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Through Thick and Thin: Janice Tentler’s Journey of Faith

Through Thick and Thin: Janice Tentler's Journey of Faith
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In the timeless words of Proverbs 18:24, the bonds of friendship endure, akin to those of family. Janice Delima Tentler, a resilient individual, has been a living testament to the value of a strong support system during life’s tumultuous tides. Her journey to success has been deeply influenced by the unwavering support from her close-knit group, the Alegre de Amigas – consisting of Edelweiss Walker, Analyn Wood, and Debbie Mae Lyons – and her cherished church community at the Seventh Day Adventist International Church (SDAIC) in Chicago, Illinois. This remarkable narrative exemplifies the synergy of unity and faith in overcoming life’s trials.

Success, for Janice, is not a solo accomplishment but a collective enterprise. The Alegre de Amigas, who have been constant companions throughout her journey, have provided consistent encouragement and support in both good times and bad. Their camaraderie serves as a wellspring of inspiration, reminding not only Janice but also others that success is richer when shared.

This year, Janice’s life rollercoaster through the peaks of professional success and the valleys of personal adversity. She confronted criticism, judgment, and betrayal from once-trusted sources. Despite these trials, she faced them head-on, bolstered by the unity, loyalty, and encouragement of her friends, the Alegre de Amigas.

Through Thick and Thin: Janice Tentler's Journey of Faith

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In the tapestry of Janice’s life, the Seventh Day Adventist International Church (SDAIC) stands as another steadfast pillar. The church community has shouldered their burdens collectively, exemplifying their unwavering solidarity through challenging times. Though this year brought new challenges, Janice’s indomitable faith and her church family’s support provided her with guidance.

Recently, Janice’s journey took on a celebratory note as she marked her birthday month with joy and gratitude. Her celebration extended its embrace to encompass her friends and church family. A festive Saturday night ensued, commemorating not only Janice’s birthday but also those of Fely Delizo, Kuya Boy Fuentes, Kuya Efren Calasang, and Ate Elizabeth Zulueta. The event was replete with games, laughter, bonding, and the creation of cherished memories.

This evening stood as a testament to the potency of unity and genuine relationships. Group performances, advertisements, and heartfelt songs added to the merriment. Janice and her companions left with radiant smiles, cherishing the beautiful memories they had crafted together.

Janice’s commitment to her faith remains unwavering. Her friends, business associates, and social media followers are cognizant of her practice of reserving Saturdays for rest and worship. This sacred day of reflection and relaxation remains inviolable in her life.

In a world often driven by the relentless pursuit of financial gain, Janice stands as a beacon of principle. Her resolute choice to prioritize faith and family over monetary achievements serves as a poignant reminder that success’s measure transcends material wealth. It’s a testament to the quality of relationships and unity one shares with others.

Through Thick and Thin: Janice Tentler's Journey of Faith

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Janice Delima Tentler’s journey is an inspiring narrative of triumph over adversity, fortified by the fortitude of friendship, faith, and unity. Her story underscores that success isn’t solely about amassing wealth but rather about the connections forged with those who stand by one’s side during life’s challenges and victories.

Through Thick and Thin: Janice Tentler's Journey of Faith

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In a world that occasionally overemphasizes individualism and financial gain, Janice’s narrative stands as a tribute to the enduring strength of unity and authentic relationships. As her journey progresses, she serves as an inspiration for those navigating life’s complexities with unwavering faith, dedicated friendships, and a heart brimming with gratitude.

With the support of her friends, the Alegre de Amigas, her family, and the unwavering love of her church community at SDAIC, Janice anticipates celebrating further triumphs in the years ahead. Her story remains a shining example of how unity and faith can transform challenges into stepping stones toward growth and success.


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