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ArtTour International Presents the Artist of the Year Award to Philip Noyed

Having provided a platform for artists and creators to get seen, leading international magazine ArtTour International has announced its artist of the year 2022 and the modalities of the award presentation. Philip Noyed will receive the award at the ArtTour International Magazine’s ATIM Masters Awards in June 2022 in New York.

ArtTour International Magazine (ATIM) Masters Awards will host over sixty master artists from all over the world to receive and celebrate their awards. In addition to the Artist of the Year award, Phillip Noyed will also be honored as one of ATIM’s Top 60 Master Artists of the Year 2022. Phillip Noyed’s nomination for this award is well-deserved, as he has earned his place in the art world as an innovative multimedia artist. The Minneapolis-based artist is best known for his luminous geometric illumination photographs, LED installations, videos, 3D and VR paintings, and mixed-media installations. Noyed’s art pieces feature the use of creative technology through which he has revolutionized how people view art today.

His recognition in the art world can be attributed to the level of detail that goes into his creations. Critics, audiences, and members of the art community have described his works as visually captivating. Rightfully, the fusion of geometric elements and lighting is often present in the mesmerizing results his finished works showcase.

For over 15 years, ArtTour International has been committed to shedding the spotlight on artists and exposing them to the eyes of art lovers and collectors globally. The platform has served the art community efficiently over the years. It duly recognizes those who make the community what it is in a state-of-the-art award ceremony that it organizes annually. ArtTour International’s full range of services includes digital publications, podcasts, TV shows, print magazines, and award shows. The magazine has a reach of two million readers in 198 countries and is working towards gaining more audiences globally. It also has a show, The ArtTour International Show, which airs weekly on Thursdays on and is now available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

ArtTour International operates on the philosophy of using art to raise human consciousness and global awareness of important societal topics. And over the next few years, the team running the platform hopes to continue being the torch holder and leading voice for artists globally.

“We hope to continue to amplify artists’ messages to every corner of the globe,” ArtTour International’s founder, Viviana Puello, said.  

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