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Body Goals 21 Making Fitness More Attainable for Busy Moms and Biz Owners

Many people today barely have the time to stay fit and healthy. With all the demands that parenting, business, family, home care, and careers have on many people, one of the priorities that quickly go out the window is exercise. One fitness coach, Taz Thomas, hopes to change that reality for many busy moms, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and students with a signature training program called Body Goals 21.

The online fitness program exists to help busy individuals, groups, and communities get fit from the comfort of their own homes. The program’s design has one’s hectic schedule in mind, packaged into 30-minute bite-sized bits per day. This format helps keep fitness attainable even when people are time-poor. The Body Goals 21 program is a complete guide, including everything from sample meal plans to workout demonstration videos for both mobile and laptop viewing.

The Body Goals 21 is a product of mindset and body coach Taz Thomas, whose main goal in life is to help women entrepreneurs and overwhelmed mothers experience the best that life can offer by becoming the best that they can be. She has appeared on ABC and NBC for her work in fitness and coaching. 

As a coach, Taz knows what it’s like to be in her clients’ shoes. She became a mother at the age of seventeen, having to balance providing for her child while creating a future for herself. Initially, she had it in her to take the traditional route through career street by climbing up the corporate ladder. She picked up a master’s degree in business administration but would later realize that she wanted more out of life. 

“I always had a huge passion for fitness and one day decided that I wanted to do everything I could to create the life of my dreams,” shares the fitness coach. “I did a lot of self-reflection and decided that from that point on, I would only pursue the desires of my heart.” Today, not only is Taz fitter, but she feels more fulfilled, too, doing something that she knows creates an impact in other people’s lives. 

After years of working with clients from all walks of life, she designed Body Goals 21 to reach and coach more people. The program contains various tools and resources that help people take ideas into action, including a full set of video tutorials, healthy supermarket and grocery shopping lists, meal plans, supplements guides, and an exclusive online community to provide accountability, motivation and support. Body Goals 21’s daily regimens include various glute and leg targeting exercises, upper body exercises, and a body sculpting cardio guide.

Taking principles and practices from her fitness journey, Taz takes years of balancing motherhood, career, and fitness and translates it into a system that has helped produce undeniable results for hundreds of women worldwide. Taz Thomas hopes to coach and motivate thousands of women to design their dream bodies and lives through her programs, communities, and coaching sessions.Body Goals 21 is available today at a slashed rate of $75. Learn more by visiting the program’s website and Taz’s Instagram account.

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