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What Do 50 Cent, Kimberly Ms. MTV aka Mrs. 50 Cent and Madonna Have in Common? Humanitarianism

Many people are one dimensional; they do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. For 50 Cent, growing up without a father, his teen mother was a drug dealer and tragically murdered when 50 Cent was only an 8-year-old child. Growing up in Queens, New York was no cakewalk. 

50 Cent is often labeled a “troll”, “bully”, or as Madonna stated, he displays “Misogynistic, sexist, and ageist behavior” and makes the same type of remarks. Madonna has made it a life mission to bring lifesaving healthcare to children in Malawi Africa and all around the world.  

50 Cent and Kimberly Ms. MTV, also known as Mrs. 50 Cent equally serve and uplift the community. They are actively helping to reduce the number of perpetrators by teaching people to have compassion for high-risk youths.

Most recently, G-Unity Business Lab made headlines because of its partnership with Horizon United Group and the Houston Independent School District (HISD). 50 Cent has partnered with the Houston community to mentor urban youths promoting entrepreneurial skills and aspirations. It is no secret that rapper 50 Cent contributes to many philanthropic projects. His G-Unity Foundation was founded in 2003 to empower urban kids to develop the confidence, tools, and knowledge they need to excel at life (according to their website).  

Kimberly Ms. MTV was born in the suburbs, but also had some difficult situations to overcome. She was a victim of sexual assault by older youths. As she grew older, she easily identified with other victims of circumstances that were beyond their control. Child advocacy experts say that on average, 1 in 4 girls, and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they turn 18-years-old. The numbers increase significantly for developmentally disabled children.

Sexual abuse is nonconsensual sexual activity, including contact and non-contact. Most perpetrators begin grooming victims with non-contact sexual abuse. They begin with verbal sexual harassment, suggesting or asking for sexual contact, exposing sexual organs, voyeurism (watching someone use the bathroom, toilet, bathe, or dress), or taking obscene or pornographic videos, pictures, or materials.

Kimberly works to rehabilitate boys with deviant sexual behaviors, educating them by teaching accountability, empathy, and self-control techniques. Kimberly Ms. MTV stated, “Sex is not as basic as eating to satisfy hunger or drinking to satisfy a thirst. Sexual impulses can be controlled.”

Sexual harassment and abuse can have lasting traumatic effects. Kimberly, as a 17-year-old then, stated that she began living a life of promiscuous behavior after her first love cheated on her, breaking her heart. She asserted that he would beat her and rape her as punishment for her promiscuous behaviors. At one point Kimberly mistakenly believed her ex-boyfriend beating her meant he really loved her.  

Kimberly stated, “Hurt people will hurt people. But healed people, heal people. Sometimes you do not get an opportunity to apologize for hurting someone. People lash out because they are in pain. Ultimately, I tried to make amends with the people I hurt but most importantly I had to make amends with myself. Oftentimes, victims become perpetrators, or they build up a wall of defense no one can penetrate. I believe people are basically good but do bad things. With compassion, perpetrators become humanitarians and wolves can become shepherds.”

Kimberly reported her humanitarian efforts are inspired by the rapper 50 Cent’s philanthropic efforts. 50 Cent and Mrs. 50 Cent spiritually married on April 23, 2020. They both reside in Houston, TX.

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