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Why Real Estate Is More Than a Career for Steve Haddadin

If there’s one thing that stands out for highly successful professionals like Steve Haddadin, it’s that they don’t treat their careers as only a way to make ends meet. To them, their jobs are a calling. For Haddadin, it’s been that way for so long, and his renown has grown immensely because of that view. “I’m always in my business.” Haddadin says. “When I’m driving around, I look at vacant land and envision new developments, and also look at what is being developed. When I’m shopping, I look at the tenant mix and analyze the foot traffic to evaluate the going concern. If I see some empty space, I wonder why it’s empty and begin to think of more efficient tenant mixes” he added.

What ultimately drove Haddadin into the industry was a pang of hunger and passion for entrepreneurship and Real Estate. At the age of eighteen, he began taking on deals and sold Commercial and Residential properties. Later, he started diversifying his skills and got into Development, Management of Offices and Retail properties, and Lending. But what most of his clients and partners know him for is his in-depth analyses, understanding of how the markets work, and where the industry is going as a whole.

After years of learning from seasoned Real Estate professionals, Steve Haddadin started King Real Estate Group. Later, his Real Estate startup would grow into one of the most trusted brokerages in the Orange County, California area. Currently, Steve serves as the company’s President and Broker. As an avid lover of the craft, he has always found ways to push his boundaries and take his expertise to the next level. In early 2021, he decided to enroll at Capital University School of Law as a 2024 JD Candidate with the goal of helping more clients when it comes to legal matters in Real Estate.

The only thing that comes close to Steve’s love for Real Estate is his commitment to serve others in the best capacity he can. He is currently a board member for the Center for Real Estate at his alma mater, California State University Fullerton College of Business and Economics. To this day, he works with young students who want to get into a Real Estate career and mentors them to see them succeed immensely. In addition, Steve reformed the center by helping foster relations with organizations like the CCIM® Institute, ICSC, and IREM. These networks have been vital to the Center for Real Estate’s programs and helped expose many next-generation leaders to the world of Real Estate. In addition, he is also the Vice President of Legislative Affairs of Institute of Real Estate Management Orange County.

Steve Haddadin does all this while leading King Real Estate Group, which has now celebrated over three years of being a full-service Real Estate company. The company continues to expand its services and now helps clients with portfolio management, consulting services, and acquisition deals.Steve hopes to push the company and his many Real Estate endeavors further and play a part in improving the Real Estate industry in Southern California. To learn more about Steve Haddadin, visit his official website.

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