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Awesome Life Group LLC Aims to Create Generational Impact through Credit Repair Solutions

Hailed as one of the “Best Credit Repair Companies” in Pittsburgh by, Awesome Life Group LLC is truly making its mark. The company is currently helping thousands of people repair, restore, and rehabilitate their credit to achieve their dream lifestyle. Led by three amazing powerhouses, Brandon Weaver, Cornita Pinchinat, and Jera Sky, the company is on its way to building a lasting legacy.

Awesome Life Group LLC has been in the business of credit repair and credit restoration for over five years. Its efficient methods and strategies to help clients rebuild their credit scores and continually educate them on how to maintain their credit scores have struck a chord with many clients across the country. Additionally, the company also teaches people the basics of credit repair through their Youtube channel.

“Many Americans face difficulties with their credit, and that can hold them back from getting their dream home, or business, or car, or whatever it may be,” said Brandon Weaver. “Awesome Life Group LLC is here to improve people’s lives,” he added.

Brandon Weaver is an Army Reserve veteran. After being in service for eight years, Brandon had to be discharged due to two knee surgeries and one hip surgery, leaving him unemployed and with terrible credit. Despite the circumstances, Brandon knew that he could do something to turn his life around, which started with repairing his credit scores. The veteran successfully fixed his credit score from the 500s to the 800s.

From then on, Brandon realized that he has the potential to help others who are also struggling with their credit scores. And so, he partnered with Jera Sky, a successful entrepreneur who has managed a thriving eBay business for twelve years. Together, they built a company that would help people change their lives through their Youtube video and the do-it-yourself credit repair products, helping thousands of Americans along the process.

Despite their success, Brandon and Jera wanted to take things to the next level by building a company that would do credit repair and restoration. Cornita Pinchinat came into the picture. She is an entrepreneur, striving for excellence in her industry for four years. Cornita also had a successful background in repairing her credit scores after her divorce.

Today, Awesome Life Group LLC stands as a company that has given growth opportunities to it’s full-time employees. Cornita currently serves as the Managing Director, overseeing all of the company’s staff. Jera is presently the Chief Strategist, and Brandon is the President of the company.

“Having been in a situation where my own credit was terrible, I couldn’t get approved for an apartment, or even get utilities in my name, made me realize that if I could do this for myself and change my own life, I could help a lot of other people. We are motivated to change people’s lives for the better and to have a positive impact on families for generations to come,” shared the President.

Besides leading Awesome Life Group LLC, Brandon is also a bestselling author of an Amazon book written to help readers across the globe rebuild their lives through credit. 

To learn more about Awesome Life Group LLC, visit its website.

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