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Workout Motivation

We all know that exercising is beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you have physique goals you want to achieve or simply want to move your body and feel good, working out can (and should) be an important component of everyone’s life. However, finding the motivation to workout can be challenging at times. Here are some ways you can boost your workout motivation and get back to reaching your goals!

1. Reward Yourself for Working Out

Until workouts become a part of your routine, you will need that extra motivation to convince yourself to go. One of the easiest ways to reinforce good habits is by rewarding yourself— and no, we don’t mean with a milkshake or extra-large fries! Reward yourself with an activity or item that complements your health and fitness goals, not something that sets you back! Meet up with friends, watch your favorite movie, or order a delicious, healthy meal from your favorite restaurant. Now and then, buy some new workout clothes or equipment to reward yourself while simultaneously motivating yourself to exercise again.

2. Commit to Classes

Sometimes motivating yourself to drive to the gym or start your home workout seems impossible. Making commitments and signing yourself up for classes (especially paid ones) can help motivate you because there is something external that’s keeping you accountable. If you don’t show up to your classes, you know that you just wasted your money! You might also make some friends in the class who will look forward to seeing you, again motivating you to go. Sometimes, we just need some structure and dedicated time in our busy schedules for working out, and signing up for classes is a perfect way to do that.

3. Use Pre-workout

Sometimes, the lack of motivation for exercising comes from a lack of energy or muscle pain from previous workouts. Pre-workout is an excellent way to boost energy levels and motivation for exercising. It is a supplement that usually includes energy-boosting vitamins, caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, and other amino acids. These ingredients all work to delay muscle fatigue, increase energy levels and concentration, and reduce muscle pain. Gym Molly is a preworkout brand which uses premium quality Amino acids, is Vegan Certified and Caffeine Free. Take Gym Molly 10-15 minutes before your workouts to get the most benefits. You’ll notice it’s easier to reach personal bests, exercise for longer, and you won’t feel exhausted afterward!

4. Find Workout Buddies

There’s nothing more motivating than a group of friends who hold you accountable and make exercise fun. Find some friends who enjoy the same workouts you do— it can be anything from weightlifting to morning walks. A great place to find friends with the same interest in exercise is at the gym or your favorite fitness classes. These friends will hold you accountable and check up on you if you don’t show up, and you won’t want to let them down! They also provide laughs, conversation, and encouragement throughout your workout. We could all use the extra support—and the time will fly by!

5. Do Exercises That You Love

Too many people assume workouts are only effective if you lift weights or run on the treadmill. There are endless ways to move your body, and most are just as effective! If you force yourself to do workouts you find boring or hate, you’ll never feel motivated to exercise, and it’ll never stick. If you enjoy hiking, doing home workouts, or dancing, incorporate that into your routine! The best and most effective workouts are ones that you love enough to be consistent with. Move your body however it feels right, and don’t worry too much about the rest.

6. Prepare Ahead of Time

Preparation is key for creating new habits, and exercise is no different. You won’t always feel motivated to work out, but being prepared can help you stay disciplined and consistent. Prepare yourself to succeed— pack your gym bag the night before, lay out your workout clothes, and schedule your workout. That way, when life gets busy and you have to rush out the door in the morning, you won’t have any excuses to miss your workout.

7. Try Something New

If you’re sick of the same workout routine and are losing motivation, try something new. Switch things up and try a new way of exercising, whether that means signing up for a fun class or following a friend’s workout plan. Changing your workout plan can help you escape from plateaus if you feel stuck at your fitness goals. When our bodies get used to a specific exercise or weight, the muscles no longer work as hard, and we don’t see the physical changes that we sometimes need to motivate ourselves. Ask a friend if you can tag along the next time they go to the gym or step out of your comfort zone. It’ll improve your results and get back that excitement for exercising!

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