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Exciting Opportunities Open for Artists as Upcoming NFT Community Tronic Launches This April 2022

The world of digital art is ever-expanding as the metaverse has successfully introduced a phenomenal achievement of monetizing digital art and other art forms. While the metaverse is open to all, not all artists have the capacity to make drops on their own. Achieving this requires collaborating with developers and entrepreneurs, and this is what Tronic is all about. The emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community is providing talented artists with an interest in NFTs, a curated marketplace where they can connect with digital art enthusiasts and avid collectors. 

Set to launch within the metaverse this coming April 2022, Tronic will showcase the interesting works of various artists, from well-known tattoo artists to the most sought-after modern artists of this generation. Scheduled to be featured in the platform are BLR$ by The House Of, Qverse by Magdiel Lopez, Art of the Everyday by Kelly Christine Sutton, Creatures of Notoriety by Curtis Hale, At a Glance by Ridge Young, Windbags by Eric Dettmers, Twos Day by Ridge Young, Trading Faces by Steve McElroy, Come Play by Carolyn Joe Art, Panther Phobia by Luke Wessman, Sacred Panther by Phil LaRocca, and Colorful Creatures by Karen Musgraves. 

Avid art collectors will find Tronic highly engaging as it will feature rare artworks, some of which will have a limited number of items available once dropped. BLR$ will only feature 25 items, 20 for Qverse, 33 for Art of the Everyday, 2,171 for Creatures of Notoriety, and 2,500 for all the other collections. 

BLR$ is expected to drop in April and it will drop a limited series of “All-Star” artworks that will highlight the different aspects of a baller’s life. Qverse, on the other hand, will consist of 100 original 1/1 NFTs that will be broken down into four unique drops when it is introduced this April. Only 20 NFTs will be featured in each drop and they have the ability to unlock five special characters. This collection will also feature four basic personas: Heroes, Leaders, Shadows, and Creators. Art of the Everyday will see the beautiful photos taken by Sutton before the pandemic and her motherhood. She used a 35mm film Nikkormat camera from the 1980s and the results are breathtaking. Her artworks will drop this April as well.

“The target audience for the Tronic marketplace is going to include everyone and be especially welcoming to newcomers who want to collect art. We plan on making transactions simple and will have the ability for users to check out via CC coming very soon,” the developers shared. 

This coming April, the first drop will be the Tronic Pass, a collection of 25,000 distinct and animated pieces of artwork that will signal the beginning of the massive Tronic journey. The pass is considered the key to several exciting privileges and access to the most exclusive events within the metaverse. Owning a Tronic NFT entitles the holder to the token’s suite of tools that will help aspiring and seasoned artists realize their dream of showcasing their creations within the metaverse. 

The impressive list of artists on board is mainly due to the effort of Tronic art director Curtis Hale. He is also working on creating collaborations to add value to the future projects of the token community. As of today, the community has lined up weekly drops starting this April. Holders should be able to access the Tronic Creator Tools by the end of the year. This lifetime privilege will come in very handy to artists who intend to showcase their own artworks. 

Learn more about Tronic through their website, Twitter, and Discord server.

The Lifted Elephant Group: An Emerging NFT Community for Cannabis Enthusiasts

The metaverse is uniquely designed to provide a safe and engaging space for individuals and groups who share common interests apart from digital art, crypto, and investing. From animal lovers to luxury living inclined investors, musicians, visual artists, athletes, racing fans, and fashion enthusiasts, the possibilities within the metaverse are definitely endless. Just as there is room for these common themes, emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community the Lifted Elephant Group is also targeting a unique group of crypto enthusiasts and investors—cannabis enthusiasts. 

Overall, there are 14,200 special characters ready for minting, and it will combine more than 100 traits and accessories that were carefully hand-drawn to add value. To say that the characters are visibly adorable is an understatement. The characters come with various background colors and small elephants with different skin colors. They also feature various head accessories, eyewear, clothing, and items inserted in their mouths which include cigarettes, bubble gums, and even roses. Each elephant characters was created mindfully created to impress. 

Each Lifted Elephant Group NFT serves as an official membership card, granting owners exclusive access to the L.E.G. Cannabis Festival, which is being mounted each year on April 20th. Ten percent of the festival proceeds will be donated to elephant sanctuaries looted in Asia and Africa. As most people would already know, elephants around the world are subjected to different types of cruelty, from being killed for their ivory tusks to being used as tourist attractions while living in poor conditions. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Savanna elephants and forest elephants are considered critically endangered. 

These meek and intelligent creatures can be protected through intentional and strategic efforts to keep them safe from poachers and those that mean to exploit them for financial gain. The Lifted Elephant Group is one of several organizations around the world that strongly oppose acts of violence and exploitation against elephants. 

Todd Moeller is the co-founder and CEO of the Lifted Elephant Group NFT and the L.E.G. Entertainment, the company that hosts the annual festival. He identifies himself as a serial entrepreneur who is into helping other businesses succeed over time. Todd has 25 years of impressive experience related to the computer, which includes building a remarkable programming website and design team for his company, Moeller Marketing. Just as he has achieved success for his personal business and that of others, he is confident that the NFT community will meet its objectives accordingly. 

Joining Todd as co-founder is Shair Levithan, who is also the Chief Creative Officer of L.E.G. Entertainment and the Lifted Elephant Group. Working alongside them to guarantee the community’s success are Jason Anzaldo, Chris Moeller, Omkar Adate, Shadi Hanna, Kang as in-house artist, and Juan as Discord community moderator. 

The Whitelist sale is set to happen on April 6 and the price of each Lifted Elephant Group token is pegged at $500. The public sale, on the other hand, will be happening on April 20. By then, the price per token will be $1,000 each. Nonetheless, the whitelist is growing in number by the day, and the Lifted Elephant Group is expecting a grand experience once it starts its pre-sale.

More information on the project can be found through their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles, website, and Discord server.

Remarkable NFT Collection Elysium Club Wows the Community With Its Unrivaled Utility

The current NFT space is brimming with projects that feature fun and unique avatars. However, as the industry grows, its community has also evolved to look for more sophisticated initiatives that offer more than just artistic profile pictures. Cognizant of this, one promising venture has created a project with impressive utility and perks: Elysium Club.

Elysium Club is a collection of 6,888 NFT chests that serve as the token holder’s ticket to a highly exclusive community. The project takes inspiration from Greek mythology’s version of the afterlife, a place reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes of Earth, where they can spend eternity in ultimate and total bliss. But unlike in ancient Greece, the innovative venture is more inclusive as it believes that others also deserve a pass to Elysium. 

As the project’s creators have insightfully explained, “Our NFT is more than an image, more than a chest, more than a line of code, it is a bridge, a bridge for all to cross, exclusive only to the most daring, the most curious—the visionaries. Owning a piece of our collection is like owning the right to live a new life: clean, modern, sharp, exciting. It is a blank slate, a clean chapter, welcoming and beaconing to all those who need it.”

Fueled by this remarkable vision, Elysium Club is committed to providing its community with unrivaled utility. Not only that but the perks and advantages embody a life of luxury, fitting for its token holders who deserve only the best. 

For example, all Elysium Club NFT holders will be automatically enrolled in a Priority Pass membership, giving them access to more than 1,300 premium airport lounges worldwide. They will also be able to book luxury apartment stays in key cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, and Singapore. In addition, they can participate in exclusive events held in various spots around the world as well as virtual events in various metaverses.

Aside from that, holders will also have access to booking chartered private jet flights all around the world courtesy of AirCharter, but first slots will be available for Legendary and Super Rare NFTs.

This astounding level of utility is indeed a testament to Elysium Club’s dedication to providing value for its community. To top it all off, more perks are expected to be added as the incredible collection moves forward in its roadmap. The venture has already created long-term plans that go as far as 2023, which shows holders that it has no intention of slowing down. The collection has already sent holders out on a week-long charter in the Maldives with their partner Super Yachts Monaco, as well as hosted its first smash success event for holders in Miami. 

Given its fantastic benefits and outstanding utility, the collection has amassed a significant following on its Twitter account. On top of that, its dedicated Discord server currently has a whopping member count of more than 16,900.

Moving forward, the Elysium Club aims to continue providing its token holders with extraordinary value for money through its utilities. NFT collectors, enthusiasts, and other interested parties should keep an eye out for the one-of-a-kind project as it rises to the top of the NFT space. 

TikTok Creator Paris Kinsey Reveals the Unexpected Journey to His Success on the Streaming Platform

In this digital age, more venues can allow people to entertain themselves. With more video streaming platforms, it’s almost impossible for people to get bored nowadays. For the past couple of years, TikTok has produced some of the most memorable content creators in the digital space. Among the names who have been around years before TikTok became a hit is Paris Kinsey, a content creator who made a name for himself as brotherofcolor.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Paris has always had a penchant for entertainment and music. However, once he got hold of a camera, Paris found an outlet to utilize his talent. Initially, it started as a hobby in 2011, but since then, it has grown into a professional career, one he did not expect.

Before becoming big on TikTok, Paris Kinsey dedicated his time to fitness. There he thrived for over eight years. At the same time, Paris served in the military. Both endeavors served him well, as they provided him with knowledge in the fitness scene and advice for anyone looking to join the military. 

Paris would earn his big break online when he posted a video of himself handing cash over to his sister after losing a bet. Since then, he has garnered more followers on his social media platforms.

“I believe a lot of my followers follow me because of the unique type of content I create,” said the content creator. “I really try to create content that the viewer can connect to and enjoy while being educated and entertained at the same time.”

Paris Kinsey would join TikTok in 2019, taking his platform to a higher level with millions of people. As an individual passionate about creating content and music for others to enjoy, he never thought of building his own brand until joining the TikTok app. He gained massive success, even getting verified on the video streaming platform. 

“When I got verified on TikTok, it was an amazing feeling,” explained Paris. “Very similar to when I hit my first one million follower milestone on TikTok, getting verified on TikTok was like the stamp of approval I was looking for to show that my hard work and consistency was paying off.”

As a content creator, Paris Kinsey strives to create safe and fun content for anyone who enjoys watching and listening to his works. “The content I create is very diverse so that anyone who watches it could enjoy it, whether it’s a young kid or an older adult,” explained Paris. With his platform, the content creator not only makes videos that make people laugh, but he also uses them to educate others, especially when it comes to fitness.

Although he has already reached incredible heights, Paris Kinsey is keen on having his name recognized around the world, with more people discovering his brands and seeing what he has to offer. The content creator also hopes to elevate his platform even further with his eyes set on a new career in Hollywood.

“I would also love to appear on TV with my own TV show or have a role in a few movies,” he added.

Veloce The NFT Car Club Puts Investors in the Driver’s Seat for the Future of the Metaverse

The NFT world has been seeing remarkably rapid speeds of success in recent years. Living life in the fast lane, collectors, investors and NFT enthusiasts have been on the lookout for the latest and greatest NFT projects out there that they could sink their teeth into. One of these projects is Veloce The NFT Car Club, an NFT project that came out of the woodwork to feverish excitement among enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Veloce, which derives its name from the Italian word for “fast,” is unique in a variety of ways. The digital art piece features a timeless mix of multiple mediums, combining hand-drawn elements with digital renderings, all curated by a renowned local Seattle artist. The artwork functions as a membership card with multiple utility use cases, which sets it apart from the typical simple profile picture (PFP) NFTs. 

There will be 5,000 unique supercar-themed NFTs. Rare variants will be animated GIFs with different permutations. The simplicity of the chosen backgrounds is staged in a way to enhance and showcase the beauty and precision of the vehicle at hand. The vehicles that were specifically chosen for the project are not only proportionally accurate and artistically pleasing but also have a significant influence on the car culture community.

The project was founded by cryptocurrency millionaire Adrian Ene-Stroescu, serial entrepreneur Ray Bacova, and renowned artist JJ Demir. All car lovers will definitely take a liking to each of the chosen cars in the art pieces that the founders have carefully curated. The project aims to foster a community of automobile enthusiasts who are passionate about cars and NFTs. Individuals who have an entrepreneurial mindset will definitely see that this NFT project is in an entirely different league of its own.

Discerning holders and investors will be able to gain many opportunities to network among themselves and with Veloce staff both in the metaverse, the project’s Discord server, and in real-life events.

Veloce The NFT Car Club showcased on a Times Square billboard

“Most car enthusiasts understand the deep passion that exists in this community, and our mission is to collectively join car enthusiasts where they can express their appreciation for cars. Having this access eliminates the potential social anxiety of approaching other car enthusiasts as opposed to being brought together within a trusted online group,” explained the project founders.  

Above all else, Veloce features notable art pieces that are visually stunning and showcase-ready. The digital art pieces aren’t standard profile pictures of a cartoon animal avatar, the art is not pixelated but hand-drawn by an artist with experience working for large labels such as Nordstrom, LaMarzocco, and many more. The attention to detail alone separates itself compared to the majority of NFT collections. The innovative properties of the artwork add more value compared to any other NFT on the market. Each token elicits a deep feeling of accomplishment, pride, and motivation, leading its holders to pursue larger dreams.

“We are the Web3.0 version of hanging a supercar poster on your bedroom wall, now beautifully showcased for the world. At the end of the day, we aspired to create something timeless while at the same time backing the art with meaning and purpose,” said the creators.

WizKidz Reignites the Magic of Our Childhood Fantasies through NFTs

In a time when NFTs continue to shake the industry with their brilliant methods and artistic expressions, it can be difficult for aspirants to enter and dominate the trade. While some have managed to climb the summits and develop a competitive edge, reaching impressive heights remains to be a challenge, especially when one does not have a revolutionary idea that distinguishes themselves apart from others. As a project that speaks volumes of passion, brilliance, and innovation, WizKidz brings something new to the table, offering NFTs that are not only artistic and innovative but also set a precedent that unites individuals and communities across the space. Rising through the ranks, this trailblazing project is bound to raise the standard in a fast-growing and ever-evolving industry.

Although NFTs are a relatively new and emerging field, they have become the talk of the town, particularly because of their ability to create more value for holders across the digital space. From improving one’s financial status to helping people rise above, these digital assets have catalyzed change in the lives of many go-getters and aspirants, propelling them to greater heights. Recognizing the power that NFT holds, WizKidz wields the NFT’s potential to serve as launching pads to thousands of go-getters worldwide.

WizKidz is a unique collection of Baby Wizard NFTs. This project particularly highlights the beauty of the fantasy world, unraveling digital assets that serve to appreciate the power of wizards, witches, and magic in its entirety. In other words, WizKidz reminds everyone of the magic behind the stories that have shaped our childhood and defined our growth throughout the years.

“We grew up watching Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more,” shared a representative of the project. “We wanted to recreate the experience we had when we were still young and pay homage to the magic behind these stories,” they added.

With its vision of bringing the fantasy experience back to life, WizKidz has taken it upon itself to reinvigorate magic through its NFTs. Its masterful pieces of art encompass different traits and possess a wide variety of outfits and other attributes that enable holders to recreate their magical childhood years. Every NFT is a reflection of a holder’s experience, amplifying the project’s purpose-driven vision.

On top of the magic of its NFTs, WizKidz also takes pride in its game, The Quest of Power. Every WizKidz holder can collect crystals of power, which may be used to unlock some of their NFT’s unique attributes. In this way, holders can expect long-term plans from WizKidz to continuously evolve the former’s experience in the realm of NFTs.

“You get to see baby wizards transform into powerful adult magicians,” shared the project’s spokesperson. This can be done once the Enchantment Room opens, where holders can use the power crystals to evolve the characters and unlock their true power and evolve their Wiz Kid into a Grand Wizard, while still keeping the original token. There will also be Metaverse Integration, where users holding a Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard will be able to use their Wizard and gain access and entry into the Wizarding Realm! 

As technological advancements continue to emerge in these ever-evolving times, WizKidz aims to show its adaptability to this modern age by consistently offering holders various benefits in the years to come. Through its revolutionary initiatives, it hopes to become a leading force in the world of NFTs while providing endless possibilities for holders across the world. Future holders can get live updates on their Discord server.

Oleg Torbosov Inspires Aspirants to Succeed Through His Tale of Trials and Triumphs

It is easy to envision a reality that is quite like our dreams and ambitions in life. However, turning this vision into action is a journey that no one has perfectly prepared us for. Adults often tell children that the sky is the limit, but they frequently fail to mention just how challenging it is to get there. Amid these adversities, Oleg Torbosov has managed to rise through the ranks and carve a success-enabling path in the middle of a highly competitive industry. Through his tale of trials and triumphs, he hopes to inspire the next generation of powerhouses to persevere no matter how difficult the journey may be.

As a simple guy hailing from a small city, Oleg Torbosov is intimately privy to the challenges that come hand in hand with trying to achieve one’s goals in life. As a matter of fact, his emergence in the commercial scene was met with countless detours along the way, but these circumstances did not faze this go-getting personality. Armed with big plans, Oleg sets his eyes on dominating the industry by breathing life into his passion project, Whitewill Luxury Moscow Real Estate.

Located in Moscow, London, and Dubai, Whitewill Luxury Moscow Real Estate is a world-class agency that boasts colors of distinction and opulence. It specializes in premium and business class apartments, as well as exclusive properties and upscale complexes. Widely acclaimed for providing affluent spaces, Whitewill Luxury is currently pulling out all the stops to deliver top-notch offerings to its clients across countries.

Pushing the boundaries of real estate, this outstanding entity has gathered over 21 billion rubles’ worth of transactions in 2020 alone. Although these successful milestones are due to the agency’s brand of success, it would not have reached impressive heights had it not been for its founder, Oleg Torbosov. For many years, this power player has developed exceptional growth strategies, including an educational program called Whitewill Broker Academy, where aspirants are trained to become the best professionals in effectively and efficiently selling luxury properties. In this way, Oleg is not only making a mark for himself, but he is also leaving an impact for those wishing to get ahead in a highly cutthroat industry.

“I created this project so that people could take the course, complete tasks and master the profession of a broker selling new buildings in the center of Moscow. When writing the program, I simply took all the areas that Whitewill brokers come into contact with on a daily basis when selling apartments and put them into one large learning block. In total, there are three modules, each of which contains 9-11 lectures. The modules are named City, Home, and Deal,” Oleg Torbosov explained.

Aside from that, the visionary has also written two books that tell the story of his path to success. His first book, The Way of One Oleg, describes his journey of creating his first business, while The Way of One Agency delves deep into the world of luxury real estate. Through these literary pieces, Oleg Torbosov aims to motivate others to believe in themselves despite the countless adversities that may come along the way.

With his commitment to growing his business even further, it is clear that this is only the beginning of Oleg Torbosov’s journey. As he continues to reach more milestones, the emerging powerhouse aims to inspire more aspirants in the years to come.

Hamza Odeh, the Highly Accomplished Go-Getter at the Helm of Multiple Ventures

While the business world has grown comparatively more accessible to go-getters from all walks of life and ages, it remains true that starting and scaling a venture remains challenging. To make considerable progress on the goal of surviving and thriving in the current saturated market, entrepreneurs must not only ensure that their products and services can satisfy their target audiences but also find a way to stand out in the face of competition. Given the long list of barriers that both aspiring and established entrepreneurs have to overcome, it’s all the more impressive when they boast multiple successful brands. Hamza Odeh is among today’s power players whose portfolio of achievements includes several companies built from scratch.

From the get-go, Hamza Odeh has known that he’s not meant for a life chained to a nine-to-five desk. As an independent person, the idea of his financial stability being in the hands of somebody else and affected by the whims of a boss didn’t sit well with him. “I never wanted someone to hold a salary over my head at any cost,” he shared. However, the itch to take absolute control of his financial situation wasn’t the only impetus behind his drive to establish an impressive roster of companies. More than anything else, his desire to create jobs for people who need it served as the force that fueled his efforts. 

Widely recognized for his accomplishments, Hamza Odeh has proven that the commercial space is no longer a battleground exclusive only to middle-aged entrepreneurs with decades of experience under their belt. Through his success, he’s demonstrated that young self-starters can secure a coveted position at the forefront and rise through the ranks. Currently, he stands at the helm of Etihad Capital, a holding and real estate company that devotes its time and resources to funding start-ups, acquiring companies, and establishing a presence in the realm of real estate.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the firm was launched under the mission to change lives. Right now, it is doing so by advocating for and representing creative communities and personalities, from designers and engineers to small business owners.

Apart from spearheading Etihad Capital, Hamza Odeh is also leading the rise of Restoration Nation, a highly trusted commercial construction company that offers a host of services focusing on new construction. In the short time since its establishment, it has also managed to earn a reputation for its effective solutions to fire and water damage. 

Hamza Odeh is the mind behind Ignite Real Estate, as well. A premier real estate brokerage and transaction facilitator, this brainchild of his continues to gain the patronage of countless clients because of the quality and reliability of its services. 

Launching three companies is no easy feat, but Hamza Odeh succeeded in doing so because of his will to take on the struggles and difficulties that come hand in hand with competing with Fortune 500 companies. Along with his readiness to take risks, this all-out attitude is bound to push him even further toward the limelight in the years to come.

Insightful Podcast inTheir20s Becomes the Top Choice for Young Professional Looking for Success and Inspiration

In the pursuit of success, hard work and perseverance are key. However, alongside having an excellent work ethic, one should also acknowledge the importance of having inspiration. After all, it is what helps a person keep going, especially during challenging situations. Cognizant of this, one insightful podcast aims to provide the new generation with a positive influence—inTheir20s.

The show invites successful entrepreneurs and leaders in various industries to discuss their expertise and provide valuable tips for the younger generation. These successful individuals look back on their early days and share their insights and learnings.

Its primary goal is to give young twenty-somethings a much-needed boost and encourage them to follow their dreams. Host Landon Campbell profoundly shared, “In a time of uncertainty, I wanted to provide my peers with the best advice they need to succeed.”

What makes inTheir20s stand out is its high-caliber guests, including Steve Wozniak, Ev Williams, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, Tim Hardaway Sr, and Guy Kawasaki. In addition to these powerhouse personalities, the most recent episodes feature broadcasting and media mogul Ralph Sutton, crypto and bitcoin expert Miko Matsumura, and startup superstar Casey Adams.

On top of this, Landon Campbell had the chance to interview political leaders such as Laurent Lamothe, former Prime Minister of Haiti. He also had the incredible opportunity to speak with the 43rd mayor of Miami, Florida, Mayor Francis Suarez. The latter is known for his vision to make Miami a top crypto, VC, and startup hub in the United States. 

In the episode, the mayor talked about the lessons he learned in his 20s and why he’s so bullish on crypto. He also gave a pitch for people in their twenties who are interested in moving to his city.

To date, the program has released more than 85 episodes. Because of its outstanding content, inTheir20s has massively grown its audience since its creation in the summer of 2020. Now it has amassed listeners located all across the world. In addition, it has become the go-to podcast for high-achieving young professionals looking to level up their knowledge and careers.

As a testament to the show’s impressive impact, Landon Campbell was invited to appear on CW26’s Real Chicagoans. On the television program, the host discussed how he was able to convince some of the world’s most influential and elusive entrepreneurs to share pieces of advice.

Undoubtedly, inTheir20s has become a tremendous driving force in motivating the youth. But, most importantly, it provides listeners with essential knowledge and equips the audience with the necessary tools that will lead them to success. 

Moving forward, the podcast and its creators hope to broaden its reach even further and help more people grow.

“My goal is to help millions of twenty-somethings gain a better perspective on what they need to be doing in life. In addition, I’m a big believer in podcasts. So not only will my show grow, but I want to motivate others to build their own podcasts,” Landon Campbell inspiringly shared.

Humanitarian Groups Say Russia Used Controversial ‘Cluster Munitions’ in Ukraine

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

According to two international humanitarian organizations, cluster munitions, a highly controversial weapon banned by many countries, were used by the Russian military against at least two civilian targets during its attack on Ukraine.

Seven people were killed and 11 injured in the bombings. Russia has also previously been known to use cluster munitions in warfare.

In a statement, Steve Goose, arms director of Human Rights Watch, said, “Russian forces should stop using cluster munitions and end unlawful attacks with weapons that indiscriminately kill and maim.”

Cluster munitions open in midair once fired and rain down hundreds of smaller “bomblets” over a large area the size of a few football fields.

The munitions are difficult to control and will strike people indiscriminately. International human rights groups say they shouldn’t be used anywhere near civilian populations, if at all.

The submunitions may also fail to detonate on impact, leaving unexploded bombs and posing more risk to the people nearby. As many as 40% may be left undetonated.

More than 100 countries signed a global treaty banning the use of cluster munitions in 2008, but neither Russia nor Ukraine agreed.

Cluster munitions hit hospital and preschool in Ukraine

Cluster munitions carried by a Russian ballistic missile struck outside a hospital in the city of Vuhledar, located in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, Human Rights Watch reported.

Human Rights Watch interviewed a doctor and a hospital official after the attack and examined photographs of the aftermath. The attack reportedly occurred around 10:30 a.m. local time. 

The body count rose to four while ten were injured, wherein six of these are health care workers. Damages were also incurred to the hospital, an ambulance and other nearby vehicles.

Natalia Sosyura, the hospital’s chief doctor, told Human Rights Watch, “I was on the first floor of our two-story building. I heard a loud explosion outside. We ran into the hallway. Luckily, we didn’t have many patients.”

“We all fell to the floor.”

In a separate attack, Amnesty International reported that cluster munitions fell on a preschool in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Okhtyrka in Sumy Oblast on Friday. A child was wounded while three people, including another child, died. 

Amnesty International said that Russian forces probably carried out the attack since they were conducting operations nearby and have used cluster munitions. The attack may constitute a war crime, the group said.

In a statement, Agnès Callamard, secretary-general of Amnesty International, expressed: “There is no possible justification for dropping cluster munitions in populated areas, let alone near a school.”

She further said, “This attack bears all the hallmarks of Russia’s use of this inherently indiscriminate and internationally-banned weapon, and shows flagrant disregard for civilian life.”

Drone footage showed four munitions striking the roof of the preschool and three more landing on the street, reported Amnesty International.