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Who Is the Number One Streamer in The World? Wallie Sue and Weeb Emperor

Wallie Sue and Weeb Emperor
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With the ever-growing popularity of social media influencers through TikTok trends and the curiosity with Subscription-based content platform, the social media game has never been tougher. However, among the pool of influencers, one particular duo stands out the most.

With spicy content that calls to the intended audience, the Weeb Dynasty has made its mark in the streaming influencers’ community.

But behind every success, there is always a story. After all, it doesn’t come easy. Today, let’s peer into the life of Wallie Sue and Tirus Kimble and see how they rose to the top. 

Contrary to popular belief, social media is one of the most difficult fields to leave your mark in. People often assume that you upload a video, it goes viral—and boom! You’re on Jimmy Fallon. This is certainly not the case. In order to create content, you need to have a vision and a certain goal in mind. In the case of Tirus and Wallie Sue, their endeavors comprise self-expression and how one should be confident in their skin and continue to do what one wants to, despite the naysayers.

To say Tirus and Wallie Sue faced friction fresh into their careers would be an understatement. If you didn’t already know, Wallie was part of a big family, yet she felt small, and her voice wasn’t heard, impacting her self-worth. 

This was the time when things began to change for Wallie Sue.

At the age of 24, she did something every great entrepreneur requires in their books. She decided to leave her old life behind, taking her fate into her own hands and putting her faith in Tirus Kimble—the Weeb Emperor.

Tirus was already blazing it up in the entertainment industry with his comedy and skits. With Wallie as his partner, he became unstoppable.

The duo skyrocketed to the 0.1% earners on the Subscription-based content platform and became a viral sensation online. They’re live streams have clocked in hundreds of thousands if not millions of views and followers.

They’ve achieved this feat under the pressure of other top creators being the competition maintaining an average of 30 to 60k views on their streams 6 days a week.

Eventually, their creative geniuses together formed the Weeb Dynasty, which rules the TikTok scene to this very day. 

The Struggle

Every content creator has their own set of issues and obstacles to overcome. However, what makes Tirus and Wallie’s struggle so unique is how the two persist through all the friction from Wallie’s parents. They had limited resources to work within an industry that gives you quite a run for your money. The mark of a successful social media influencer is how they can look past all the hate and the troubles and remain true to their goal. 

Sure, Ninja Blevins, the number one Esports streamer in the world, had his fair share of struggles, but Wallie Sue and Tirus were up against an entire system. Think we’re exaggerating? Let us furnish you with the fact that the couple was banned 119 times on TikTok and four times on Instagram. What really helped them through it all were their dedicated fans.

Just like Ninja has his own fanbase that sticks with him in the good times and the bad, the Weeb Dynasty established their very own army called the Legions.

And this is another reason why the couple are so successful in their endeavors. In life, there are people who will be with you in the happy moments, but those who stick with you through the dark ones are your true allies. Similarly, there will be fans who will be there for you through all the glory, but the loyal ones (Legions) will be by your side in the hard times. 

Tirus and Wallie didn’t just establish a fanbase but a movement. These are people unafraid of taking the leap, unfazed by change and innovation.

Just as Tirus and Wallie stick by each other through all the opposition and hatred, Legions, too, stand up for each other. They represent freedom of self-expression, that you can be who you wanna be, even though the people closest to you will tell you otherwise. They believe in self-independence and striving to achieve something big.

That is what separates you from the crowd of influencers and content creators trying to get their fifteen minutes.

Tirus and Wallie have made it. The Weeb Dynasty has never been stronger and continues to grow. Now with AI on the horizon, Tirus has highlighted its potential.

We can’t wait to see where the dynamic duo of Tirus and Wallie will head next.

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