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Sabathil Reclaims Hip-Hop Music and Introduces Subtle, Meaningful Songwriting

Independent artist Sabathil, born Melvin G. Acquaah, is publicly recommitting himself to deliver an alternative message using hip-hop music as a medium. By breaking the mold on artists in this particular genre, Sabathil encourages his audience to take risks as an essential part of attaining success. According to Sabathil, the themes explored by hip-hop artists over the past few years have become robotic and repetitive. This glorification of the banal pushed Sabathil towards the goal of transforming the genre. Although the artist has been writing music for almost 15 years, he feels that there is a renewed necessity for his

Michelle Larsen Is an Inspired Master of Art, Crafting Her Own Unique Style of Artistry

Inspiration can be found everywhere, down to the tiniest mountain crack to the lushest green forests of the world. Nature can be a powerful tool for motivation, inspiration, and beauty, which is why the master artist Michelle Larsen has made it a point to channel all of that beauty through her mixed media art pieces. Michelle Larsen is well-known for her dynamic art pieces that evoke a sense of movement that traditional media could never capture. Her artwork utilizes the beauty of nature and the captivating dynamism of movement to tell a story that only she can. Michelle graduated from

Berblan, a Bundle of Talents Blessing the World with Her Gifts

Multitalented 15-year old prodigy from Dallas, Texas, Berblan has spent all her life developing her skills in various areas like piano, violin, dancing, and visual arts. Only three years shy of adulthood, and she has started getting recognition for all the skills she has acquired. Performing well in various competitions all over the United States, Berblan has earned herself a spot as a member of the U.S. Figure Skating Organization. She is also a model student at her school as she is the student council secretary and the social media manager handling the Instagram page for her class. Berblan took

June Shelton Is Poised to Become a Notable Writer for Comedy

Whether it’s for drama or comedy, promising actor and prolific writer June Shelton is thriving in a way he never expected. Between the two genres, however, he believes that he is destined to entertain by making people laugh. Because of his bubbly personality and adventurous nature, he is confident he has what it takes to write profound comedic content meant to make audiences laugh their hearts out at any given time.  Before deciding to seriously consider writing as a career path, June has done several commercials as well as voice-overs for various brands and companies. He recalls starting to create

ARTYA, Rewarding Activism and Artistry

ARTYA Awards is a brainchild of ArtTour International Magazine and has gone to break existing records and set new ones in the awarding industry within three years of its existence. ArtTour International, a multimedia platform available in digital and prints, was the 2018 and 2019 winners of the Public Media Award of Excellence. With over 10 million viewers worldwide, ArtTour International Magazine is every artistes’ go-to platform for exposure to a global audience. The ArtTour International TV show is an award-winning TV series whose host is international art celebrity Viviana Puello, the Olee Public Media Awards of Excellence winner in

Los Angeles Teen Takes on the Literacy Gap to Break the Cycle of Homelessness and Poverty with Her Philanthropic Organization

This has been a trying year for people all over the country, but California and the Los Angeles area have been hit especially hard by the effects of the pandemic, which has exacerbated the gravest problems the state already faces. Literacy, poverty, and homelessness rates in Los Angeles are staggering, and these three factors are very closely correlated. To worsen these existing problems, school shutdowns in California have left children in underserved communities at risk for falling further behind and perpetuating this unfortunate cycle. Alana Weisberg, a local Los Angeles resident and high school student, has decided to do something

Gabriel Emmanuel Walker: Nothing Is Impossible for a Man With a Vision

Diamonds are formed under pressure, and similarly, it is the problems and challenges in one’s life that polish people and make them truly shine. Gabriel Emmanuel Walker has had his fair share of troubles but persistently refused to let them break him down. Instead, he uses hardships as fuel for him to strive to better himself and achieve his ambitions. Gabriel Emmanuel Walker is an entrepreneur and the CEO of an up-and-rising entertainment label, the Delorean Music Media Group. With grit and an intrinsic sense of purpose that keeps him going, he leads his skilled team to get every job

Breathe, Meditate, and Heal with Breathwork Coach Ben Holt

Breathing… One of the most basic functions of a human being, and potentially our greatest superpower. The sad reality is, most people in the modern world are breathing shallow breaths through their mouths throughout most of their day. Inducing stress, debilitating the immune system, and increasing fat retention are just a few perks of this less than perfect breathing practice. With so much information on breathwork and conscious breathing out there these days, Internationally acclaimed breathwork facilitator, transformational retreat leader, and explorer Ben Holt has committed himself to teaching people the lost art of conscious breathing along with many other

Undead Papi on Having an Open Mind and Achieving Success

A person’s mind is like a parachute – it does not work until it is opened. True enough, some of the most innovative people in the world started shaping their pursuits when they unleashed their creativity and unfolded the far-reaching corners of their minds. Having an open mind allows people to see the inevitable, expect the unexpected, and create a feasible path towards success out of scratch. For Undead Papi, he opened his mind that he realized the world is filled with stepping stones that spark remarkable growth. And because of this realization, he decided to become a catalyst for

Aaron Von Ossko and Esoteric Collection’s Crusade to Support the Next Generation of Artists

It’s not uncommon for people who wish to pursue a career in the arts to receive discouragement. Often, people who do so get bombarded with indications that such a career would only lead to becoming penniless. However, Aaron Von Ossko is one of those people whose love for the arts has pushed him to support artists by creating a collective with Esoteric Collection. Aaron Von Ossko grew up spending endless hours sketching. Like many people, it was the best source of escapism to get away from the abusive environment his father created. Aaron’s father was the kind of man who

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