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TSL Rentals Provides the Luxury Experience for Property Rentals in Southern California

TSL Rentals reimagines luxury property rental and corporate housing with a wide range of top-shelf housing options, offering the best locations and views in Southern California. Company founder Kyle Biskit opens a window into a unique lifestyle fit for business travelers, entertainment personalities, and high-profile celebrities.

More than just having a beautiful place to stay in, TSL Rentals provides its clients with opportunities to experience luxury. TSL Rentals has some of the most exclusive properties in Southern California in its listing. These highly sought-after properties include luxury villas in Hollywood hills and beach houses that offer stunning ocean views.

Clients can also enjoy large cabins in Big Bear Lake, properties with views of the canyon, or architectural masterpieces. The famous Skywave House in Venice by architect Anthony Coscia, which was recently featured in LA Times, is one of TSL Rentals’ most popular listings. Regardless of what locations or activities they are looking for, clients are guaranteed to experience luxury. TSL Rentals’ properties are available for both short- and long-term stays. The company has hosted numerous celebrities and high-profile clients, including professional boxer Roy Jones for his fight with Mike Tyson.

Kyle Biskit’s unique lifestyle instilled in him the idea of establishing a luxury property rental business. Before founding TSL Rentals, Kyle experienced being shot multiple times. Kyle also recalls a time when he was so broke that he had no idea where he would get his next meal.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kyle Biskit also experienced staying in 4- and 5-star hotels throughout Southern California and the rest of the West Coast for two straight years. Around the time, Kyle was starting to rise above the many obstacles he faced in making it in the business world. People told him he was wasting money. However, they were unaware that Kyle was using the experience to learn the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. He took note of what he discovered and used it to build his multi-million-dollar hospitality business, TSL Rentals.

TSL Rentals is guided by the company slogan that “it’s not just a company, it’s a lifestyle.” Kyle Biskit founded the business to help more people experience the distinct lifestyle that he lived. So, Kyle decided to secure various luxury properties and have discerning clients stay at his homes.

As a person of color, Kyle recognizes the unique responsibilities and opportunities that he has in uplifting his community. In the past year, significant events have reignited the discussion on race relations and issues, shedding light on the challenges of Black entrepreneurs. Kyle Biskit hopes to use his success as a platform to empower others, especially people of color, so that they can break free from obscurity and humble beginnings to achieve success.

Kyle Biskit is currently focusing on continuously scaling TSL Rentals into one of the best Black-owned hospitality businesses. Tapping into other markets like Miami and Texas will be instrumental in attaining this goal. Currently, Kyle has already started tapping into the luxury hospitality market in Detroit.

Visit TSL Rentals’ website for more information.

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