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Yathatisall Merges Art and Music With New Rap Styles

Musician and actor Najeeb Al-Amin, best known as YaThatIsAll, is a trendsetter for making music. With the passion, talent, and determination necessary to climb up to the top, he is regarded as Chicago’s top Afro hip-hop artist. The rising hip-hop artist has been releasing hit songs for years, his unique sound and style setting others’ pace to follow.

Originally from South Side Chicago, the singer-songwriter discovered his love for music at a tender age and gradually trained himself to great heights in showmanship- a real spectacle to behold. At the age of seventeen, YaThatIsAll is a young MC studying audio design and working as a sound engineer in his home city in collaboration with several artists to make hit songs. YaThatIsAll is recognized by fans and significant artists as a generic rap artist and a true creative when making Music. His debut mixtape, which he made working closely with Zoawe Joseph the First and Fifteenth Co-Founder Chilly, was well received by tens of thousands of fans who acknowledged that this great use of lyricism rhymes would take him far in the music industry.

 YaThatIsAll is stirring a revolution in the music industry with his new mixtape entitled Proof. He blends his Afrobeat rap sound with fan style comic book storytelling, helping his audience visualize the tracks. The mixtape and accompanying comic book artwork will be released on Instagram and his website

YaThatIsAll cannot only sing and rap, but he can also do it fluently in three languages. Additionally, he has the remarkable ability to write his songs and plays multiple musical instruments, including the guitar, percussion, and keyboard. He continues to dive into his iconic music influences, learning from them as he hones his craft. The young artist is always striving for greater heights, and he has worked with many globally-acclaimed artists, including award-winning Nigerian pop star 2Face and Chicago rap legend chief Keef.

 He wishes to amass a broad fan base of hardcore Afro Rap, Trap, and Hip Hop music fans and anyone who is a fan of good music as he introduces his distinctive rap style to the world. He considers himself different from his completion because, according to him, he is the original Midwest Afrobeat HipHop – Drill Scene and Punk Rap trendsetters. He admits that his passion for Music drives his consistency, and his distinctive style represents Afrobeat rap styles at the highest.

In the future, YaThatIsAll is looking to collaborating with other artists and businesses to promote the African and Afro-American culture through different sharing platforms. He is an ambassador of peace and acceptance as he wants to use his Music to encourage others and impart social and racial awareness in the world community. He is hopeful that a feature film will be shot based on his comic book artwork Proof.

YaThatIsAll Music is available via his website. He is also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he shares his thoughts and music progress with his fans.

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