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How Credit Medics Helps Its Clients Achieve Good Credit

Well-known entrepreneur Hassan Sanders is making a lasting impact on peoples’ lives and their credit standing through his company Credit Medics. By offering tradeline packages, Hassan is able to boost his clients’ credit score from 100 to 200 points. As a result, it becomes instrumental in strengthening the likelihood for loan approvals. Credit Medics offers the fastest and most reliable credit repair services in Chicago and Florida, resulting in the clearing of negative credit profiles in 45 days or even less. 

Credit Medics also offers in-house financing, which is a great help for those looking for personal and business funding. The company also provides reliable guidance on how clients can maintain their good credit score once their issues have been solved. Sanders’ wealth of experience in the insurance brokerage industry has sharpened his business acumen, motivating him to also prioritize promoting financial education among his clients. 

Hassan is not a stranger to having bad credit. He, too, struggled with it while in college. It is for this reason that he fully understands how frustrating, heartbreaking, and discouraging it can be for anyone not to have enough leverage to be able to get a bank loan approval for a new car or house. This kind of situation is especially difficult for breadwinners and individuals who wish to give their families a better life. It was this kind of reality that became one of Sanders’ biggest motivations to create Credit Medics

Good credit is very important in buying or refinancing a home, seeking to qualify for a better job, moving into a better apartment, reducing stress in a relationship, getting approved for credit cards with low rates, saving thousands of dollars, getting lower insurance payments, and the best interest rates. What used to be just a dream to many is now becoming a reality for many of Sanders’ clients, thanks to his commitment to help and make a difference in the lives of others. 

“When I had bad credit coming out of college and wasn’t educated on why you needed good credit, I quickly was denied credit cards, couldn’t get a vehicle without the high interest rates and was simply tired of leveraging my personal cash to start businesses. I was fed up with overpriced tradelines and credit repair, some tradelines not posting and some credit repair companies simply not doing the work of clearing up my credit profile,” Hassan shared. “Later I researched that most individuals have manual ‘unautomated’ processes and simply got tired of begging friends and family to add me to their credit cards to boost my score.”

Hassan has big aspirations for his company in the coming years, and this includes opening more offices across the country to be able to help more people with their credit issues. Additionally, he intends to increase the company project sales to more than $50 million in the next couple of years. Through Credit Medics, Hassan wants to give people hope that there is always an opportunity to repair, recycle, rebuild, and restore their credit no matter how hopeless it may seem at first glance. With the company’s help and Hassan’s passion to extend help so people can have a better future, there is no doubt that more Americans will achieve their dreams in the coming years. 

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