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Turning Setbacks Into Systems: How E.Z. Smith Uses Athletic Experiences to Impact Others

Merging his athletic expertise and passion for entrepreneurship, E.Z. Smith built a company that aims to change thousands of lives by focusing on critical areas that would allow them to maximize well-being and business success. Today, he has empowered over 3,000 clients to reach massive success.

E.Z. Smith is a former athlete. After pivoting his career to become an entrepreneur, he was able to reach health and business success by creating unparalleled high-level health, accountability, and business coaching for his clients spanning various industries. The entrepreneur formulates his strategies using real-life experiences from his athletic journey. He is a former 300+ pound offensive lineman and professionally signed fitness model. E.Z. now uses his diverse background to create a blueprint others can follow to achieve exponential success.

Over the past ten years, E.Z. Smith has impacted thousands of lives, changing their perspectives and their mindsets to become the best in both their personal and professional lives. The entrepreneur inspires his clients to reach for nothing but the best. He encourages them to live with a no-compromise system for success.

E.Z. Smith is known for a plethora of services, including his one-on-one in-person and online coaching, customized coaching and time management strategies, and daily accountability coaching. Throughout his decade-long career, the entrepreneur was also able to gather a community of industry-leading coaches to join his team. Additionally, he also offers a free macro recipe guide and cookbooks and provides his clients with access to an online workout portal and a group of accountability coaches. 

“Our most successful clients have been established and aspiring entrepreneurs in the sales, fitness, insurance, real estate, and e-commerce industries that want to leverage our marketing strategies to increase profitability, significantly reduce their overhead, and scale their businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible, while simultaneously gaining clarity and direction in their personal health journeys,” shared E.Z. Smith. 

Furthermore, E.Z. Smith sets himself and his team apart from others in the field because of their unparalleled customer service. The entrepreneur encourages his team to focus their efforts on how to genuinely help their clients. Over the years, they have been able to elevate profit margins. They have also led their clients to live healthier and more holistic lifestyles. 

Taking bits and pieces of valuable learnings from his personal journey, E.Z. Smith was able to build his own productivity system after what he refers to as “a decade of confusion, frustration, and uncertainty.”

“I was able to implement those strategies into what is now our successful Entrepreneur Coaching System to help as many people as I could,” said E.Z. Smith. He is creating unmatched success and continually provides clients with clarity which leads to freedom. 

Asked what he wants to impart to others who are still in the stage of their lives where they are filled with uncertainties, E.Z. Smith shared that it is never too late for anyone to start their journey. “There will always be 1,000 excuses not to start, but you only need the decision to begin and commitment to finish in order to attain great results,” said the entrepreneur. 

Learn more about E.Z. Smith on his website.

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