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The Thick Asian Revolution: How ITSEUNCHAE Is Reshaping Beauty Standards on TikTok

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In South Korea’s capital, Seoul, a quiet revolution is happening. It’s not in the streets or the government, but on TikTok, where a woman named Eunchae is using her viral content to fight against narrow Asian beauty ideals. Meet ITSEUNCHAE, the influential content creator, IG model, and Internet personality who is reshaping what it means to be beautiful in today’s digital era.


Eunchae began her content creation journey three years ago, blending cultural narratives from South Korea and the United States. She used her platform to juxtapose divergent beauty standards, body shaming culture, and fashion trends. And her story doesn’t stop there. Eunchae is also a world traveler, visiting more than 20 US cities, with more Asian travel plans ahead. Her travel stories now inspire millions.


In one of her most viral videos, Eunchae deftly confronts the “Thick Asian girl” stereotype. She doesn’t consider herself ‘thick’ but sees her body as normal with slightly muscular legs. Her unique look shows how beauty standards, especially in Asia, are influenced by stereotypes. In a world where media often highlights thin, pale girls, Eunchae’s videos offer a fresh viewpoint.


And these videos have hit millions of views, showing Eunchae’s message is striking a chord and resonating with others. Within two years, she has grown her follower count to 1.5M on TikTok and over 500K on her two Instagram accounts—an incredible feat given the competitive digital landscape.


Eunchae’s mission draws from her own struggles with her body image. As a teenager, she overheard boys labeling girls who weighed over 130 lbs as ‘orcs’ or ‘pigs.’ Shaken, she starved herself down to 105 lbs. But the feeling of ‘fatness’ clung to her. Today, she celebrates her healthy 150 lbs body, equipped with strong legs that reflect her inner strength. Her story offers solace and inspiration to young girls across Asia who face similar pressures to be extremely skinny.


However, Eunchae is not against the K-pop girl groups often spotlighted as idols. She simply wishes for the media to broaden its portrayal of beauty, embracing more normal weights and fit bodies to prevent young girls from struggling with eating disorders in their quest to emulate their idols.


Looking toward the future, Eunchae is determined to expand her brand. Next year, she plans to launch a clothing line and start YouTube channels that delve into Korean culture, language, and travel tips. Her ultimate goal is to become a major Korean influencer, a renowned YouTuber, TikToker, and an actor who collaborates with big brands and features in commercials. Eunchae’s ambition is simple yet profound: when people think of Korea, she wants to be the first name that comes to mind.


As ITSEUNCHAE continues to redefine beauty and challenge stereotypes, her reach grows exponentially. She’s not just an influencer or content creator; she’s a beacon of self-love, celebrating the “anime build,” the strong legs, and the “Korean Chun Li” in every young Asian girl. So, follow Eunchae’s journey on social media as she champions the Thick Asian Revolution one viral post at a time. After all, this is just the beginning of her story.




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