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Award-Winning Artist Lachi Ventures into Sci-Fi Thriller Territory with the Release of ‘Death Tango’

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In a groundbreaking move, award-winning musician, disability culture advocate, and now accomplished author Lachi is set to dazzle readers with her debut science fiction thriller, Death Tango. Released under the banner of Running Wild Press, the novel offers a mesmerizing escape into a dystopian future, where surveillance, mystery, and intrigue converge to deliver a heart-pounding narrative that will both captivate and motivate readers.

Set in the mesmerizing backdrop of a utopian twenty-third-century New York City, Death Tango paints a vivid picture of a world where corporations have ascended to power, artificial intelligence dictates culture, and every citizen wields the authority to surveil their fellow inhabitants through a pervasive app. It is against this eerie yet compelling backdrop that Lachi weaves her narrative, drawing readers into the enthralling lives of four unlikely companions who embark on a perilous quest. Their mission: to unravel the chilling mystery surrounding the murder of an eccentric parascientist, whose death threatens to unleash a sinister plague on the city—an ailment that appears to be evolving into something far more sinister and sentient than anyone could have anticipated.

Critics are already heaping praise on Lachi’s literary debut, with Kirkus Review applauding it as a “sharp thriller” characterized by “swift pacing” and an “impressive cast.” Abyss & Apex hailed it as “unputdownable” and “a great read.” Lachi’s foray into the world of fiction promises to be a gripping and unforgettable journey through a dystopian future that will both entertain and provoke deep thought.

With the release of Death Tango, Lachi’s impressive career takes a thrilling new turn. Known for her illustrious music career, she has recently made headlines for her advocacy work in the disability culture space. Just last month, Lachi delivered an impromptu performance at the White House, with the legendary Winton Marsalis providing the musical backing. The event brought together luminaries such as Hillary Clinton and the rising star of the tennis world, Coco Gauff.

Lachi’s influence extends well beyond the world of music. She graced the runway at the Runway of Dreams New York Fashion Week show, where she shared her insights with ABC News and Yahoo’s In The Know. Her presence at the U.N. General Assembly reception at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she spent quality time with First Lady Jill Biden, underscored her growing impact as a disability culture advocate.

Lift Me Up, Lachi’s latest single, served as a prelude to the release of Death Tango. The song, a heartfelt collaboration with acclaimed songwriter James Ian and Broadway musician Gaelynn Lea, pays tribute to the late disability rights activist Judy Heumann. The music video, directed by the illustrious Day Al-Mohamed (PBS American Masters) and Catriona Rubenis-Stevens, features three esteemed Sign Language performers – Amber Galloway, Otis Jones (aka SlntWrld), and Nell Russell. Adding another layer of inclusivity, Tony-winning actress Ali Stroker, the first wheelchair-using actor to grace a Broadway stage, provides an audio description for viewers with visual impairments. Google-sponsored captions and audio descriptions ensure that the video is accessible to all.

Presented by Google and embraced by artists like Coldplay, Lift Me Up has witnessed exceptional success, receiving airplay on BET Soul and soaring to #29 on the Adult Contemporary charts. The video has already amassed over 3 million views across social media platforms, sparking vital conversations about its profound impact on the disability community. In August, Lachi unveiled a remix of “Lift Me Up,” co-produced in collaboration with the acclaimed documentarian and sound designer James Lebrecht.

The release of Death Tango marks a significant milestone for Lachi and Running Wild Press. It brings together her passion for storytelling, her commitment to advocating for disability culture, and her undeniable talent for crafting riveting narratives.

“Lachi’s ability to seamlessly transition from the music world to the literary world is nothing short of remarkable. Death Tango is a testament to her versatility and creativity,” notes [Notable Critic].

In an interview, Lachi shared her thoughts on this bold new venture: “Music has been my language for years, but writing has allowed me to delve even deeper into the realms of creativity and storytelling. With Death Tango, I wanted to challenge the boundaries of fiction and explore a future that feels both thrilling and eerily plausible.”

The release of Death Tango is not just a remarkable moment in Lachi’s career but also a significant milestone for Running Wild Press. Its founder, Lisa Diane Kastner, shared “Lachi’s vision and storytelling prowess align perfectly with the mission to publish innovative and boundary-pushing works of fiction. Death Tango is a testament to her remarkable talent and the immersive world she has created.”

As readers embark on their journey through Death Tango, they will find themselves drawn into a world where surveillance, mystery, and moral dilemmas collide in a heart-pounding narrative. Lachi’s debut novel invites readers not only to enjoy a thrilling sci-fi adventure but also to reflect on the implications of a world where surveillance technology knows no bounds.

Death Tango is now available through major book retailers, both online and in stores. It promises to be a compelling addition to the science fiction genre, making a bold statement about the power of storytelling and the boundless creativity of artists like Lachi.

Lachi’s multifaceted career continues to inspire and motivate, transcending boundaries and setting new standards for inclusivity and accessibility in the realms of entertainment and literature.

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