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Vibe Body Care Ushers in the Future of Hairstyling

The idea that the youth will lead society to the future through innovations, both large and small, gains traction each day. Case in point: 19-year-old Timothy Morris has launched Vibe Body Care and ushers in the future of hairstyling. Finally, as guaranteed by the company, men can enjoy hair products that smell as good as they style.

Timothy Morris started Vibe Body Care in his garage with only one product in limited quantity: the brand’s hair pomade with only 94 items in stock. Soon after, Timothy scaled Vibe Body Care. The company now offers five products and has about 10,000 available items in stock. Fans of the brand know to look for the products’ signature blue color and cologne scent. All of Vibe Body Care’s hair care and styling solutions help men achieve a modern and clean look.

Vibe Body Care is known for its fresh-scented moisturizing shampoo. The spray clay, a unique hair styling spray that produces an all-day natural look with a strong hold, is especially popular. The market has dubbed it as the future of hairstyling. Timothy Morris had the game-changing conception to take hair clay and transform it into a spray. All of Vibe Body Care’s hairstyling products are long-lasting and formulated for performance.

For a company that started in a garage without significant funding, professional assistance, or prior experience, Vibe Body Care is already competing with large, well-established brands. Like most people his age, Timothy rejected the traditional career route of spending so much time and money for a college degree only to work in 9 to 5 shifts. Timothy wanted to be an entrepreneur and build a brand around something that truly interested him. The young entrepreneur noticed the sizable gap in scent and quality between men’s and women’s haircare solutions. For Timothy, men’s hair care did not smell as good as women’s hair care.

In addition, Timothy also realized that he needed to get ten different products from ten different brands. These realizations helped form the idea to establish Vibe Body Care—a company that can provide customers with all their hair care needs under one roof. Vibe Body Care prioritizes superior quality and amazing smell. 

Maximizing the potential of his youth, Timothy is only getting started. He has plans to develop over twenty products. To continue growing the brand at a sustainable rate, Timothy built Vibe Body Care with a long-term mindset. Timothy Morris also plans to use Vibe Body Care’s growth as a platform to educate men about hair products. Most of what they use to style their hair can be damaging. In contrast, Vibe Body Care products are healthy, vegan, and sulfate- and paraben-free.

Vibe Body Care products are currently available on the brand’s carefully designed website. Timothy has also started branching out his business to salons, barbershops, and other online retail platforms. With his long-term plan in place, it would not be long before Vibe Body Care makes its way to larger retail and grocery stores.

Visit Vibe Body Care’s website for more information.

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