerful online presence, and people trusted and believed in them instantly. I knew I needed to be seen in this light if I wanted real growth,” Corey stated.

How is your company Build Thrive Succeed helping cleaning businesses grow?

“We’re particular with the clients we take on. We look for cleaning entrepreneurs who are coachable and willing to invest in their brands. Our services are very effective at enhancing brand authority and credibility. For example, we’re connected with Instagram influencers who can send thousands of real followers to our client’s pages within days. In addition, we also offer guaranteed press opportunities such as features in digital news articles, magazines, and even television interviews.” Corey stated. Corey’s company is comprised of team members known as Credibility Specialists. Either Corey or one of his team members will help you create a roadmap for success.

Photo Courtesy: Corey Everhart

How can someone grow their cleaning business in today’s market?

“There are millions of cleaning services out there, and yours has to stand apart from all the others. The goal is to make your cleaning service the most credible in your city or town. Potential customers need to see you and your business as competent, trustworthy, and the best option for their needs. Build Thrive Succeed Agency was born to help entrepreneurs and businesses enhance their credibility so real growth can occur.” Corey stated.

How can someone boost their cleaning business’s credibility on Instagram?

“On Instagram, when your cleaning service page has many followers, this is viewed as social proof that your brand is unique and worth following. A higher following also builds more trust and confidence in you or your business. I noticed the power of Instagram after my cleaning business had around 5,000 followers. My sales reps would use our Instagram to find local companies we wanted as clients, and then they would reach out to them. We started to see that this strategic method of finding our ideal clients and getting responses worked better as the number of followers we had increased to 10k, 15k, and eventually 25k.” Corey stated.

How can someone get featured in the press and leverage it to grow their cleaning business?

“There are many benefits to having your brand featured in the media via some digital or printed press. First, it shows the public that your business is legit, unique, and credible. Second, you can significantly increase the number of cleaning service bids/proposals you win (including your press articles in your bid/proposal). Build Thrive Succeed is connected to media news sources, and we can get our client’s stories told in the press. We make it super simple as well, you fill out a questionnaire, and our writers will create the perfect article for the publishing.” Corey Stated.

Corey and his Agency Build Thrive Succeed have plans on helping many more cleaning companies grow over the coming years. Corey has a real passion and deep understanding of succeeding in the cleaning industry and is excited to help more entrepreneurs build, thrive, and succeed. If you own a cleaning service business and are interested in learning more, feel free to message them on Instagram or visit their website.

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