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BonezRoger Alorde Uses His Remarkable Life Challenges to Create Genuine Music

Life and its many twists and turns always make for one of the best inspirations for music artists when producing their songs. Rising hip-hop artist BonezRoger Alorde has had his share of inspiring stories since he was a young boy, and he is using them to impact the lives of music fans all over the country. Despite being relatively new in the music industry, he has a clear vision for his career, and he is using his unmatched passion for music to create a name for himself.

BonezRoger Alorde, born Roodjery Roger, is a native of Port-au-Prince, the beautiful capital of Haiti. At a very young age, the passionate music artist fully embraced the rich culture of his home country, from the enigmatic Haitian voodoo to its compelling history and soulful music. If anything, BonezRoger Alorde is a living depiction of the vast, progressive, and distinct culture of Haiti. 

It was also in his young age that his life experienced a complete turnaround after witnessing the shocking murder of his thirty-three-year-old father. To stay alive, he fled with his brother, Kilo Foreign, while his father’s attackers turned their guns on the two youngsters. Unfortunately, BonezRoger Alorde was hit by one of the bullets on his arm. Determined to evade and make sure that his brother remained safe, they continued to run until they reached safety. That single event in his life started a chain reaction of events that eventually led them to travel to the United States. 

His mother, who was residing in the United States when his father passed away, made immediate arrangements so that he and his brother could come to the country. In 2002, they arrived in Miami. BonezRoger Alorde was still recovering from the trauma of his father’s death, and he started blaming himself for his untimely demise. 

It was during that darkest season of his life when he turned to rap music for comfort and solace. He started rapping spontaneously between the ages of 11 and 12 years old, but his inclination to spend time in the streets affected his education quite badly. He was kicked out of school, and he went from one alternative school to another, struggling to get by and barely passing his subjects. After years of struggling with his education, he eventually reached high school and became a star football player. While he decided not to play in his senior year, he managed to finish his high school education and had universities from Miami and Ohio, making him an offer for college.

The events that followed became a series of unfortunate events, from being incarcerated for several years to almost getting deported by authorities. These events, however, emboldened BonezRoger Alorde to pursue his music career more aggressively. He focused all of his emotions to the fruition of his album Liberty Mobster, which carried his singles “Dark Side,” “Who’s Really Bad,” “Make Em Choose,” “Let It Rain,” “Things You Do,” and “Die in Your Z.”

With patience, determination, and a positive outlook in life, BonezRoger Alorde eventually laid his deportation issue to rest by humbling himself in front of a judge. The ruling favored him and that unexpected turn of events started his massive stroke of luck. Sometime later, he met Grammy-winning music producer carbo aka ProducedbyCapi who played a huge role in his journey. He would later become his mentor and greatest motivator as an artist. Influenced by his focus and fire for music, BonezRoger Alorde started on an exciting path to becoming one of the most promising hip-hop artists of this generation. 

He may have had a rough start in life, but it doesn’t mean that he cannot have a powerful finish. If anything, he has proven that when someone is down, there is nowhere else to go but up. Just as he has overcome his life’s greatest challenges, he believes that other people can too. And serving as a beacon of hope during their difficult times is something that he treasures more than anything. 

Learn more about BonezRoger Alorde by visiting this website. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to access his distinct rap songs or check him out on Spotify

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