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The Secret of the Light: A conversation with Rabbi Daniel Cohen.

Rabbi Daniel Cohen is a popular motivator, mentor, and inspirational speaker and has served in the rabbinate for over thirty years. He currently serves as senior Rabbi at Congregation Agudath Sholom in Stamford, Connecticut, the largest modern orthodox synagogue in New England. 

As we move into the holiday season, now is the time to reach higher in our lives and embrace what really matters and is meaningful. 

Jason Robinson: Rabbi Cohen, how do we access real light in our lives? 

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: Well, let me ask you a question first. What if we could feel and see the divine right here in our midst? How would we treat one another? How would we speak to one another? What if we act like that right now. Let’s treat one another that way right now. Let’s treat everyone we come across as if they matter. As if every moment matters. Because every moment does matter. 

Jason Robinson: Rabbi Cohen, you have a brand new book out called The Secret of the Light. Can you share with us what this book is about and why you decided to write it?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: Thank you so much for asking. I am speaking to you from the spiritual center of the universe, Jerusalem. It is the bridge between Heaven and Earth and a symbol that God is everywhere if we let Him in.

The Secret of the Light is a true story that happened to me a number of years ago. I met with a mystic in Jerusalem who gave me the answer to the question, “How do we access the divine?” He opened up my eyes to an ancient roadmap for living – The Secret of the Light and, in particular, the power of Psalms. I will never forget his words to me. King David experienced the peaks and valleys of life but never lost faith in knowing that God may be hidden, but he is ever present in the world. That is as true today as it was then. We simply need to know this and call upon it.

You see, every one of us can tap into this secret and reveal the Divine light even in the darkest of times and places. The Secret of the Light will show you how to access that light. It is a book of hope, love, and courage.

Jason Robinson: What must we do first to understand and live the secret?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: The key or the secret is to see the face of God in every human being and anticipate opportunities for eternal impact every single day. In a world filled with despair and darkness, the Secret ignites hope and light. If we lived The Secret of the Light, the world would be an infinitely brighter place, but it takes each of us to practice this.

Jason Robinson: Can you share with us a little more about the story in the book?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: Yes, I would be happy to. One of the common elements for each of us as we live life on Earth is the experience of loss. In the face of tragedy and torn between the pressure of his father and the temptations of a mysterious woman, Caleb Uriel is unanchored and lost. Caleb is a budding young lawyer and observant Jew in the 1980s in New York City who struggles with his faith and direction in life. The sudden death of his mother awakens an inner earthquake and reveals the fragile nature of his beliefs.

A chance meeting with a street sweeper and hidden mystic named Elijah in Times Square, though, proves to be the spark to set him on a path for personal discovery and renewal. Elijah reveals to Caleb the existence of an ancient document, The Secret of the Light, whose substance and relevance can only be discovered through a journey to Israel and the power of Caleb’s choices.

Through the halls of a high-powered New York Law Firm, the cobble stones street of Safed and much more, Caleb learns, as do we, the timeless principles of the light and how we all possess the power to reignite our inner light and share it with the world. He discovers an ancient and timeless road map to restore his faith and ours in God, ourselves and humanity and that no time, person or place is devoid of God’s light.

This is the thing to remember: We are all on a journey. The Light is truly everywhere, and The Secret of the Light can help us to see it, and to reveal it. I cannot reveal the light on my own; we all need to reveal it. The World needs your light now more than ever, so I invite you to join me on this journey. 

Jason Robinson: What is this Light Brigade that you speak of? 

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: The Light Brigade is the name given to those who feel motivated to spread and reveal the Divine light everywhere. The book contains the principles of the secret. One of its foundational principles is that no human being possesses the exact same set of gifts, experiences and opportunities to reveal the light. As such, to make the world a brighter place full of love and hope, we all have a role to play. 

Jason Robinson: How does The Secret of the Light address grief and loss? I know the main character, Caleb, experiences a tragic loss. How does his story guide us?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: One common experience we all have is the loss of loved ones. First losses might include grandparents, a beloved pet, and other relatives. No one lives without a brush with mortality and the fragility of life. Yet, Caleb learns that the soul lives on and it is possible to feel your loved ones presence always as Caleb does with his mother. The Secret offers comfort and strength.  

Jason Robinson: The holidays are a time when people feel the loss of loved ones who are no longer at family celebrations. How does the Secret offer wisdom to transcend sadness?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: Caleb learns that we all have a choice – We can lament the darkness or increase the light. This message is a reminder not to be overwhelmed with grief but harness the memories of loved ones to increase that person’s light in the world. When we do that, our loved ones will live in us and through us always. 

Jason Robinson: Why is the message of The Secret of the Light important for our society right now?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: In a world moving too fast, the Secret inspires you to slow down time and create eternal memories. In a world of divisions and demonizations, the Secret awakens you to see the face of God in every human being. In a world filled with darkness and despair, the Secret serves as a beacon for humanity to live life with joy, kindness, courage, and hope. If we lived the Secret of the Light, the world would be an infinitely brighter place. 

Jason Robinson: Do you have any final thoughts?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: The Secret of the Light is meant to help us live in the light that is here and all around us. You simply have to tap into it. Read the story of Caleb and it will inspire you to see God in the darkest of places and spread the light all over the universe. 

About Rabbi Daniel Cohen: 

Popular motivator, mentor, and inspirational speaker, Rabbi Daniel Cohen’s unique blend of authenticity, humor, wisdom, and insight helps anyone better navigate contemporary society and lead a life of legacy. Rabbi Cohen has served in the rabbinate for over thirty years and speaks nationally on leading a life of legacy and is currently working on another book with former NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold medalist Allan Houston on their shared faith and its benefits for leading a meaningful life. He is co-host with Reverend Greg Doll of the nationally syndicated Radio Show, The Rabbi and the Reverend. Rabbi Cohen is the author of The Secret of the Light and What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone? Creating a Life of Legacy


To see more of Rabbi Daniel Cohen’s work, visit his website and Amazon page here.

Amini Construction Sets New Standards in the Construction Industry

In what can be called a daring move that damned all consequences, Amini Construction came to life and is on course to take over the construction industry like a raging storm.

Established by Mehrdad Amini in 2020, Amini Construction is a full-service construction and general contracting business that handles all types of projects, from residential to commercial. The company’s value offering is delivering outstanding results at reasonable prices. While the company’s operations began during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the founder laid his groundwork years ago. Amini Construction was a product of daring moves and tough decisions. Today, it is a thriving company offering a wide range of services, from consulting to developing and integrating with its client base.

Growing up in North Vancouver, BC, as a son of an immigrant family, Mehrdad Amini took his destiny into his hands from the get-go. He graduated with honors and the top 10 percentile of his graduating class from Sentinel Secondary School and studied Kinesiology at UBC. Since childhood, Mehrdad was surrounded by construction as both his parents were engineers. From a young age, he learned what it took to be successful.

Before starting his venture, he worked for Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) – a government entity – as a project manager. Talking about his responsibilities at VCH, Mehrdad shared, “I was responsible for multi-million dollar tenant improvements for VCH’s health care facilities. I had to ensure projects were done on time and within budget, using government money.”

However, working there gave Mehrdad Amini first-hand experience in construction and project management. He realized he did not want to work under anybody and then took the bold steps to pursue a business career and establish his own company. “I believe my experience at VCH helped shape my business and credibility as a project manager and general contractor in my own business,” he revealed. Shortly after starting his business, he was also able to add VCH to his professional portfolio.

As an entrepreneur and visionary, Mehrdad Amini said, “I’m a self-assured, dedicated, and highly motivated individual who is passionate about providing high-quality general contracting services. My experience and skills have allowed me to continue growing my business while maintaining my passion for construction and working directly with clients.” Mehrdad’s passion for construction, years of experience in project management, and deep passion for entrepreneurship are a few of his driving factors. “If you want to make a splash on the construction scene today, you need people like us. Amini Construction, on your side. We are the face of construction, and with that, we offer passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to our client’s properties. We are always forward-thinking, and we understand that construction requires a diverse team of expert individuals. That is why we pride ourselves every time we close on a project after the first proposal,” Mehrdad added. 

Over the next few years, the goal is to expand beyond Vancouver, BC, to other parts of Canada and dominate the United States market. “Currently, we continue to gain clients through word-of-mouth marketing, and we hope our expansion keeps happening organically,” Mehrdad said. “We already have an impressive portfolio that we hope to keep growing to prove what we can do as a company but also aim to become a household name company.”

There is no denying that with hard work and sheer dedication Mehrdad Amini has set new standards in the construction industry through his company, Amini Construction. His unique business approach allows him to view the bigger picture of a project. And that is what sets this dynamic entrepreneur apart from his competitors.

Optimizing opportunities and minimizing risks, Mathew Moxness is an entrepreneur par excellence

Real estate is known as the safest investment industry around the globe. It’s an industry that is rarely affected by global inflation and has proven to be a profitable ground for millions of people. Entrepreneurs like Mathew Moxness are famous for their excellent understanding of the real estate world in Canada. Even though it is considered as one of the world’s most expansive industries, people often find themselves backed into a corner without the guidance of experts. 

One of Canada’s largest real estate investment companies, Crescendo Equity, is led by entrepreneur par excellence Mathew Moxness. Regarded as one of the most prominent real estate investors in the industry, Mathew deals with various properties across Canada, with his organization’s main focus being tied to multifamily residences and complexes. The core value behind Crescendo Equity’s functionality is the belief that their investment partners deserve excellent service and straightforward communication. Despite fluctuations in Canada’s market and economic conditions, the company remains committed to giving their partners authentic information, reliable leadership, and professional guidance based on their “boots on the ground” personnel. Crescendo Equity’s reputation as an agency that gets the job done has allowed them to outplay its competition with bespoke property-hunting strategies, resulting in increased customer satisfaction rates. According to Mathew Moxness, Crescendo Equity offers a wide selection of services tailored to fit each investor’s individual philosophy and background. With a team of experts that pertain concise knowledge of the real estate industry, Mathew has taken Crescendo Equity to newer heights by providing impeccable services and astute reporting to his clients.

As an investor and entrepreneur with extensive business and real estate knowledge, Mathew has educated himself over the past several years, learning to avoid problems, optimize opportunities, and, most importantly, minimize risks. His experience across various real estate asset types helps him come up with creative ways to finance and handle projects. Mathew’s primary goal sees him dealing with apartments and construction, actively helping him acquire apartment properties and structuring real estate deals.

Over the past ten years, his real estate investment company has acquired assets in several places around Ontario under Mathew’s guidance and direction. In fact, Crescendo Equity’s specialty is multifamily properties and newly constructed apartments. In order to deliver exceptional investment returns to his approved investors, Mathew and his proficient team focus on identifying inefficiencies, repositioning assets, and maximizing cash flow. His achievements have received media coverage from a variety of sources. Due to the sudden surge in popularity, Mathew has had his work featured on HGTV, CHCH, as well as other illustrious home channels. He is well-versed in real estate asset management, including purchasing, holding, and cutting-edge project financing techniques.

This is not all! Through his dedication and hard work, Mathew Moxness has not only carved a niche for himself but has also created a fortune for his investors. Currently, his portfolio has an 8-figure worth and an acquisition pipeline of more than 300 units. His real estate company presents unique options for qualified private and group investors to take part in great commercial real estate ownership. As a top real estate investment firm, they focus on purchasing, managing, and repositioning underperforming assets to offer outstanding returns to their cherished investors.

Mathew Moxness is an entrepreneur with an eye for detail, and it won’t be wrong to say he is a real estate prodigy in the true sense. He is aware that real estate encompasses more than just buying and selling homes. He explained, “The key to success in this industry and as an entrepreneur is to have an attitude that allows you to handle any challenge that comes your way.” Crescendo Equity is created to help new investors find the best and most profitable platform. Undoubtedly, Mathew’s eagerness to succeed and ambition to achieve his dream has elevated him to a higher level. 

Buying A Luxury Watch: An Essential Guide For First-Timers by Cutler Altier CEO Altier Jewelers

Altier Jewelers — Boca Raton’s first and oldest jewelry store — is not just a brand but a legacy that has been built over a period of time by earning the trust of its customers and living up to their expectations. The company looks meticulously into the details and expectations of its clients by offering them an affordable luxury that caters best to their demands. However, it is not always easy to find what the customer’s heart desires — especially when it comes to buying a luxury watch. Thus, you have to go through several stages of evaluation and assessment. Sometimes, people find themselves stuck between choosing the right luxury brand that goes along with their persona. Cutler shares an essential guide for first-timers so they can make a hassle-free decision while buying a luxury watch. 


First, Cutler says, “it is essential to find a local authorized dealer for the watch brand of your interest. Spare some time with the retailer to discuss your chosen brand before making any decision in haste.” “If the salesperson is rushing the conversation or is not giving you the time of day, then they are not the right fit,” he added. Most of the time, salespeople are only looking for a new potential client who will spend a ton of money in order to get the product they desire. However, if the salesperson is eager to enlighten you about the brand and get into a deep discussion about a specific piece of your interest, then you have found a great salesperson. This conversation can work as a guide for you, leading to a fruitful purchase. “This is a relationship-driven business, and it will take the investment of your time and patience to get your hands on the watch you are after,” 


Cutler emphasized that purchasing a luxury brand should be an emotional decision. While making it, there are some factors that one should keep in their mind. “Purchasing a luxury watch should be an emotional purchase and not made on a whim. Having the opportunity to try the watch on is huge as you want to make sure the fit is correct and you are comfortable with the size and how it wears,” says the President and CEO of Altier Jewelers. He also underscores that it is extremely important to understand the additional functions possessed by the watch and the range of features it offers while keeping the current market trends in mind. 


Furthermore, Cutler Altier raised a critical question. “Are you attracted to the watch for its looks, or is it the functions that make you more excited? Are you buying a watch because it is cool and hard to get, or do you really understand the brand and its values as a manufacturer?” Asking such questions while choosing a luxury brand certainly helps the buyer to make a befitting decision.


While recommending some of his trusted brands, Cutler mentioned that there is a world of watches. Despite his opinion of Patek Philippe as one of the best brands, people can go for other brands as well. “Patek Philippe is the finest watch money can buy, and I am extremely passionate and known to be biased, but there is a world of watches out there aside from Patek. An obvious choice for many is a Rolex. They are the master in their arena, offering a timeless collection of great models that will always be trending,” says Cutler. “Another brand is Omega, which would be considered in the same bracket as Rolex. The brand has one of the very best manufactured movements,” he added.


Cutler also shared that The Omega Speed-master is a top choice amongst collectors and one of his personal favorites. He also mentioned that both FP Journe and A. Lange & Söhne are small production watch companies that have cult followings, and rightfully so. Being associated with this business for many years, Cutler understands that if someone gets into either of these brands, it is because of their love for watchmaking and not because they saw their favorite celebrity wearing one.


Altier Jewelers cherish years of trust from its customers. Being in this business for more than 60 years, they have grown an exceptionally versatile and sophisticated clientele. Be it artists, singers, actors, or political figures. However, what sets them apart from others in the market is that they pay the same attention to every client regardless of their fame and social status. What the company prioritizes are the demands of its customers.

Kendrick Shope: How this sales expert is ending online business fatigue with her training sessions

The world we once knew changed entirely with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns were imposed, social distancing was needed, and people feared going out of their houses. But even with the scare of the virus looming on everyone’s heads, the business world decided that the show must go on! This was the need of the hour since every collapsing business led to the unemployment of hundreds. So before anyone could truly understand the situation, the world moved online.

People started working from home and communicated via online meetings, business applications, chats, etc. Business models across the globe were revamped to fit the situation, and though the ‘online solution’ was the best option, it started to take a toll on people. Many people began experiencing what we now know as ‘online fatigue’. For digital entrepreneurs, hosting an online meeting becomes taxing due to heavy screen time exposure. This causes online fatigue, and people begin to feel worn out by the constant need to remain online. In the long run, this impacts their motivation level, productivity, and business success. 

If you are among those facing online fatigue, look no further, as Kendrick Shope is here to save the day! Here’s a bit about her to help you understand why the sales expert is such an inspiration. 

Kendrick Shope is a recognized name in the world of sales today. She is also the brains behind the platform Authentic Selling®️ and the founder of Authentic Selling®️ University, the leading online sales training for modern businesses. Kendrick also hosts Authentic Selling® TV reaching 186 countries and six continents. She has been creating magic in the lives of business owners and salespeople for over a decade, creating opportunities worth millions of dollars.

However, things were very different for Kendrick Shope a few years ago. Always brilliant and talented, she was a top-performing pharmaceutical sales representative. She even graduated top of her class in two corporate sales schools. Knowing she could give the world a lot more than just being a star employee, Kendrick risked it all and created Authentic Selling®. Since then, she has taught thousands of new business owners and seasoned salespeople how to make more money with integrity, how to close sales without being pushy and create freedom in life and business.

The aim behind launching the platform, according to Kendrick, was to introduce the world to new sales strategies in an exciting way. Most importantly, she wanted to instill the empathy factor in all upcoming businesses. 

“We teach a process that allows you to meet, engage and close customers that will continue to want to do business with you,” shares Kendrick. “We teach strategies that are “authentic” rather than outdated tactics that consumers loath.”

When the pandemic hit, Kendrick improvised and created entertaining ways to teach her students. It bothered her that everyone was teaching the same way and lacked emotion. 

“During the pandemic, we hosted the only virtual broadway show for our community and raised 100k for charity. We had Tony award winners and some of the world’s top talent perform for the Authentic Selling® Community. I also taught a sales lesson in the middle, so our people were entertained and also learned valuable sales lessons in one night,” she explains.

It’s due to such innovative education methods that Kendrick’s students have produced millions of dollars in additional revenue and built profitable businesses. In fact, Kendrick has posted videos and tips regarding any problem an entrepreneur may face, including working from home, surviving a sales slump, and staying motivated.

As far as online fatigue is concerned, Kendrick believes one of the most important ways in which you can help yourself is by creating specific working hours. This is crucial to maintain a schedule that does not seep into your personal life. 

“Create boundaries and be rigid about them,” advises Kendrick.

The sales expert also has a large following because of her ability to connect with the audience. With every video you watch, you begin to think Kendrick understands the issues you are facing. It is this relatability that makes her one of the best in the sales business. 

Need more tips to overcome online fatigue? Reach out to Kendrick Shope and let her transform your life!

Gourmet food, spice blends and whatnot? Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Nazari’s Touch’

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought with itself an emergency situation, be it for health or the world economy. A lot of people lost their jobs, and the ones still employed went through mental and physical pressures to survive. It was also during this time that people started realizing their true calling and ventured into small businesses from their homes in order to develop an alternate means of earning. For some, the businesses grew so much that they quit their 9 to 5 jobs and became entrepreneurs, while for others, it became an additional revenue stream.  

John Nazari is one such individual who took up his passion for cooking and not just fulfilled himself but grew it to new heights. Born in Iran in 1970, John Nazari moved to Canada after finishing school. After going through various odd jobs, he was recruited by a reputable company as an industrial engineer. Currently, he works full-time as a Senior Facilities Manager at one of the greatest automotive companies. Yet, his passion is to create, fuse and modify dishes with his family.  

He developed his love for cooking from an early age. “In our house, the kitchen was the main hub, so everyone wanted to spend time there just to be together. I used to do all my homework on the kitchen table since I was a kid, so there was a natural exposure to food and my mother’s cooking. I used to ask for prep chores, and she would give me herbs to clean or simple vegetables to chop. Then one day, she handed me a small knife and showed me how to clean and cut meat and chicken,” shared John. “The interest turned into passion when I was a bit older and living on my own, and realized I had to make a choice of either learning to cook and eating well, or falling in the trap of consuming junk food or dine out all the time.”

To further enhance his skills, he has completed a number of cooking courses at George Brown College, but for the most part, he is a self-taught cook. He is a host by nature and loves to have people over for dinners and lunches and cook meals, experimenting with various dishes to get their feedback. The process of planning and executing a multi-course meal is what makes him charged up and excited.

While creating meals, he realized his spices and blends were something people loved and asked for during their visits. This was when he started working on his gourmet spice blends – Nazari’s Touch. The idea struck him during the pandemic when he saw people selling their own brands and products online from the comforts of their homes. John started looking into food-based ventures that did not require commercial kitchen space. “The first idea as a product originated when I put my signature Za’atar blend together and used it on some strained yogurt as an appetizer during a party at our house. No one knew what it was, but the yogurt was wiped clean and the feedback was magnificent. That was the start of the spice blend business. I currently have three blends, with three more in the pipeline. Every one of my products goes through multiple rounds of tasting via my friends and relatives. They realize that an honest opinion makes my business more successful, so they do not hold back and hit me with the sharpest critiques if needed,” said John, talking about the process of preparing the gourmet spice blends.

The three popular blends Nazari’s Touch kickstarted from are Za’atar Spice Blend, Taco Seasoning and Pulled Pork Dry Rub. These are made with premium ingredients so that you can expect nothing but excellent flavor and quality. 

John Nazari cooks a lot of Persian foods, and people around him are quite accustomed to it. In fact, his dishes and spice blends have a bit of that influence which is greatly appreciated. Persian cuisine is one that not many are familiar with, and once introduced, people enjoy the new and fresh taste, something different from their everyday meals. You can even use the spice blends and fuse them with your cuisines to create your own unique recipe. 

John Nazari prides himself on sticking to fresh ingredients and making the recipes as diverse as possible. His main aim has been to teach his kids that food from around the world needs to be tried and that one cannot stick to a particular cuisine for the sake of comfort. Apart from this, he also supports small and eco-friendly businesses by using their organic products in his cuisines and promoting them. He typically partners with them to showcase their products on his social media and incorporates messages they would want to disseminate about their products to the masses. This is not all! He also tries to create new recipes or content with a unique vibe around their products to attract viewers and encourage his audience to try them out. 

John Nazari is an entrepreneur, but more than that, he is a chef at heart. He loves and enjoys cooking, and that love is poured into his dishes, making them scrumptious. If you want to try a taste of his skill, try his spice blends – Nazari’s Touch – today and be the judge yourself!

CEO and Stock Trader Simon Lerner Empowers Traders to Choose the Best Investments in the Market

Everyone wants to make an investment, but not everybody is equipped to analyze trends and predict how the market will perform in a given period. Investment opportunities are abundant, but choosing which will yield the most promising long-term returns necessitates a certain skill. CEO, stock trader, investor, and real estate developer Simon Lerner stays on top of his game by studying investment opportunities daily, and his success today was made possible because of his unique discernment when it comes to trading. Despite his success, the 22-year-old trader is making time to empower others to identify the best investment opportunities in the market today. 

Simon is the CEO of NetCon, an online trading community that helps students and aspiring investors become profitable traders in the long run. NetCon leverages real-time tips, tactics, and growth by using a tested and proven system. The data gathered using this system is shared with other traders within the community Simon has built. The NetCon Group is the mother company of several other sub-companies focusing on various niches. These sub-companies include the NetCon Trading Academy, NetCon Events, and the NetCon Apparel. 

In the past few years, Simon surprised everyone when he hosted four large networking conferences for entrepreneurs in several key locations: Long Island, the Hamptons, New York, and Los Angeles. He has invited influential individuals to these conferences, including Jason Capital, Dan Fleyshman, John Mallot, Jeff Sekinger, Ravi Abuvala, and Sean Mike Kelly. He was only 18 when he started organizing these conferences.

At his very young age, the Russian-born and raised investor has accomplished a great deal of feats over the past few years, including making multiple six-figure trades and investments in the stock market. He developed a trading community with more than 1,000 members, many of whom he helped transition from their day jobs to full-time trading. Simon acquired eight real estate properties and has five under construction. His most prized achievement, by far, is having more than enough finances to be able to make his mother retire, who raised him as a single mother.

Simon moved to the United States to pursue higher education when he was only 13 years old. When he was 15, he started selling video game items online, and strangers would pay him online for internet goods and services. It became a turning point in his will as he realized he had a gift in entrepreneurship. He attended college in New York and pursued a degree in engineering, but he later realized that he wanted a degree in Business. While attending his classes, however, he also realized that he was learning more by listening to podcasts than from his teachers. 

Simon dropped out of college and started investing heavily in his own trading education by paying to be mentored, attending seminars, reading books, and studying courses. He had a rough start with trading after losing $15,000, but he soon found his footing and competitive edge. Today, Simon is an inspiration to multiple people in the business world. And what is admirable is that he shares everything he knows with others so they can achieve their dreams. 

“With the growth of my personal brand and sharing my entrepreneurial journey on social media, I’ve had incredible opportunities to speak at many events in different countries and share my story and experience with people around the world,” he shared. 

With Simon at the helm, NetCon has evolved into a progressive organization allowing people to build meaningful and lasting relationships. Simon showed everyone that it is possible to build wealth without a college degree, but with the proper education, through the online courses and conferences, he attended. At the end of the day, it was his determination to succeed that helped him realize all his dreams.