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Alice Hatcher Shares Story to Two Decades of Entrepreneurship Success

Not every day does one meet an entrepreneur who has had over two decades of entrepreneurial growth. And it’s even rarer for such entrepreneurs to share their stories and secret to success amidst hardships. And that’s what one gets when you meet Alice Hatcher, an entrepreneur and health advocate who wants to share her story with the world.

Alice Hatcher is a trusted entrepreneur and a health and fitness consultant and has been highly involved in the health and beauty industry for over two decades. She opened one of the first medspas in Orange County, CA, in 2005 at and has been in business for over fifteen years.

Hatcher focuses on health and beauty inside out, promoting supplements, collagen, and other ingredients to benefit beauty while being an advocate of dance and therapy through movement. In addition, the health and fitness expert launched a medical skincare brand in 2015, focusing on result-driven medical-grade ingredients to target various skin conditions and lifestyles. Alice also launched their E-comm site in 2010 and is now servicing nationwide and worldwide with virtual consultation to address skin concerns and prescribe the correct products for each individual.

Alice was born in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated to the US with her family when she was only one year old. Upon moving to America, her mother worked as a night shift nurse while her father studied to be an Engineer. The beginning was rough for them, as Alice recalls living in a cramped one-bedroom apartment. However, the family would eventually open up a Chinese restaurant below their home. 

Being different would also prove to be a challenge. At a young age, Hatcher would get bullied and discriminated against regularly. “As a child, I had difficulty transitioning during the 1980s; I was dealing with racism and bullying for being the only Chinese student in the entire school,” says the resilient health and fitness entrepreneur. 

Despite that, the entrepreneur was able to turn her pain into fuel to push harder. “Every time they kicked me down, it made me stronger,” she recounts. So in 2006, Hatcher would open her medical spa amidst a looming recession. She would go out and solicit people and leave flyers on people’s cars to get them to come into their medical spa. She would even sell gift certificates in the parking lots and then take the clients back to the spa and perform the facial. 

Alice graduated with honors at Paul Mitchell Skin Academy and trained beside Dr.Zein Obagi when the Blue Peel was introduced to the beauty industry and Top one account in the nation for brands like Colorescience, Revision, Obagi, iS Clinical, Neocutis, Vi Peel, Biopelle to also name a few. The health and fitness businesswoman then launched their Ecommerce skincare store, which at the time, online shopping had just started getting big. They had their highest sales the first year, beating our brick-and-mortar. Ever since then, she has realized the importance of ecommerce.

After ten years of blood and sweat, they were able to climb out of their debts, and she then started a skincare brand called “Precision skin RX” using all the knowledge from her aesthetics training and retail experience in her twenties, including working at Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, Stila to name a few. 

Now, their businesses are thriving, and they are one of the top medical spas in Orange County, California. Now she hopes to share that success with many more. To learn more about Alice Hatcher and her story, you can visit her Instagram account

The Abundance Life League™ Successfully Guides Individuals Towards Holistic Wellness Through Its Focus on the Mind, Body, and Wealth

Focusing on holistic wellness is all about covering all the bases. This means that all aspects of life are to be considered, elevating everyone without leaving any room for error. The Abundance Life League™, abbreviated as ALL, is a premier source for holistic improvement that focuses on the key facts of Mind, Body, and Wealth, bringing a balance to each one to elevate its clients’ overall quality of life.

Abundance Life League™ teaches its clients important principles on developing an abundant mindset for success while keeping their bodies and wealth in a healthy balance. “We believe in the importance of Mind, Body & Wealth Alignment, the three main factors that determine everyone’s well-being in life. Only through a balanced combination of all three are we able to experience life in Fulfillment and Abundance,” shared Founder and CEO Severine Keimig.

With its high-quality products and tools, Abundance Life League™ doesn’t just help its clients find balance but ensures they have a calm mind and sound body that attracts greater wealth every single day. The brand’s concept is built on the 21/90 rules that allow people to establish new healthy habits they can turn into a permanent lifestyle after a 90-day period.

“ALL is producing tools that help everyone find more balance in their daily lives. We stand for new beginnings, high achievements and most importantly, an overall balance. Not only for success but fulfillment,” explained the company’s website. The brand is well-known for its personal guide journal entitled “The Mind, Body & Wealth Journal,” which is the only guided journal that provides a complete solution for Mind, Body & Wealth Balance. 

The daily guide journal focuses and guides people toward Mind, Body & Wealth balance and abundance. Unlike most journals, ALL’s guide features a success planner that helps readers through self-reflection exercises at the beginning of the book to allow them to know themselves better. Through this, people are more inclined to effectively find their purpose in life and choose the right goals to accomplish for their personal life and career.

Furthermore, the journal also features daily signature check-in tools that foster accountability and habit building. The planner also boasts some other features such as expense tracking, money manifestation tools, empowering prompts, productivity ratings, morning and evening routines and daily gratitudes. Abundance Life League™ utilizes the latest scientific innovations in goal-setting and productivity to help its clients achieve their short and long-term goals effortlessly.

Ultimately, ALL is on a mission to foster a community that encourages people to live happier and more fulfilled lives by finding the right balance of Mind, Body, and Wealth. The guided journal encourages habit-building techniques while supporting readers through their personal success journeys. On social media, Abundance Life League™ acts as a daily self-improvement platform providing the latest news on mind, body and wealth management. 

The brand has single-handedly brought all the positive aspects of journaling to a broader audience. This has caused ripples within various communities to help individuals attain success and reach for their dreams in a systematic and well-balanced manner. Abundance Life League™ has made great strides toward guiding people from all walks of life throughout their chosen path, and it’s exciting to see how the brand elevates itself in the years to come.

Be seen, be heard, and get the word about your brand out there with Unified Brand Lab

The advent of the internet and the continuous innovations in communication technology has truly brought a shift in people’s lifestyles, including the way we shop. Nowadays, everyone goes online to shop for everything they can think of, whether it may be clothes, food, vitamins, or even luxury items. However, with the rise of e-commerce platforms also comes competition, and getting your name noticed out on the internet might prove to be an uphill battle. Thankfully, the team at Unified Brand Lab is here to provide you solutions that will get your name out there and help you maximize your profit.

Unified Brand Lab is a rapidly growing e-Commerce company focused on serving U.S-based and international consumers in the dietary supplement and natural health products market. Powered by its proprietary technology platform, Unified manages all parts of the e-commerce system from customer acquisition to product sourcing and fulfillment, ensuring maximum revenue. Led by a team of industry experts who offer more than a decade of e-Commerce and technology experience, Unified helps create world-class nutritional brands from start to finish and is unmatched in meeting industry demand.

While other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify offer a space for all kinds of products, Unified provides a platform specifically for niche items in the dietary supplement and the natural health products market, making sure that your brand is in the spotlight. They have seen success in helping products grow, having helped different brands like including Bellera Skin, Real Oil, Nature’s Exclusive CBD, Body Performa, and Maxx Men’s Nutrition.

Unified’s secret lies with their in house-technology platform, which effectively tracks, manages, and optimizes campaign profitability for e-Commerce brands by providing them with the right data and insights that lead them to make profit-making decisions. With this technology, United has created an e-Commerce Ecosystem to scale brands and achieve profitability targets through data analysis, strategic customer acquisition, and supply chain management. 

Aside from their groundbreaking technology platform, Unified also offers a multitude of services that ensure that your business is taken care of 100% of the way. This includes proper supply chain management (which ensure all products sourced are 100% natural and lab-tested), a dedicated customer relations management team, risk mitigations service (dedicated to fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation, and refund rate optimization), technical operations management, and thorough data analysis of crucial key performance indicators (including but not limited to, conversion rates, retention rates, and lifetime value of customers).

In today’s increasingly competitive e-Commerce landscape, being seen and heard is just the beginning of the battle. With its innovative tracking platform and its team of industry experts, Unified has helped various natural health product brands overcome this hurdle and find success online. Let them lend their expertise to you, and help you get the word about your brand out to the world.

To know more about Unified and how they can help you grow your natural products business, you may visit their website here.

Anita Kenosi Shares Her Experience Traveling the World as a Content Creator

The content creator revolution has opened the door for many people to pursue their deepest passions while traveling the world. And while it’s not an easy road, one might come across creators like Anita Tebo Kenosi, who pursue their craft despite all odds.

Anita Tebo Kenosi is an aspiring Botswana YouTuber fueled by her youth, dynamism, and passion, among other things. Still, what truly sets her apart is her mission to see the beauty and lessons in life through the most exciting foods and places around the world. 

Anita loves learning about the culture and food of every country she visits. Her career started in August 2021 and quickly took off, but unfortunately, the business closed due to COVID-19. Still, because she is a foodie, Kenosi decided to travel the world and try different cuisines and cultures, filming her experiences to showcase the beautiful side of every place she visits. 

“My challenges are traveling expenses, canceled delays and currency exchange. Also, checking times and very stressful times and the COVID tests that I have to do every time I go to my next destination,” says Kenosi. All her videos are shot and edited on her iPhone, which is pretty tough for a traveler who can run out of battery at any time. “I like to inspire people of color worldwide to travel and live outside their comfort zone,” she adds.

Happy Muncher Traveler, Kenosi’s YouTube channel, brings the world to your screens with tales of a faraway land and exotic dishes. She still has a long way to go in circling the globe, but so far, Kenya for her is the best place she’s been to. “I fell in love with Kenya, Nairobi. I remember that the capital is a bustling hub of different kinds of people that have come together from all walks of life. However, what I love most about Kenya’s coastal side is the white beaches, swinging palms and cyan seas, the bountiful wildlife inland.” 

In Kenya, animals rule and most game reserves and parks have no borders or boundaries. Moreover, Kenya has diverse local traditional food, showcasing their culture and history. Growing up, Anita remembers that her mom would always cook unique and unforgettable cuisines specialized from various countries. Having experienced these special moments motivated her to travel and explore the world. As a result, she constantly dreams of being a chef and owning her restaurant someday. “My aim as a young YouTuber is to lead by example to the youth. I want to inspire them to chase their dreams and remember that it’s possible to be anywhere in the world while doing everything you love,” says the aspiring content creator.

Anita’s channel is about positivity and inspiration. She produces vlogs about beauty and the fantastic food in every country she visits. In one of her YouTube episodes, she shares her experience of availing of an Airbnb apartment service that costs only twenty-five dollars per night.

While traveling with a start-up might not have been as easy, Anita has learned to be resourceful with what she has available. She hopes to, one day, experience exponential growth so she can continue traveling while also being a force of good in the world. As Anita Tebo Kenosi grows her network and social media following, the YouTuber is looking to get the attention of people of all backgrounds and ages. In addition, she desires to share the wonders she discovered through food and unique destinations.