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Transform Sales Skills with Sell On Purpose

Transform Sales Skills with Sell On Purpose
Photo Courtesy: Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan

By: Miezeer PR

In a world where the traditional molds of entrepreneurship no longer cater to everyone’s needs, two groundbreaking entrepreneurs, Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan, have emerged as the beacon of hope for those who find themselves on the fringes of conventional business practices. Their innovative program, “Sell On Purpose,” is a testament to their mission of redefining success and salesmanship in the modern era. This unique initiative is not just a course; it’s a transformative journey for “misfits”—the brilliant minds that excel in managing finances and devising systems but struggle with the quintessential element of entrepreneurship.

Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan are not your average entrepreneurs. With over five decades of combined experience in forging their paths through the entrepreneurial landscape, they’ve come to embody the spirit of disruptors. They’ve thrived by not just stepping out of the box but by reimagining it entirely. In launching “Sell On Purpose,” they channel this ethos into a curriculum designed to empower those who feel stuck in their entrepreneurial endeavors due to inadequate selling skills.

The genesis of “Sell On Purpose” lies in recognizing a pervasive gap within the entrepreneurial community—a considerable number of business owners possess exceptional skills in various domains yet falter when it comes to selling their ideas or products effectively. This realization spurred Ianthe and Maria into action, leading them to craft a program tailored for individuals who defy traditional business stereotypes. The essence of “Sell On Purpose” is captured in their roles as fairy godmothers of business, guiding misfits towards realizing their true potential.

“Sell On Purpose” unfolds over 30 days, demanding merely two hours per week from its participants. However, its impact extends far beyond these temporal confines. As hands-on leaders, Ianthe and Maria ensure personalized attention to each participant’s needs, fostering an environment where selling becomes an extension of one’s values rather than a chore. The course is meticulously designed to redefine participants’ approach towards sales—making it an intuitive process rather than one that feels forced or artificial.

This program stands out not only because of its visionary founders but also due to its adaptability and responsiveness to contemporary challenges. In an age where technology continuously reshapes the business landscape, sticking rigidly to old models is tantamount to obsolescence. Recognizing this, Ianthe and Maria have infused “Sell On Purpose” with strategies that breathe new life into traditional sales techniques—making them relevant for today’s digital-centric world.

The commitment of Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan extends beyond just structuring an effective curriculum; they actively engage with their audience through platforms like Clapper—an app where they go live for an hour, answering questions about business at no charge. This direct interaction underscores their dedication not just to their program participants but also to the broader community seeking guidance.

With 23 spots still open for aspiring entrepreneurs eager to redefine their selling strategies without compromising on integrity or authenticity, “Sell On Purpose” presents an unparalleled opportunity. The program offers flexible payment plans ensuring accessibility—a reflection of Ianthe’s and Maria’s commitment to inclusivity.

“Sell On Purpose” transcends being merely a course—it is a movement towards embracing diversity within entrepreneurship. It champions the idea that success in sales doesn’t necessitate conformity but flourishes through authenticity and innovation.

For those ready to embark on this transformative journey alongside like-minded misfits striving for authentic success in sales—and by extension, their businesses—the door remains open at Herein lies not just an invitation but a call towards embracing one’s uniqueness as strength under the guidance of two remarkable fairy godmothers of business.

Ianthe Mauro and Maria Tan are more than just pioneers; they are heralds of change advocating that when it comes down to achieving success in today’s dynamic marketplaces, one doesn’t need to fit into predefined molds but can indeed sell on purpose—fostering growth on one’s own terms while positively impacting others’ lives.

In essence, “Sell On Purpose” isn’t merely teaching how to sell; it’s about inspiring confidence among entrepreneurs that they too can thrive amidst uncertainties by staying true to themselves.


Published by: Khy Talara

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