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Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa Ensuring Beauty and Wellness for People of all Ages in Southern California

Confidence in today’s world comes in different ways. If it doesn’t come from within for some people, they get their confidence in how they look or feel with themselves. Looking and feeling good are two things that Beauty Lounge Med Spa helps people achieve, and it does it in the most gentle, non-invasive and non-surgical way. The wellness spa is all about offering safe and non-dangerous ways to look and feel better.

Founded by the couple, Dr. Tamaru and Veronica Tamaru, in 2010, Beauty Lounge Med Spa + Wellness Center uses cutting-edge technology and medical resources to maintain patients’ health and vitality. One of the founders, Dr. Tamaru, has practiced as a physician and consultant for over 25 years, and he embraces the ideology of anti-aging and integrative medical treatments. Describing the wellness spa’s services, “We offer unique services that are at the forefront of medical and aesthetic improvement. Women, men and teens can count on our services to help solve their most personal challenges, whether they are dissatisfied with their appearance, struggling to lose weight, concerned about low vitality, or are slowing down due to the aging process,” Dr. Tamaru said.

With beauty and wellness as the focus at Beauty Lounge Med Spa, registered nurse and beauty advocate and co-founder Veronica Tamaru works with her husband to deliver the best skincare and body wellness services. Veronica once worked as a registered nurse in Critical Care, Medical Surgery and Oncology. She is also a highly respected and recognized skincare expert and injector in Ventura County. Her experience working with the famous Dr. 90210 in Beverly Hills ignited her love for beauty and aesthetics, which she has now actualized with her husband.

Since 2010, Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa has brought to life Veronica’s dream of helping people achieve their beauty goals with less invasive and non-surgical options. Her goal is to deliver gentler methods of achieving impressive and noticeable results on people’s bodies. The couple also set out to make the seemingly exclusive world of celebrity beauty accessible and affordable to everyone.

Dr. Tamaru and Veronica Tamaru see Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa in all the major cities across the United States. The spa strives to address all concerns with a single office visit that leaves no risk or severe body transformation for the patient. “Our experienced medical staff can transform your body and face with dramatic results in a single office visit. Non-surgical treatments can take years off your appearance. There are many reasons to consider them, and even more profound is how these treatments are affordable and can help with prevention of future damage,” Veronica said.

Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa is all about educating and sensitizing the public about better procedures to help them look better, younger and feel better. With the combined experience of Dr. Tamaru and Veronica, Beauty Lounge Wellness Med  Spa has earned a strong reputation in California. “No one has to go under the knife for everything, and we are never going to stop spreading this valuable information,” Veronica stressed.

Learn more about Beauty Lounge Med Spa on the official website.

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