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zizotravel Creates Viral-Worthy Restaurant Content, Brings Fans a Real Taste of Chicago

After five years of working as a flight attendant for one of the leading airlines in the world, Flydubai Airlines, Yazal Al Koudsi, better known for his brand zizotravel, truly knows what wanderlust is all about. zizotravel has explored over 75 countries with his previous career, opening his eyes to just how big the world is for it not to be shared with the rest of society. Today, he is utilizing the digital space as an avenue to share travel tips, unforgettable experiences and disclose some of the best restaurants in Chicago.

zizotravel is a travel influencer with over 160,000 followers on Instagram and over 1,000,000 accumulated video views. On his well-loved content, the influencer shares his day-to-day activities but spices them up with his own unique flair. zizotravel has been creating and sharing tastefully-created content for six years now, and he shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

The influencer also recently launched his brand on TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today adored by millions of uses across the globe. Despite only being on TikTok for less than a year, zizotravel has already amassed over 120,000 fans on the app and has gained more than 3,000,000 likes for his engaging, informative, and audience-friendly videos. Additionally, the influencer has also obtained more than 200,000,000 accumulated views for his content, which have gone viral for more than 50 times in a year. 

zizotravel is best recognized for his comprehensive features on the latest events and trendiest restaurants around Chicago. His reviews have been valued by local diners and tourists, providing them with exciting updates and tips for their itineraries in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. “My fans love the idea so they can know more about the hidden gem and best places for dining in,” shared the trending influencer. 

zizotravel is originally from Syria. He graduated with a degree in business administration and marketing. He uses his knowledge and education today to help other brands featured on his social media platforms reach more customers in their community and across the country. The pandemic has dramatically affected the restaurant industry as there are currently laws that prohibit public dining because of its implicated health risks. With this, zizotravel wants to uplift business owners who have been hit by the circumstances by boosting their restaurants online. 

In 2017, zizotravel won the Dubai Award 2017 for the best food coverage for the holy month of Ramadan, where he featured some of the most luxurious places for IFTAR in the area in a span of 30 days. 

zizotravel strives to bring his fans fresh ideas and content regularly, which is why he invests in exploring even the most well-kept corners of Chicago. By remaining active on social media, the influencer hopes to provide his followers the best experiences and bring them a real taste of Chicago. In five years, zizotravel aims to become a full-time influencer. He is also currently learning the ropes to become a real estate agent. Without a doubt, with his enjoyable content and consistency, zizotravel is on his way to achieving his dreams.

To learn more about zizotravel, connect with the influencer on Instagram.

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