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Velocity Quant Trading Group: College Students Innovate Finance through AI

Velocity Quant Trading Group
Photo Courtesy: Ryed Badr

By: Caleb Hellinger

A group of students native to the Chicagoland area and attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are taking a new approach to traditional trading. Velocity Quant Trading Group (VQ) is the product of their collective abilities and interests in the up-and-coming AI space and the financial industry. These young trailblazers aim to prove that age is no barrier to changing the face of finance.

What is Quant Trading?

Quantitative trading, also known as algorithmic trading, is a sophisticated approach to financial trading that involves using mathematical models and computational techniques to execute trades. Unlike conventional techniques, which rely on human intuition and manual decision-making, quantitative trading relies on the speed and accuracy of computer algorithms.

Seed Investors Recognize Potential

VQ’s success is not only evident in its cutting-edge strategies but also in its ability to secure seed investors. This influx of support underscores the confidence these investors have in the potential of the students and their innovative use of AI in the financial space.

Ambitious Entry into Cozad New Venture Competition

Undeterred by their already impressive progress, the team has set its sights on the prestigious Cozad New Venture competition at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, hosted by the Grainger College of Engineering. By attending, they not only aim to showcase their capabilities but also position themselves to generate additional funding and reach a broader audience.

Shaping the Future with Vision and Results

As these students venture into the Cozad competition, they not only carry the weight of their innovation but also the proof of their success in the form of a remarkable 24% ROI. This dual narrative of vision and tangible results positions Velocity Quant Trading Group as a formidable force in reshaping the landscape of finance. VQ is more than just a company; it’s a testament to the ability of young minds to innovate and drive change in an industry traditionally dominated by established players.

How it Started and Where It’s Going

Ryed Badr had the base idea for Velocity Quant about three years ago, however, it was not until  Gage Marsan connected with Ryed and expressed interest in his endeavors at the time that any action was taken. Since then, the executives have grown to include Michael Strobl and Aman Shah. It’s been over a year since the inception of VQ, and now the team has set the ambitious goal of making the most accessible quant trading product. Quant is hard, especially for beginners, and VQ is striving to develop a simple interface to create a welcoming experience regardless of one’s level of quant knowledge.

While still navigating the world of academia, VQ is determined to release its product to the public by mid-2025. Their dedication to developing a product that adapts to market conditions is sure to make it a success. As the company continues to make strides, it’s wise to keep Velocity Quant on your radar for future developments.

To find out more about VQ and stay up to date, visit and follow their Instagram and Linkedin.

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