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Tom McCarthy Talks About How to Live Life Without Limits Through His Book “The Breakthrough Code”

Nothing is as scary as a fear of failure. The vast majority of people who seek to do anything extraordinary set out to fail, and those who have huge aspirations are fully aware that they will constantly have to overcome multiple difficult obstacles. Unfortunately, not all people who experience breakthroughs share their stories of success. The world’s # 1 High Stakes Performance coach, Tom McCarthy, devoted his legacy to helping individuals in business, sports, and life to reach their own breakthroughs.

Tom is a seasoned life coach who has compiled his life’s work in the last three decades, teaching clients like Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Salesforce, MetLife, and other high-achievers how to live what he calls “a life without limits.” His blueprint to success is now compiled into a book entitled “The Breakthrough Code.”

New York Times #1 Bestselling Author Tony Robbins even raved about Tom’s book and said, “Tom McCarthy is a masterful breakthrough coach with a gift for helping others see the power in their story. When life doesn’t work out according to your plan, that is actually the plan. Adversity is what allows us to grow, and nobody understands that better than Tom. This book provides the blueprint to crack the code and live a life without limits.”

Every person’s next big life-changing breakthrough is already happening; it just needs a little help from a veteran. To help catapult individuals to success, Tom tackled three main points in his book, “The Breakthrough Code.” 

He opened his fable with his first idea: “Focus On Less Then Obsess.” Tom realized that the greatest performers in life could not excel in a dozen fields. Hence, he says that success is achieved by concentrating the efforts where they might have the most influence. Once they master concentrating on one issue to achieve a breakthrough, they are capable of overcoming any obstacle with their power. 

Tom’s second idea is to “Upgrade Your Story, Upgrade Your Life.” Tom tells the readers to enhance their narrative and life, adding that their identity determines who they are, and their narrative covers their philosophy, abilities, capabilities, and weaknesses. Tom also insightfully adds that one’s opinions are shaped by their self-image. Based on tone and significance, narratives may give or revoke agency. Tom asserts that to progress, one must provide a more sophisticated narrative. 

Lastly, Tom shares that one needs to “Pack Your Day With Effective Actions.” According to him, working non-stop is not necessary, but being productive is. He discusses two types of actions that can help individuals in their breakthroughs. “Recovery actions,” such as meditating, sleeping, or spending quality time with family, will help refuel a person’s energy throughout the day. Meanwhile, “achievement actions,” such as conceptualizing ideas, creating content, going to meetings, writing emails, negotiating and selling, are the actions that will take a person one step further toward their goals. 

Tom advocates striking a balance between accomplishment and relaxation to reach breakthrough outcomes without exhaustion. The quicker and easier a person achieve their goals, the more daily development and healing they will experience.

Tom continues to help individuals through his Instagram account, where he shares more tips on how to “live life without limits.”


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