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TikTok Creator Paris Kinsey Reveals the Unexpected Journey to His Success on the Streaming Platform

In this digital age, more venues can allow people to entertain themselves. With more video streaming platforms, it’s almost impossible for people to get bored nowadays. For the past couple of years, TikTok has produced some of the most memorable content creators in the digital space. Among the names who have been around years before TikTok became a hit is Paris Kinsey, a content creator who made a name for himself as brotherofcolor.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Paris has always had a penchant for entertainment and music. However, once he got hold of a camera, Paris found an outlet to utilize his talent. Initially, it started as a hobby in 2011, but since then, it has grown into a professional career, one he did not expect.

Before becoming big on TikTok, Paris Kinsey dedicated his time to fitness. There he thrived for over eight years. At the same time, Paris served in the military. Both endeavors served him well, as they provided him with knowledge in the fitness scene and advice for anyone looking to join the military. 

Paris would earn his big break online when he posted a video of himself handing cash over to his sister after losing a bet. Since then, he has garnered more followers on his social media platforms.

“I believe a lot of my followers follow me because of the unique type of content I create,” said the content creator. “I really try to create content that the viewer can connect to and enjoy while being educated and entertained at the same time.”

Paris Kinsey would join TikTok in 2019, taking his platform to a higher level with millions of people. As an individual passionate about creating content and music for others to enjoy, he never thought of building his own brand until joining the TikTok app. He gained massive success, even getting verified on the video streaming platform. 

“When I got verified on TikTok, it was an amazing feeling,” explained Paris. “Very similar to when I hit my first one million follower milestone on TikTok, getting verified on TikTok was like the stamp of approval I was looking for to show that my hard work and consistency was paying off.”

As a content creator, Paris Kinsey strives to create safe and fun content for anyone who enjoys watching and listening to his works. “The content I create is very diverse so that anyone who watches it could enjoy it, whether it’s a young kid or an older adult,” explained Paris. With his platform, the content creator not only makes videos that make people laugh, but he also uses them to educate others, especially when it comes to fitness.

Although he has already reached incredible heights, Paris Kinsey is keen on having his name recognized around the world, with more people discovering his brands and seeing what he has to offer. The content creator also hopes to elevate his platform even further with his eyes set on a new career in Hollywood.

“I would also love to appear on TV with my own TV show or have a role in a few movies,” he added.

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