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Pristine Advisers: Patricia Baronowski on How She Built an Award-Winning Company

Building a company and keeping it afloat for more than two decades is not for everybody; simultaneously, keeping the company afloat and winning a plethora of awards is something many CEOs and managers have failed to achieve. Patricia Baronowski-Schneider did not only found Pristine Advisers over two decades ago; she has also built the company into an award-winning firm and a one-stop shop for people looking to access IR/PR/Marketing and Media Relations services.

Pristine Advisers is an IR, PR, marketing, and media relations company that has built a reputation for providing a high-end experience for its retinue of clients and with thousands of valuable contacts and over thirty-three years of operation and experience to back it up. Pristine Adviser is an award-winning firm that has built a reputation in the PR and marketing industry. 

Pristine Advisers, in their service description, as described on their website, is focused on helping companies achieve brand recognition through print media, broadcast, and social media outlets by taking into account other measures of success when preparing for important announcements such as the resignation of a CEO, media reaction to new strategies or investor reactions to changes in prices.

They have a team of enthusiastic professionals specializing in the execution of financial communication, peer analysis, creation of press releases and presentations, website audits, roadshow organization, event management, social media strategies, story pitching to the media, and much more.

Built on a foundation and model where customer satisfaction is the watchword, the professional staff at Pristine Advisers can understand their customer’s needs, brainstorm ideas that could benefit the customers, assess, and deliver the best result.

“As a company, our mission is to make your firm appealing to investors, the media, analysts, and brokers. We will go the extra mile to achieve these goals so that you can focus on managing your business. We are a sophisticated brand that operates internationally while giving businesses the support they need to thrive,” CEO Patricia Baronowski explained.

To have over three decades of experience in practice is no child’s play; it speaks so much about the amount of expertise that the company has put in over the years. With over 800,000 contacts in the company’s database, and with a majority of the company’s staff having at least fifteen years’ experience under their belt, no doubt, Pristine Advisers is a one-stop-shop of IR/PR/marketing/media relations.

“Our dedication and high-quality work has proven itself in that we’ve had clients follow us through three different firms and continued with us when Pristine Advisers was born—that is a true testimonial to the quality of our work,” said Patricia. The company caters primarily to investment companies and any type of company, as long as they are in need of any of Pristine’s services. 

Speaking of her motivation before starting Pristine Advisers, Patricia explained that she knew she could offer value to her would-be clients, and she belongs to a school of thought that clients shouldn’t be overcharged.

“I saw that happen while I was at other companies, and I disagreed with it. I would rather charge less and have a client for many years to prove myself—than charge a small fortune and only have them as a client for a brief time because it is too expensive,” she said.

In five years, Patricia sees Pristine Advisers growing and advancing with the world, helping more clients and people worldwide.Learn more about Pristine Advisers on its website.

BonezRoger Alorde Reclaims Freedom and Emerges as One of Hip-Hop’s Most Promising Stars

Freedom is a privilege that a lot of people overlook and take for granted. However, unlike many individuals, up-and-coming hip-hop star BonezRoger Alorde greatly values his liberty as he fought tooth and nail to reclaim it. 

Born Roodjery Roger in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the young singer has had a tumultuous past. Back in Haiti, the life he knew changed drastically after experiencing an extremely horrifying incident. At a very young age, he witnessed his father get killed, and he even had to flee with his brother as the assailants also targeted them. The boys then had to move to the United States to be with their mother, who at the time was living in Florida. The incident has left him severely traumatized, and the young man carried a lot of guilt and even blamed himself for his father’s death.

At the age of eleven, he was naturally drawn to the streets, and that was also when he started getting into the rap scene. Unfortunately, he got mixed up in the wrong crowd, got kicked out of school, and was placed under Florida’s juvenile system.

He hopped from one alternative school to another and had to attend a level six program for one whole year. Eventually, he was released but got locked back up again for another year and was classified as a level eight.  

Seeming to have turned things around, he was able to graduate from highschool and was even a star football player. Multiple colleges from Miami and Ohio offered to take him in for his undergraduate education, but instead of going to college, he was sent to prison.

After being in prison for seven years, he faced yet another arduous battle. He was picked up by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and was threatened with the possibility of deportation. He had to stay in the Krome North Service Processing Center for a year while his family fought for his release. Coming to the country legally as an asylee, he believed that he had a solid case but he still ended up losing two times. 

At one point, he told his mother that all he wanted was to get his liberty back regardless of whether it was in America or in Haiti, but she convinced him to stay and send an appeal.  In the appeal, not only did he win but his case was effectively terminated. At last, the freedom he longed for was granted back to him.

These days, BonezRoger Alorde spends most of his time and energy towards creating beautiful music. The budding musician has been productive and has made significant headway, working with major players in the industry like Grammy-winning producer Kevin “Capi” Carbo. He has since released THE Liberty Mobster on various streaming platforms. It features tracks such as “Dark Side” and “Go All the Way.”

The promising artist dreams of one day building his own brand and becoming a famous artist known around the world earning six figures. Most importantly, he wants to tell his story by creating music that inspires. Learn more about BonezRoger Alorde by visiting this website.

BonezRoger Alorde Uses His Remarkable Life Challenges to Create Genuine Music

Life and its many twists and turns always make for one of the best inspirations for music artists when producing their songs. Rising hip-hop artist BonezRoger Alorde has had his share of inspiring stories since he was a young boy, and he is using them to impact the lives of music fans all over the country. Despite being relatively new in the music industry, he has a clear vision for his career, and he is using his unmatched passion for music to create a name for himself.

BonezRoger Alorde, born Roodjery Roger, is a native of Port-au-Prince, the beautiful capital of Haiti. At a very young age, the passionate music artist fully embraced the rich culture of his home country, from the enigmatic Haitian voodoo to its compelling history and soulful music. If anything, BonezRoger Alorde is a living depiction of the vast, progressive, and distinct culture of Haiti. 

It was also in his young age that his life experienced a complete turnaround after witnessing the shocking murder of his thirty-three-year-old father. To stay alive, he fled with his brother, Kilo Foreign, while his father’s attackers turned their guns on the two youngsters. Unfortunately, BonezRoger Alorde was hit by one of the bullets on his arm. Determined to evade and make sure that his brother remained safe, they continued to run until they reached safety. That single event in his life started a chain reaction of events that eventually led them to travel to the United States. 

His mother, who was residing in the United States when his father passed away, made immediate arrangements so that he and his brother could come to the country. In 2002, they arrived in Miami. BonezRoger Alorde was still recovering from the trauma of his father’s death, and he started blaming himself for his untimely demise. 

It was during that darkest season of his life when he turned to rap music for comfort and solace. He started rapping spontaneously between the ages of 11 and 12 years old, but his inclination to spend time in the streets affected his education quite badly. He was kicked out of school, and he went from one alternative school to another, struggling to get by and barely passing his subjects. After years of struggling with his education, he eventually reached high school and became a star football player. While he decided not to play in his senior year, he managed to finish his high school education and had universities from Miami and Ohio, making him an offer for college.

The events that followed became a series of unfortunate events, from being incarcerated for several years to almost getting deported by authorities. These events, however, emboldened BonezRoger Alorde to pursue his music career more aggressively. He focused all of his emotions to the fruition of his album Liberty Mobster, which carried his singles “Dark Side,” “Who’s Really Bad,” “Make Em Choose,” “Let It Rain,” “Things You Do,” and “Die in Your Z.”

With patience, determination, and a positive outlook in life, BonezRoger Alorde eventually laid his deportation issue to rest by humbling himself in front of a judge. The ruling favored him and that unexpected turn of events started his massive stroke of luck. Sometime later, he met Grammy-winning music producer carbo aka ProducedbyCapi who played a huge role in his journey. He would later become his mentor and greatest motivator as an artist. Influenced by his focus and fire for music, BonezRoger Alorde started on an exciting path to becoming one of the most promising hip-hop artists of this generation. 

He may have had a rough start in life, but it doesn’t mean that he cannot have a powerful finish. If anything, he has proven that when someone is down, there is nowhere else to go but up. Just as he has overcome his life’s greatest challenges, he believes that other people can too. And serving as a beacon of hope during their difficult times is something that he treasures more than anything. 

Learn more about BonezRoger Alorde by visiting this website. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to access his distinct rap songs or check him out on Spotify

Elvira Jain: An Icon Taking Center Stage in the Realms of Fashion and Business

Every person holds a clear-cut vision of what or who they want to be in the future. However, the problem lies in the difficulty of translating these dreams into reality. Some consider resources as primary hindrances to one’s growth while others deem the issue to revolve around not knowing where to begin. In the case of Elvira Jain, an esteemed model and serial entrepreneur by passion and profession, it is a matter of setting oneself free from self-limiting beliefs that hinder a person from achieving success. By continuing to defy the odds stacked against her, no matter how terrifyingly tricky the path may be, Elvira stands as one of the most inspirational women across the realms of fashion and business.

As a highly acclaimed fashion icon and entrepreneur, Elvira Jain has managed to secure a coveted spot within a highly cutthroat industry for her outstanding excellence in delivering success and motivating many aspiring hopefuls across the world. This Moldovan native not only climbed the summits of success with grace, passion, and hard work, but she has also transcended limitations and pushed boundaries by becoming a source of motivation for others. 

Hailing from the picturesque country of Moldova, Elvira Jain is best known for her impressive arsenal of skills and go-getter attitude. Although her rise to fame in the modeling industry was ignited by chance through Valentina Vidrascu’s eye for talent, this emerging powerhouse continued to carve a success-enabling path across the trade in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a beacon of hope for many aspirants around the globe. Elvira decided to leave Europe at the age of 17 and explore the world, leading a life filled with unprecedented success.

Throughout her career, Elvira Jain has made waves across the realms of fashion and business. From being signed with multiple agencies across the world, such as Unique Models China, Fashion Milan, New Model Greece, Karma Models India, MMG Dubai, Bareface, Michelle Hay Management and Lips Model Lebanon to working with big brands, this multifaceted personality has proven herself worthy of her reputable name. She has been featured in a number of magazines like L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar and represented Moldova in Miss Tourism Queen International in 2009, followed by Best Model Of The World in Bulgaria, Miss Charity and World League of Beauty and Fashion, where she bested a number of equally worthy competitors by placing fourth. Additionally, she also won Miss Earth Moldova 2020 and rumors say she will be the judge in Top Model of The World in Romania this Fall.

Apart from earning recognition in the beauty and fashion world, Elvira Jain was also an entrepreneur who started her own modeling agency at eighteen, that sold after years and moved on with her life. Moldova models are taking the stage in these years and Elvira Jain and Xenia Deli are the most recognized and courted by worldwide labels.

Attached to her name is a long list of accomplishments, but despite the heights that Elvira Jain has reached so far, this unstoppable fashion icon shows no intentions of slowing down any time soon. In the coming years, she plans to bank on her extensive experience and in-depth understanding of fashion to continue pushing the industry forward and inspiring people to become who they want to be.

Awesome Life Group LLC Aims to Create Generational Impact through Credit Repair Solutions

Hailed as one of the “Best Credit Repair Companies” in Pittsburgh by, Awesome Life Group LLC is truly making its mark. The company is currently helping thousands of people repair, restore, and rehabilitate their credit to achieve their dream lifestyle. Led by three amazing powerhouses, Brandon Weaver, Cornita Pinchinat, and Jera Sky, the company is on its way to building a lasting legacy.

Awesome Life Group LLC has been in the business of credit repair and credit restoration for over five years. Its efficient methods and strategies to help clients rebuild their credit scores and continually educate them on how to maintain their credit scores have struck a chord with many clients across the country. Additionally, the company also teaches people the basics of credit repair through their Youtube channel.

“Many Americans face difficulties with their credit, and that can hold them back from getting their dream home, or business, or car, or whatever it may be,” said Brandon Weaver. “Awesome Life Group LLC is here to improve people’s lives,” he added.

Brandon Weaver is an Army Reserve veteran. After being in service for eight years, Brandon had to be discharged due to two knee surgeries and one hip surgery, leaving him unemployed and with terrible credit. Despite the circumstances, Brandon knew that he could do something to turn his life around, which started with repairing his credit scores. The veteran successfully fixed his credit score from the 500s to the 800s.

From then on, Brandon realized that he has the potential to help others who are also struggling with their credit scores. And so, he partnered with Jera Sky, a successful entrepreneur who has managed a thriving eBay business for twelve years. Together, they built a company that would help people change their lives through their Youtube video and the do-it-yourself credit repair products, helping thousands of Americans along the process.

Despite their success, Brandon and Jera wanted to take things to the next level by building a company that would do credit repair and restoration. Cornita Pinchinat came into the picture. She is an entrepreneur, striving for excellence in her industry for four years. Cornita also had a successful background in repairing her credit scores after her divorce.

Today, Awesome Life Group LLC stands as a company that has given growth opportunities to it’s full-time employees. Cornita currently serves as the Managing Director, overseeing all of the company’s staff. Jera is presently the Chief Strategist, and Brandon is the President of the company.

“Having been in a situation where my own credit was terrible, I couldn’t get approved for an apartment, or even get utilities in my name, made me realize that if I could do this for myself and change my own life, I could help a lot of other people. We are motivated to change people’s lives for the better and to have a positive impact on families for generations to come,” shared the President.

Besides leading Awesome Life Group LLC, Brandon is also a bestselling author of an Amazon book written to help readers across the globe rebuild their lives through credit. 

To learn more about Awesome Life Group LLC, visit its website.