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Warhol and Lyrical Lemonade Host 3200 Vol 2 Album Release Party in Chicago Powered by SPKRBX

Warhol and Lyrical Lemonade Host 3200 Vol 2 Album Release Party in Chicago Powered by SPKRBX
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October 30, 2023  (Los Angeles, CA) – Chicago rapper Warhol and Lyrical Lemonade collaborated last Sunday to host an electrifying Halloween-themed celebration, powered by SPKRBX, marking the release of Warhol’s latest musical project, 3200 Vol 2. The project is now available for streaming on all major platforms, listen to it HERE.  

Taking place at the Avondale Music Hall in Chicago, Illinois, the release party was a meticulously curated experience. The event’s theme was inspired by Warhol’s passion for Halloween, creating an ambiance of spine-chilling excitement and creativity.

What set this event apart was its Halloween theme, inspired by Warhol’s deep-rooted passion for the holiday and the iconic horror character Freddy Krueger. This thematic choice created an ambiance of spine-chilling excitement and boundless creativity. Attendees found themselves immersed in a world of artistic expression, music, and the playful spirit of the season.

The atmosphere at the party was intimate, allowing attendees to connect deeply with Warhol’s music and artistic vision. Several talented artists joined Warhol on stage, enhancing the live performance with their unique contributions. The night was a celebration of music, art, and the spirit of Halloween, leaving attendees captivated by the unforgettable experience.

Warhol and Lyrical Lemonade Host 3200 Vol 2 Album Release Party in Chicago Powered by SPKRBX

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This special event not only celebrated the new project but also paid tribute to Warhol and Lyrical Lemonade’s enduring partnership.  

About Warhol:

Warhol, originally named Zahir Myles, was born into an artistic family in Chicago, Illinois. His early encounters with art, coupled with his passion for fashion, design, and a wide array of musical genres, served as the foundation upon which he built his distinctive style. His introduction into music began during his high school years when he relocated to Atlanta, where he met and joined 3200 with Larry League and Pollari. His breakthrough in the industry came when he collaborated with videographer Cole Bennett, resulting in the visually captivating “Speed Racer” released on June 14, 2016.  

Warhol’s name was profoundly influenced by the iconic figure Andy Warhol, renowned for his diverse creative endeavors spanning photography, fashion, and nightlife. He admired Andy’s multifaceted approach to creativity and saw parallels between his own diverse pursuits and the legendary artist’s eclectic portfolio. Throughout his career, Warhol collaborated with prominent figures in the music industry, including Trippie Redd, Smokepurpp, Rich the Kid, Rico Nasty, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and more. His music, often produced by talents like Murda Beatz, CashMoneyAP, Harry Fraud, and others, resonated with fans worldwide, amassing over 180 million streams across various singles and EPs. 

The release of “3200 Vol 2” marks another milestone in Warhol’s thriving career, solidifying his status as a creative force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As the beats and lyrics from the new album continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, it’s evident that the electrifying essence of Warhol’s music will persist, leaving an indelible mark in the world of art and music.

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