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Why Daniel Kivo on Why Good Hiring Practices Make or Break a Company

Branding plays a crucial role in business growth and development, especially in times like this. And while creating a brand doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s not always easy either. That’s where experts like Daniel Kivo come into the picture. With several years of experience in business, growth hacking, leadership, and management, he has a lot to put on the table.

Daniel Kivo is a business management expert who has made a name for himself in his business circles as an expert at finding the right talent and engineering tem and culture fit. Kivo is a graduate of Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California, where he earned a degree in Communications. Later, he completed a Masters of Science in Human Resources at Claremont Graduate University. Throughout his career, Daniel has held positions in the United States Navy and Showdown Events Company.

On top of his management experience, Daniel also leads strategy and growth activities. He was part of a company called Drove, where he helped conceptualize and execute processes,  measurement, and optimization of business practices. The exec has created social media campaigns for many companies, working mostly with Twitter and Facebook. His work not only drives more bottomline results, but also generates cost savings for the companies that he has worked with. Daniel also has sales experience, which allows him to understand activities that generate recurring profits for organizations.

What makes Daniel Kivo remarkable as a business professional is his organizational leadership skills. He is effective at leading teams and developing strong cultures within an organization. Leaders like Kivo have mastered the art of trust-building, company alignment, idea harvesting, and internal team growth. This allows organizations to maintain a strong business over the long term. Trust-building allows for a strong company alignment which leads to idea harvesting. Internal team growth is essential for idea harvesting and allows businesses to stay strong.

Daniel has a wealth of experience in business growth. He worked for Link Consulting for several years, taking charge of developing systems around screening, data analysis, and interview tactics. His experience has made him an invaluable asset to any company. Daniel Kivo also worked in Ace Parking, building networks and databases and helping teams reach peak level of productivity.

Daniel has over a decade of experience running business departments and taking on leadership roles in operations, management, and administrative departments. He’s the type of leader that likes to shy away from the spotlight, but it’s hard to miss how crucial his presence is for the companies has served and clients he has helped. Today, he runs an agency that helps employers connect with high-level offshore professionals that will help take their businesses to the next level.

The business executive is young and still has a lot of room for growth. With a lot of diverse skills and interests, Kivo looks to grow more and offer concepts that will upgrade companies and their hiring practices. He has been working on developing his brand development and management skills and project management skills in hopes of improving his leadership effectiveness. Kivo also hopes to integrate these skills into his current workflow. To learn more about Daniel Kivo, check out his Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.

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