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Tianna Santoi Reveals Her Development From Entrepreneurism to Financial Advisement

Often what we do as children play a significant role in choosing our careers as we grow older. The visually gifted delve into the arts while singers go off to pursue fame on the big stage. Even entrepreneurism has a way of manifesting as young as four years old, which is precisely what happened to Tianna Santoi.

Tianna Santoi was only four years old when she showed the promising spirit of an entrepreneur. A little girl then, she started a business selling lemonades before school, providing workers, children, and parents alike with something that could quench their thirst. “I thought they would get thirsty from walking their children to school,” Tianna mused. She always had an entrepreneurial perspective. Despite her potential, Tianna was never taught financial literacy in high school or college. 

When Tianna started working for a mini nursing home funded by the government welfare program, she was disheartened when her boss told her that business was for older white men. Although the pay was decent, Tianna set off to prove that a young, black woman was just as capable as succeeding. A teenage mother on welfare and section 8 from one of the most dangerous ghettos in the country, Tianna decided to move to Las Vegas and embark on tourism.

The decision paid off as she quickly launched her first marketing campaign, generating a quarter million in a few short months. Tianna was running the business on her own, keeping it steady as she held the fort herself. However, things changed, and she was no longer focusing on money anymore. Tianna felt that she needed a mentor.

Using a popular business platform, she met a man named Jake Hyunh, who would play a significant role in helping her create a personal business plan. Together they put her personal and business goals in the proper categories, picking out which to prioritize and challenging Tianna to surpass her goals. Jake’s influence was massive as he taught her the difference between being a business owner and being a business operator. Additionally, his mentorship helped Tianna fix and heal every aspect of her life. 

Following the mentorship, Tianna decided to turn over a new leaf and switch her career to becoming a guide and mentor. “Financial literacy is the answer to obtaining financial freedom,” she said, “That makes me feel great to truly solve the pains that come with poverty or financial instability.” 

Today, Tianna’s company has become the Amazon of financial services that offer long-term & short-term savings, tax-free retirement solutions, wealth preservation, debt solution, credit repair, funding, and insurance. She also offers products that can assist her clients with all their insurance needs. Following the onset of the pandemic, Tianna has developed a three-step process to adjust to the times. Through Zoom meetings and digital payments, she can keep her clients safe while helping them build or preserve their wealth from the comforts of their homes. Tianna offers easy financial solutions that remove the stress and confusion from her clients, walking with them every step of the way as they gain or restore happiness into their lives.

Tianna Santoi is set to hold a virtual grand opening on April 20, 2021. She is inviting everyone looking to become a business owner by giving back the knowledge that she acquired. With the impact she has been making, Tianna foresees her next venture into establishing a financial firm.Learn more about Tianna Santoi by connecting with her through LinkedIn.

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