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Amini Construction Sets New Standards in the Construction Industry

In what can be called a daring move that damned all consequences, Amini Construction came to life and is on course to take over the construction industry like a raging storm.

Established by Mehrdad Amini in 2020, Amini Construction is a full-service construction and general contracting business that handles all types of projects, from residential to commercial. The company’s value offering is delivering outstanding results at reasonable prices. While the company’s operations began during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the founder laid his groundwork years ago. Amini Construction was a product of daring moves and tough decisions. Today, it is a thriving company offering a wide range of services, from consulting to developing and integrating with its client base.

Growing up in North Vancouver, BC, as a son of an immigrant family, Mehrdad Amini took his destiny into his hands from the get-go. He graduated with honors and the top 10 percentile of his graduating class from Sentinel Secondary School and studied Kinesiology at UBC. Since childhood, Mehrdad was surrounded by construction as both his parents were engineers. From a young age, he learned what it took to be successful.

Before starting his venture, he worked for Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) – a government entity – as a project manager. Talking about his responsibilities at VCH, Mehrdad shared, “I was responsible for multi-million dollar tenant improvements for VCH’s health care facilities. I had to ensure projects were done on time and within budget, using government money.”

However, working there gave Mehrdad Amini first-hand experience in construction and project management. He realized he did not want to work under anybody and then took the bold steps to pursue a business career and establish his own company. “I believe my experience at VCH helped shape my business and credibility as a project manager and general contractor in my own business,” he revealed. Shortly after starting his business, he was also able to add VCH to his professional portfolio.

As an entrepreneur and visionary, Mehrdad Amini said, “I’m a self-assured, dedicated, and highly motivated individual who is passionate about providing high-quality general contracting services. My experience and skills have allowed me to continue growing my business while maintaining my passion for construction and working directly with clients.” Mehrdad’s passion for construction, years of experience in project management, and deep passion for entrepreneurship are a few of his driving factors. “If you want to make a splash on the construction scene today, you need people like us. Amini Construction, on your side. We are the face of construction, and with that, we offer passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to our client’s properties. We are always forward-thinking, and we understand that construction requires a diverse team of expert individuals. That is why we pride ourselves every time we close on a project after the first proposal,” Mehrdad added. 

Over the next few years, the goal is to expand beyond Vancouver, BC, to other parts of Canada and dominate the United States market. “Currently, we continue to gain clients through word-of-mouth marketing, and we hope our expansion keeps happening organically,” Mehrdad said. “We already have an impressive portfolio that we hope to keep growing to prove what we can do as a company but also aim to become a household name company.”

There is no denying that with hard work and sheer dedication Mehrdad Amini has set new standards in the construction industry through his company, Amini Construction. His unique business approach allows him to view the bigger picture of a project. And that is what sets this dynamic entrepreneur apart from his competitors.

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