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Yeshua Alexander, the Multi-Faceted Artist Set to Continue Streak of Record-Breaking Achievements

There is no shortage of talented go-getters in the world of music and entertainment. At any given time, countless artists are trying to enter these cut-throat industries and establish their own name. Fueled by a deep-seated passion for the craft and driven by various motivating factors, they make bold moves to stand out in a space where it’s immensely easy to fade into the background. Having secured a coveted spot at the forefront, yA, a multi-talented musician known for transcending genres, has achieved what many could only dream of. Through his distinctive artistry and impressive discography, he has managed to distinguish himself from a sea of other aspiring powerhouses. 

yA, born as Yeshua Alexander, currently enjoys his position in the limelight. A multifaceted Cameroonian American from the Bamiléké tribe, he’s proven his potential to create a legacy in the music scene one day in the years since he first dipped his toes in the industry. Boasting a sound that defies categories, he banks on his successes and struggles to create a one-of-a-kind music style.

On top of being the voice behind “Born Guilty,” a single that features the acclaimed Baton Rouge recording artist Boosie Badazz, yA is the promising figure credited with the historical accomplishment of releasing eleven albums in a single day. Packed with more lines and rhymes, turns and beats that a casual music fan can listen to in 24 hours, the latest addition to his discography is a collection that will be forever remembered in independent rap music history.

yA’s eleven albums, which found their way to today’s streaming platforms on May 7, 2021, are all proudly published under his own record label. In dropping such a massive number of songs without the involvement of major institutions, he demonstrates that anyone can make their mark in the industry so long as they remain dedicated and passionate toward their long-held visions of success. 

Apart from his arsenal of skills that allows him to shine as a singer and rapper, he also brings to the table a remarkable competence in many other aspects, from writing, acting, and modeling to starting and scaling a business. The emerging household name stands at the helm not only of a recording label called Lambs to Lions Empire / yA Music Group but also a fast-growing venture whose signature Gold Bottom Yeshua Alexander luxury high-top sneakers are capturing the interest of the market. 

In the years to come, yA, who recently dropped the track “Covid Shot” to send across a powerful message of hope and inclusion in the face of the struggles that people are facing because of the pandemic, is bound to cement his reputation within the music scene even more solidly. Armed with big plans, he will continue not only to release songs that can resonate with people from all walks of life but also set more records as an independent singer and rapper.

Learn more about yA by visiting his Instagram page and Youtube channel.

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