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Buying A Luxury Watch: An Essential Guide For First-Timers by Cutler Altier CEO Altier Jewelers

Altier Jewelers — Boca Raton’s first and oldest jewelry store — is not just a brand but a legacy that has been built over a period of time by earning the trust of its customers and living up to their expectations. The company looks meticulously into the details and expectations of its clients by offering them an affordable luxury that caters best to their demands. However, it is not always easy to find what the customer’s heart desires — especially when it comes to buying a luxury watch. Thus, you have to go through several stages of evaluation and assessment. Sometimes, people find themselves stuck between choosing the right luxury brand that goes along with their persona. Cutler shares an essential guide for first-timers so they can make a hassle-free decision while buying a luxury watch. 


First, Cutler says, “it is essential to find a local authorized dealer for the watch brand of your interest. Spare some time with the retailer to discuss your chosen brand before making any decision in haste.” “If the salesperson is rushing the conversation or is not giving you the time of day, then they are not the right fit,” he added. Most of the time, salespeople are only looking for a new potential client who will spend a ton of money in order to get the product they desire. However, if the salesperson is eager to enlighten you about the brand and get into a deep discussion about a specific piece of your interest, then you have found a great salesperson. This conversation can work as a guide for you, leading to a fruitful purchase. “This is a relationship-driven business, and it will take the investment of your time and patience to get your hands on the watch you are after,” 


Cutler emphasized that purchasing a luxury brand should be an emotional decision. While making it, there are some factors that one should keep in their mind. “Purchasing a luxury watch should be an emotional purchase and not made on a whim. Having the opportunity to try the watch on is huge as you want to make sure the fit is correct and you are comfortable with the size and how it wears,” says the President and CEO of Altier Jewelers. He also underscores that it is extremely important to understand the additional functions possessed by the watch and the range of features it offers while keeping the current market trends in mind. 


Furthermore, Cutler Altier raised a critical question. “Are you attracted to the watch for its looks, or is it the functions that make you more excited? Are you buying a watch because it is cool and hard to get, or do you really understand the brand and its values as a manufacturer?” Asking such questions while choosing a luxury brand certainly helps the buyer to make a befitting decision.


While recommending some of his trusted brands, Cutler mentioned that there is a world of watches. Despite his opinion of Patek Philippe as one of the best brands, people can go for other brands as well. “Patek Philippe is the finest watch money can buy, and I am extremely passionate and known to be biased, but there is a world of watches out there aside from Patek. An obvious choice for many is a Rolex. They are the master in their arena, offering a timeless collection of great models that will always be trending,” says Cutler. “Another brand is Omega, which would be considered in the same bracket as Rolex. The brand has one of the very best manufactured movements,” he added.


Cutler also shared that The Omega Speed-master is a top choice amongst collectors and one of his personal favorites. He also mentioned that both FP Journe and A. Lange & Söhne are small production watch companies that have cult followings, and rightfully so. Being associated with this business for many years, Cutler understands that if someone gets into either of these brands, it is because of their love for watchmaking and not because they saw their favorite celebrity wearing one.


Altier Jewelers cherish years of trust from its customers. Being in this business for more than 60 years, they have grown an exceptionally versatile and sophisticated clientele. Be it artists, singers, actors, or political figures. However, what sets them apart from others in the market is that they pay the same attention to every client regardless of their fame and social status. What the company prioritizes are the demands of its customers.

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