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Vanessa Chesson: How this actress is making millions by selling luxury properties

There is no doubt that businesses are affected by the politico-economic situation around the world. Most companies see a dip or hike depending upon the kind of crisis that they come across. Take, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economies around the world saw a setback where businesses started either shutting down or scaling down. However, real estate is one business that hardly faces any challenges. It is one of the most thriving businesses of all time, as people are always on the lookout for options to buy or rent a place. After all, everyone needs a roof over their heads. 

As far as real estate is concerned, there is no denying that it majorly affects the U.S. economy as it’s a critical driver of economic growth. For individuals and businesses, it can be seen as an investment or merely a purchase to meet the buyer’s or the company’s requirements. People with an eye for detail and a grip on the market are moving towards real estate businesses, helping people find the best possible homes while making a fine living for themselves. 

Actress Vanessa Chesson is one such name who, along with managing her acting career, got her realtor license back in 2020. Having three different nationalities – Spanish, Italian, and Native American – Vanessa was born in Brooklyn, New York. However, she was only nine years old when she moved to Florida. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Business Management from the University of Florida. After graduating next summer, she plans to move to LA right after to pursue her career in acting. When it comes to her passion for acting, she claims Keith Jefferson as her acting coach, while her mentors are Jamie Foxx and Dave Brown. She has been friends with them for a couple of years and learned a lot about the craft through them. 

However, it was during the pandemic that Vanessa developed an interest in real estate and got her license. She mainly buys residential homes to renovate and then lists herself to sell. She is also a business partner with the well-known real estate mogul Grant Cardone for commercial property investments. Besides, she works as a real estate investor, buying residential and commercial properties. In case a close friend or relative needs space, she works as a realtor, but her main focus is on investments. She invests in prime locations with heavy traffic for business purposes, so the property’s value increases with time.

As for residential sites, she invests in family-friendly neighborhoods, luxurious yet comfortable homes, and great locations so she can get a good price when selling. She also flipped a penthouse in Miami near Edgewater – which is also on the market for $6 million – with the help of her business partner for people to book this peerspace. Whether you are looking to book the venue for weddings, parties, network meetings or shoot music videos, etc., this is just the ideal place for you. According to Vanessa, almost a month ago, rappers Rick Ross and Drei shot a music video there.

This is not all! There is V Investments LLC, where this multitalented girl joins hands with my business partners and investors who trust her to manage their money and make profits with them on her real estate – it is like a Hedge Fund. Moreover, she owns a company by the name of VIP RENOVATIONS LLC where clients can buy her flips while sellers can offer their homes that she then buys; all cash to flip. Vanessa shared that the price range of those homes varies from $300,000 to $6,000,000.

Real estate agents assist individuals, businesses, and investors in buying and selling properties. They know the local market; hence they can find a suitable property that meets the most important criteria of the clients. An expert realtor also compares prices, a process that’s referred to as ‘doing comps.’ This helps them guide their customers to areas that are affordable. Apart from that, they negotiate with the seller, pointing out why they should accept a lower price. To put it in simple words, real estate agents or investors play a huge part in taking their clients through the legalities of the process, including title search, inspection, and financing. 

Vanessa Chesson understands the nitty gritty of her work, the laws of the country, the market, and the prices that go around in various areas of her city and State. She offers properties at competitive prices and keeps the buyers’ requirements and needs in mind before making any decisions. When it comes to making money, it is said that savers are losers and that you need to keep moving the money in order to grow your income. This means investing your savings in something that will benefit or help your money have more value. In such circumstances, real estate is one of the safest investment opportunities; as we mentioned earlier, the demand never dies. 

It is crucial to remember that the investments you make today, that too in the right place, will eventually increase over time. However, success doesn’t happen overnight, so you have to be patient with your investments for them to bear fruits for you. Vanessa Chesson followed the same process. Having started her career by appearing in a music video and getting some screen space as a supporting cast in various projects, she realized that she needed to keep her earnings in motion. This is how her real estate investment journey began and is growing by the day, helping her make millions through her deals. 

If you want to check out a beautiful and comfortable penthouse in the heart of the city or need an office space to house your 100+ employees, Vanessa Chesson might have just the suitable space for you. Her offered spaces are comfortable, accessible, and luxurious properties for a comfortable business journey ahead. 

This dynamic young lady believes in the motto, “Always give, never give up,” and that is exactly what sets her apart from her competitors!

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