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“Change can only be brought if you are willing to work for it,” Jeffrey James Binney motivates many with his shenanigans

We have been blessed with this gift called life, which is meant to be lived to the fullest. More often than not, we tend to focus on our problems without realizing that time is slipping away. When hit with the slightest of problems, we lose hope. But one thing for sure is that only those who are focused on their goals will succeed. Such individuals do not let any obstacle pull them down, and there is nothing that can distract them because they not only have faith in themselves but will also work hard to achieve success.

At every stage, our interests change, and so do our life choices. Most of us might feel as if we need more than one life to fulfill our dreams or accomplish the number of objectives and goals we have in life. However, there are people who like to accomplish several things at once and want to make the most of their lives. Whether it’s piloting a jet, running a business, exploring the world, climbing Everest, or anything else, there is nothing that would deter their spirits. 

Mae West’s popular words, “You only live once but if you do it correctly, once is enough,” has inspired Jeffrey James Binney’s life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pilot a plane and be passionate about writing at the same time. You can be a captain, a dancer, a singer, or join the armed forces for the sake of serving your country. There are no limits. You can do anything and everything you want, and there should be no boundaries to your imagination. 

Jeffrey James Binney was raised on a farm in Laredo, Missouri, and after earning a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre Performance from Missouri State University, he relocated to Brooklyn, New York. Jeffrey Binney is a body-positive motivational speaker, comedian, musician, and trail runner. He also has the film “Once Is Enough,” which is available on the OTT streaming service Amazon Prime Video, to his credit. Though he garnered fame for his movie, his social media videos of him dancing while trail running was another element that made him a viral hit. Comedian Binney later traveled to the East to pursue a career in musical theatre. Fortunately, Binney’s parents supported his decision to move to New York City so that he could follow his passion and played humorous characters like “The funny fat best friend.” 

Jeffrey Binney not only appeared on Late Night with David Letterman but has also been seen in the 1st National Tour and Chicago Company of the Broadway musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, as well as conferences, comedy clubs, and festivals across the nation. 

However, the life-changing moment in Binney’s life was when his mother fell sick. A few years later, his mother’s health deteriorated, so he returned to Missouri to be with her during the hard times. He was by her side for a year and a half. But losing his mother to heart disease brought on by obesity was an eye-opener for him. Binney understood that he was also on the same path as his mother because he was also overweight. After being inspired by an outdoor magazine that he discovered in the hospital waiting area, he decided to go for a trial run. He wasn’t athletic and weighed 340 pounds, yet something worked. Binney got a wake-up call, and his perspective on life changed completely. Nothing was more important to him at the time than the notion that he could disappear into the woods for however long he wanted, no matter what he was doing.

He started running frequently, lost some weight, and gradually increased his distances, finishing a 20-miler, a few marathons, and a 50-miler. He joined forces with ultra-running coach Ian Sharman and tried his first 100-mile race – the challenging Leadville Trail 100 in Colorado in August 2015. Even though he missed the cutoff and was pulled before halfway, Binney didn’t lose hope and, in fact, became optimistic about his life and choices. He didn’t see failure as a rejection but understood the true strength of not giving up. 

The life story of Jeffrey James Binney is unquestionably motivational for everyone who is struggling and wants to improve their situation and life. His film also has the same sources of inspiration and drive. You’ll giggle while watching “Once Is Enough,” which will probably inspire you to challenge or at least push yourself to do something extreme to benefit your health and well-being. You only get to live once, so you must cherish it because it’s your only chance. Binney learned his lesson the hard way, but he hopes that other people would learn from his experiences and put in efforts to change their life for the best.

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