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Inside the Mind of Tevin Everett

One upcoming director is no stranger to making things happen. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking, wrote screenplays picked up by one of the biggest networks in the industry, and most of all, explored how he can use his voice to make a change in the world. That is Tevin Everett. Tevin Everett spent eight years in the US Navy before finally moving to Los Angeles and going on a journey of becoming a filmmaker. Even with an incredible start in the industry as a screenwriter, Tevin knew there is so much he needed to learn. “When I

C2 Records on New Projects and Continuously Innovating Music Production and Artist Development

Create Culture Records (also known as C2 Records) is getting the show on the virtual road in 2021! On January 2, the C2 Team completed their final review of applicants for the Music Madness contest and announced the top 64 selections. In light of the previous year, C2 Records hit the ground running as a label deeply rooted in the principle that music is an unparalleled unifier of all people. Phil Oakley, the founder of C2 Records, conceived the idea of this label while visiting Graceland. It was there, in Memphis, that he decided to create a label that would

Yathatisall Merges Art and Music With New Rap Styles

Musician and actor Najeeb Al-Amin, best known as YaThatIsAll, is a trendsetter for making music. With the passion, talent, and determination necessary to climb up to the top, he is regarded as Chicago’s top Afro hip-hop artist. The rising hip-hop artist has been releasing hit songs for years, his unique sound and style setting others’ pace to follow. Originally from South Side Chicago, the singer-songwriter discovered his love for music at a tender age and gradually trained himself to great heights in showmanship- a real spectacle to behold. At the age of seventeen, YaThatIsAll is a young MC studying audio

Keith Ross Nelson Doesn’t Let His Age Slow Him Down

Most people often take old age as a sign of slowing down. It’s true that it often comes with a feeling of resignation, but being old shouldn’t be something to be sad about. Keith Ross Nelson doubles down on old age as something humorous, so much that he uses it as fuel for his comedic performances. As a seasoned stand-up comedian who has been in the industry for 30 years, Keith Ross Nelson has had a variety of amazing experiences in the industry. He’s had the great opportunity of performing at various prestigious venues such as cruise ships and colleges.

Willie J on Turning Pains Into Gains and Leading Pure Mission Entertainment to the Top

Admittedly, it could be challenging to let go of the belief that a person’s beginning will define the face of their future. Many aspirants have stopped pursuing their goals because their initial failures have discouraged them from going forward. But, household names, such as Willie J, prove that anyone can climb up from rock bottom and make their way to the top. This native of East Saint Louis/Washington Park, Illinois, has dealt with several hardships in life, from facing prison time, getting cut up, overcoming drugs, and losing his mother and grandma to breast cancer. But Willie J barrelled through

Damond Collier’s Team of Reformed Gang Members Produce Wildly Successful Film, ‘Baby Gangsta’

Hollywood and Pop Culture are known for being visually and auditorily appealing, but there is no assurance of its accuracy in representing certain cultures and subcultures. Misrepresentation and cultural appropriation are particularly prevalent concerns that can be remedied by hiring people who have actual, first-hand experience in leadership positions in production. It is why Baby Gangsta: The Movie, produced by Damond Collier, stands out from the rest of the movies ‘depicting’ hood culture. Damond Collier is a man who graduated from the clutches of the hood culture and the exhausting cycle of a life in crime. As a former inmate,

Pottstown’s FSG Rell Fully Traversing the Art World through Music and Writing

Photo by D1gitalvisions When talking about being a multifaceted artist, FSG Rell, born Tyrell Barr, is a noteworthy mention. He has embodied art in its full form by excelling at both music and writing. Born on the 21st of May 1998, FSG Rell is an African-American hip-hop recording artist and author best known for his hit song, “Gucci Prada Fendi.” With five full albums and two EPs to his name, Tyrell Barr has, over the years, released music that his fans can relate to no matter what they are going through. “My music is that it can take you high

Murray SawChuck Puts Magic in the Air

In a world bombarded and saturated with the mundane, it has become normal for people to have their lives dulled down by everyday routines and rigid work schedules. At a time like this, what everyone needs is to bring magic and wonder back into their days. And taking heed of the call for action and entertainment, Murray SawChuck, a widely acknowledged magician, pulled out some tricks up his sleeves and decided to share his captivating and enchanting allure with the world.  Spicing things up in the entertainment industry, Murray SawChuck is on a mission to show everyone something they have

Kyriaki Chonacas Breaks Barriers Through the Sophisticated Psychos Content

Kyriaki Chonacas, one of the personalities in the emerging group known as The Sophisticated Psychos, is opening the eyes of her audience to real-life situations, including circumstances that affect women. The gifted seasoned artist and comedian, who has been in the industry for two decades, is breaking down barriers that make many people indifferent to the sad plight of many women around the world today. As a woman who has survived harrowing and traumatic experiences in the past, she is speaking boldly today and aims to promote kindness and compassion in the process of doing so.  Determined to leave a

Sabathil Reclaims Hip-Hop Music and Introduces Subtle, Meaningful Songwriting

Independent artist Sabathil, born Melvin G. Acquaah, is publicly recommitting himself to deliver an alternative message using hip-hop music as a medium. By breaking the mold on artists in this particular genre, Sabathil encourages his audience to take risks as an essential part of attaining success. According to Sabathil, the themes explored by hip-hop artists over the past few years have become robotic and repetitive. This glorification of the banal pushed Sabathil towards the goal of transforming the genre. Although the artist has been writing music for almost 15 years, he feels that there is a renewed necessity for his