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Alice Hatcher Shares Story to Two Decades of Entrepreneurship Success

Not every day does one meet an entrepreneur who has had over two decades of entrepreneurial growth. And it’s even rarer for such entrepreneurs to share their stories and secret to success amidst hardships. And that’s what one gets when you meet Alice Hatcher, an entrepreneur and health advocate who wants to share her story with the world.

Alice Hatcher is a trusted entrepreneur and a health and fitness consultant and has been highly involved in the health and beauty industry for over two decades. She opened one of the first medspas in Orange County, CA, in 2005 at and has been in business for over fifteen years.

Hatcher focuses on health and beauty inside out, promoting supplements, collagen, and other ingredients to benefit beauty while being an advocate of dance and therapy through movement. In addition, the health and fitness expert launched a medical skincare brand in 2015, focusing on result-driven medical-grade ingredients to target various skin conditions and lifestyles. Alice also launched their E-comm site in 2010 and is now servicing nationwide and worldwide with virtual consultation to address skin concerns and prescribe the correct products for each individual.

Alice was born in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated to the US with her family when she was only one year old. Upon moving to America, her mother worked as a night shift nurse while her father studied to be an Engineer. The beginning was rough for them, as Alice recalls living in a cramped one-bedroom apartment. However, the family would eventually open up a Chinese restaurant below their home. 

Being different would also prove to be a challenge. At a young age, Hatcher would get bullied and discriminated against regularly. “As a child, I had difficulty transitioning during the 1980s; I was dealing with racism and bullying for being the only Chinese student in the entire school,” says the resilient health and fitness entrepreneur. 

Despite that, the entrepreneur was able to turn her pain into fuel to push harder. “Every time they kicked me down, it made me stronger,” she recounts. So in 2006, Hatcher would open her medical spa amidst a looming recession. She would go out and solicit people and leave flyers on people’s cars to get them to come into their medical spa. She would even sell gift certificates in the parking lots and then take the clients back to the spa and perform the facial. 

Alice graduated with honors at Paul Mitchell Skin Academy and trained beside Dr.Zein Obagi when the Blue Peel was introduced to the beauty industry and Top one account in the nation for brands like Colorescience, Revision, Obagi, iS Clinical, Neocutis, Vi Peel, Biopelle to also name a few. The health and fitness businesswoman then launched their Ecommerce skincare store, which at the time, online shopping had just started getting big. They had their highest sales the first year, beating our brick-and-mortar. Ever since then, she has realized the importance of ecommerce.

After ten years of blood and sweat, they were able to climb out of their debts, and she then started a skincare brand called “Precision skin RX” using all the knowledge from her aesthetics training and retail experience in her twenties, including working at Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, Stila to name a few. 

Now, their businesses are thriving, and they are one of the top medical spas in Orange County, California. Now she hopes to share that success with many more. To learn more about Alice Hatcher and her story, you can visit her Instagram account

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