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BonezRoger Alorde Reclaims Freedom and Emerges as One of Hip-Hop’s Most Promising Stars

Freedom is a privilege that a lot of people overlook and take for granted. However, unlike many individuals, up-and-coming hip-hop star BonezRoger Alorde greatly values his liberty as he fought tooth and nail to reclaim it. 

Born Roodjery Roger in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the young singer has had a tumultuous past. Back in Haiti, the life he knew changed drastically after experiencing an extremely horrifying incident. At a very young age, he witnessed his father get killed, and he even had to flee with his brother as the assailants also targeted them. The boys then had to move to the United States to be with their mother, who at the time was living in Florida. The incident has left him severely traumatized, and the young man carried a lot of guilt and even blamed himself for his father’s death.

At the age of eleven, he was naturally drawn to the streets, and that was also when he started getting into the rap scene. Unfortunately, he got mixed up in the wrong crowd, got kicked out of school, and was placed under Florida’s juvenile system.

He hopped from one alternative school to another and had to attend a level six program for one whole year. Eventually, he was released but got locked back up again for another year and was classified as a level eight.  

Seeming to have turned things around, he was able to graduate from highschool and was even a star football player. Multiple colleges from Miami and Ohio offered to take him in for his undergraduate education, but instead of going to college, he was sent to prison.

After being in prison for seven years, he faced yet another arduous battle. He was picked up by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and was threatened with the possibility of deportation. He had to stay in the Krome North Service Processing Center for a year while his family fought for his release. Coming to the country legally as an asylee, he believed that he had a solid case but he still ended up losing two times. 

At one point, he told his mother that all he wanted was to get his liberty back regardless of whether it was in America or in Haiti, but she convinced him to stay and send an appeal.  In the appeal, not only did he win but his case was effectively terminated. At last, the freedom he longed for was granted back to him.

These days, BonezRoger Alorde spends most of his time and energy towards creating beautiful music. The budding musician has been productive and has made significant headway, working with major players in the industry like Grammy-winning producer Kevin “Capi” Carbo. He has since released THE Liberty Mobster on various streaming platforms. It features tracks such as “Dark Side” and “Go All the Way.”

The promising artist dreams of one day building his own brand and becoming a famous artist known around the world earning six figures. Most importantly, he wants to tell his story by creating music that inspires. Learn more about BonezRoger Alorde by visiting this website.

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