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Unlock Nonprofit Potential with Broad Oaks Consulting

Unlock Nonprofit Potential with Broad Oaks Consulting

Being on the cusp of a breakthrough without a clear path forward can be deeply frustrating for nonprofit leaders. Broad Oaks Consulting understands this challenge and is dedicated to empowering nonprofits to overcome fundraising barriers, allowing them to focus on their core mission: making the world a better place. With a strategic approach and expert guidance, Broad Oaks Consulting helps organizations achieve their fundraising goals and sustain their impact.

Unlocking Potential with Strategic Guidance

Few challenges in leadership are as daunting as nearing a breakthrough but lacking the clarity on how to achieve it. Nonprofits, in particular, often face this hurdle. Without a well-mapped growth plan, the impact can falter or even fail. Broad Oaks Consulting offers the expertise needed to navigate this complex landscape, providing nonprofits with the tools and strategies to break through fundraising barriers confidently.

Nonprofit leaders are driven by a desire to address significant needs and make meaningful changes. This drive demands resourcefulness, grit, and innovation. However, even the most passionate leaders can experience fatigue, feeling as though they have exhausted their networks and ideas. This sense of stagnation can be overwhelming, especially when financial resources are needed to propel the mission forward.

Transformative Solutions for Nonprofits

Fundraising can often feel like searching for buried treasure without a map. Broad Oaks Consulting specializes in guiding nonprofits to discover and leverage the resources necessary to increase their impact. By drawing on extensive experience in both the financial services industry and nonprofit leadership, the firm helps nonprofits operate with the efficiency and effectiveness of successful businesses.

Angela Burgess, President and CEO of Broad Oaks Consulting, brings a unique blend of expertise from wealth management and nonprofit development. This dual perspective enables her to offer unparalleled insights and strategies to nonprofit organizations. For over two decades, Angela and her team have assisted financial and philanthropic advisors in growing their businesses, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue streams for various causes.

A Proven Process for Success

Broad Oaks Consulting’s approach to nonprofit development is structured and comprehensive. The process begins with a complimentary consultation, where organizations can discuss their challenges and learn how Broad Oaks Consulting can help them elevate their efforts. This initial conversation sets the stage for a tailored training program designed to meet the specific needs of the nonprofit. Angela believes that “There is no substitute for the work.”

Philanthropy requires intentionality and strategy to create lasting change. Broad Oaks Consulting provides the training and coaching needed to advance the impact for the communities served by nonprofits. Their tried and true processes enable organizations to focus their energy on making a positive impact while confidently pursuing their growth goals.

Unlock Nonprofit Potential with Broad Oaks Consulting

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Angela Burgess: A Leader in Nonprofit and Financial Services

Angela Burgess’s career trajectory exemplifies her commitment to excellence and her ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments. Initially entering wealth management due to her public speaking and bilingual skills, Angela quickly rose through the ranks. At the age of 28, she became an Assistant Branch Manager at Smith Barney, distinguishing herself as the 19th female manager among 220 and the youngest of all.

In her bestselling memoir, “Are You on the Right Bus? Navigating Change on the Road to Success,” Angela openly discusses her rise in the for-profit sector and her surprise turn to nonprofit work.  “Coaching a nonprofit to diversify and grow their revenue streams is not substantially different from coaching a wealth advisor on scaling and expanding their business,” Angela said.  “The key to finding fulfillment in life is figuring out how to use your innate gifts and abilities in the most gratifying way.” 

How Broad Oaks Consulting Can Help

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation: Nonprofits can begin their journey by scheduling a 30-minute consultation. This session allows them to share their challenges and discover how Broad Oaks Consulting can help them level up their fundraising efforts.

Custom Philanthropy Training: Effective philanthropy requires strategic planning and execution. Broad Oaks Consulting offers customized training programs to help nonprofits maximize their impact. 

Create a Brighter World: With a clear map and a strategic approach, nonprofits can move forward proactively, focusing on the positive impact they aim to achieve. Broad Oaks Consulting’s processes ensure that organizations know exactly how to grow and sustain their efforts.

Achieving Greater Impact

Nonprofit leaders often find themselves overwhelmed and uncertain about how to avoid plateauing while fueling their mission. Broad Oaks Consulting provides the clarity and direction needed to overcome these obstacles. With expert guidance, nonprofits can unlock their potential, secure the necessary resources, and amplify their impact on the world.

Angela Burgess’s journey from wealth management to nonprofit leadership underscores the importance of adaptability and continuous growth. Her advice to women in leadership is a testament to her commitment to fostering confidence and resilience among aspiring leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Broad Oaks Consulting offer?

Broad Oaks Consulting offers strategic guidance, custom philanthropy training, and comprehensive support to help nonprofits overcome fundraising barriers and achieve their growth goals.

How can nonprofits benefit from a consultation with Broad Oaks Consulting?

A complimentary consultation allows nonprofits to discuss their specific challenges and learn how Broad Oaks Consulting’s tailored strategies can help them elevate their fundraising efforts and impact.

What is the significance of custom philanthropy training?

Custom philanthropy training equips nonprofit leaders with the intentionality and strategy needed by their organization to create lasting change and maximize their impact on the communities they serve. No two organizations are the same. Why should training be? 

How does Broad Oaks Consulting’s process help nonprofits grow?

By providing a clear map and strategic coaching, Broad Oaks Consulting enables nonprofits to move forward proactively, ensuring they know how to grow and sustain their efforts effectively.

Who is Angela Burgess, and what is her role at Broad Oaks Consulting?

Angela Burgess is the President and CEO of Broad Oaks Consulting, bringing a unique blend of experience from wealth management and nonprofit leadership to guide organizations toward success.

What advice does Angela Burgess offer to women in leadership?

Angela encourages women to apply for positions with confidence, even if they do not meet all the qualifications, and to trust their ability to build connections and achieve efficiencies in their roles.

Nonprofits on the brink of a breakthrough need not face their challenges alone. With Broad Oaks Consulting’s expert guidance, they can navigate the complexities of fundraising, secure the resources they need, and focus on making the world a better place.

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