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Joseph Yonke Aspires to Captivate the Art Scene With His Unique Style

In the digital age, individuals who are not attached to their phones and social media accounts can be hard to come by. However, 21-year-old student Joseph Yonke is unlike most people. Instead of spending his time gaming or on social media, the artist dedicates his life to creating stunning works of art. Being exposed to art at an early age was instrumental in shaping his interest and passion for painting. Joseph received mentoring and lessons from his artist grandfather Robert Yonke, whom he considers to be his most influential role model.   Some of Joseph’s fondest memories involve his journey into

Anthony D White III on a Full Ride to Taking the Music World by Storm

Many musicians have drawn inspiration from other legendary musicians and have gone on to be greats in their own rights. Anthony D White III is no different as he has taken so much from the pop icon Michael Jackson and was even inspired to the point of putting on a show for his family members as a child.  Music interested Anthony D White III naturally, and the Indianapolis, Indiana-born artist has staked a claim in the industry as a talented independent artist worth watching. As someone who has never limited himself in anything he did, Anthony hopes to connect with

Entertainment Powerhouse, Stryker Records Promoting Artists Such as Drew Lines to Stardom

Photo of Drew Lines taken by Quinn Wold A famous saying goes, “Everything begins with an idea, but an idea that is not developed into action will never get bigger than the brain cells it occupies.” This saying proves true for Chris Dobry, who, in 1997, conceived the idea to bring on a battle of the bands in his hometown of Green Bay Wisconsin. With a lot of determination and not a dime to his name, Chris worked hard to bring his idea to life and founded his record label, Stryker Records, where he promotes live concerts, manages artists, and

Sza Brings an Ethereal Concert Experience Online with “In Bloom”

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Fast-rising singer and songwriter Sza brought a virtual concert experience like no other on July 1, 2021, at 9:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The concert, entitled “In Bloom,” comes in partnership with Grey Goose to launch the brand’s latest line of low-calorie vodkas. In the event, the singer performed live for the first time tracks from her latest album, including the hit single “Shirts,” which continues to dominate charts all over.  The virtual event comes after Sza announced that she would be working as a consultant for the vodka brand Grey Goose throughout the following seasons to

Ibrahim Ismail AKA ThatGuyHabibi Putting Smiles on Faces through Social Media

Social media has been a tool for various things, from business to networking and even entertainment. Social media personalities like Ibrahim Ismail, also known as ThatGuyhabibi on social media platforms, have made a career out of entertaining people and making them laugh on social media. ThatGuyHabibi is a rising comedian, actor, and content creator on Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. He is known for creating comic content using satire, dark humor, and other comedy elements to entertain his global audience. Some of his comedy content also relates to the everyday world, and that is why so many people find him

Re-Wyne Uses Music and Apparel to Inspire the World

Many people have hit rock bottom in life and lack the motivation to keep going. Depression and hopelessness are on an all-time high, establishing that the world needs more individuals who can spread love and good vibes. Artist Re-Wyne delivers that through her music and newly launched online apparel store. As things go into a new digital revolution because of e-commerce, Re-Wyne jumped on the chance to create a clothing brand she could call her own. She named her store after her musician name and brought the store online just as her music career was taking an upward trajectory. Despite

Chicago’s Pride KiDConscious Sets His Eyes on Bigger Feats to Pave the Way for Aspiring Young Rappers

Independent rapper and rising actor KiDConscious is fixing his eyes on becoming one of the best artists in this generation to pave the way for newcomers who also aspire to build a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. The well-loved rapper has attracted thousands of fans from the south and west side of Chicago because of his enigmatic 90s rap vibe and natural performing abilities. It comes as no surprise that the rest of the world is falling in love with his music as he continues to uphold excellence and promote a genuine love for the arts. Born Robert

Ivan B Announces Highly-Anticipated First Headline Show in Los Angeles

Securing a coveted spot in the highly competitive music industry has become relatively easier over recent years, thanks primarily to the advent of digital technology and the rise of social media. Now, aspirants from all walks of life have a shot at reaching millions of listeners worldwide so long as they remain highly aware of the strategic ways to expand their influence. However, it is still true that artists born to privilege and backed by the major power players in the music scene are more likely to top the charts and dominate the playing field, leaving independent musicians struggling to

Joshua Bassett Talks About Coming Out And How He’s Against the Entire Notion

Source: GQ The world has made some phenomenal progress on how gender and sexuality have been viewed. As a society, we have become more open about the fluidity of it all, but there is still such a long way to go before it is openly accepted by the majority of people. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Joshua Bassett has openly addressed that he is part of the LGBTQ community, but in a recent interview, he has openly expressed that he is “anti-coming out.” Shedding light on his personal truth, the star has always avoided labels surrounding his

Uno Paper Boi: How His Authenticity in Music Inspires Youth

Music has been a lifeline to many people. It can instantly make them feel better and less alone. Songs have a way of making difficult situations less daunting. It can provide comfort because people are not alone in what they are feeling or going through. For artist Uno Paper Boi, music was more than a pastime. Music paved the way for him to make a name for himself. Uno Paper Boi, born Rayvon Cystrunk, was raised in a poor community in California. As a young boy, he knew he wanted a better life. He shared, “I turned to skateboarding to

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