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YoungLA Makes Bold Strides in Fitness and Lifestyle Attire

YoungLA Makes Bold Strides in Fitness and Lifestyle Attire
Photo Courtesy: YoungLA

Successful partnerships can take time to come by, especially in the business world. However, brothers Dashmeet and Gurmer Chopra have defied many odds in fitness and lifestyle attire and have grown their YoungLA brand with awe-inspiring success.

Founded by the brothers out of Chatsworth, California, in 2014, YoungLA began as a fitness clothing brand but has since transitioned into lifestyle wear. Their clothing, which features everything from bold color tanks to elaborate statement pieces, was inspired by mixing affordability with comfortability. What began as a business between two brothers has grown into a company with over 150 employees and athletes worldwide. Their family-like culture with their consumers influenced their business and continues to be as they maintain it. Dashmeet and Gurmer are incredibly passionate about what they do and are continually thinking of new ways to improve the brand and the lives of others.

YoungLA hasn’t always been where it is today, however. One huge challenge was establishing themselves at the brand’s inception. Becoming successful among other brands that have been established for years was another. Despite this, their relentless drive to create unique and trendsetting designs has enabled them to rise above their competition and build a loyal customer base. With various styles of clothes and monthly clothing drops that set them apart from other clothing companies in their industry, YoungLA has created a community of athletes and people worldwide.

Over the last year, their success has shown that YoungLA is here to stay. Their projects for 2024 include working with not only the Arnold Classic bodybuilding show in Columbus, Ohio, as the title sponsor but also creating a partnership with the International Federation of Bodybuilding to be their exclusive clothing sponsor. 

YoungLA is also responsible for raising the prize money for the athletes participating in these shows. It aims to allow people within the United States to meet and get to know the team through their Block Party meet and greet. They will also travel to the UK for the Arnold Classic UK show.

While YoungLA’s future is bright and thriving, its goal is to continue to expand worldwide in 2024 and beyond. Their dream is to become a household name, continue to grow their YoungLAForHer line, and continue to give back to the community around them. With collaborators such as renowned actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, rapper YG, UFC Champion Jon Jones, UFC Champion Suga Sean O’Malley, Boxing Champion Tyson Fury, and Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead, YoungLA is ready to take on the world with their bold looks and brave business moves. 

YoungLA’s commitment to helping the people around them and the athletes who support their clothing brand makes them a brand to watch for, especially as the year continues. Their hard work, constant innovation, and partnerships, exclusive and not, have helped make their brand what it is today. They can only go up from here. 


Published by Khy Talara

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