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The Successful Care Center Changing Healthcare

The Biologix Center
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Conventional medicine sees a chronic disease as something that can be controlled, but not cured. The team at Biologix Center for Optimum Health, however — led by founder and CEO Dr. David Jernigan — sees it differently. Their unique approach to diagnosing and treating illnesses that are typically classified as chronic diseases is changing healthcare by providing healing where others have failed.

For almost 30 years, Biologix and its team of medical professionals have succeeded in helping many thousands of people from around the world who have exhausted conventional medicine treatments with non-responsive chronic illnesses. Their initiative of treating the underlying causes of disease as opposed to just its symptoms has resulted in thousands of success stories.

As a result of the success Biologix has achieved, Dr. Jernigan has become an internationally recognized innovator of advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies who has been welcomed to share his research in many venues, including professional conferences, TV, and radio. His use of advanced precision techniques in restoring the optimum structural and functional integrity of the body has established him as a leading expert in the treatment of chronic and treatment-resistant illnesses. The testimonials offered by patients on Biologix’s website reveal the success that Dr. Jernigan and his team have had with treating a wide range of conditions. 

Changing the narrative on chronic disease

Many consider chronic disease to be an epidemic. In the US, over 40 percent of the population has been diagnosed with one or more illnesses that are considered chronic diseases. For 40 million Americans, chronic diseases limit their activity in some way.

The Biologix Center provides treatment for a host of illnesses that conventional medicine considers to be chronic and incurable. They include Lyme disease, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The prevailing mindset in conventional medicine is to first and foremost mask a condition’s symptoms by prescribing pharmaceuticals. Treatment aimed at simply suppressing symptoms can allow the underlying condition to continue to affect the body, often causing more harm that could be avoided. In some cases, the issue can disappear for a time only to return unexpectedly weeks or months into the future.

The treatment generally prescribed for treating a fever provides an excellent example of this approach. A variety of pharmaceuticals are prescribed for treating the symptoms of a fever, which include chills, muscle aches, and irritability, but nothing is done to address the underlying condition. More often, this approach frustrates the healing work that the body is attempting to do by triggering a fever.

The approach at Biologix is to use precise, real-time testing to understand the imbalances that are causing the symptoms. Then, armed with the understanding that their testing has provided, Biologix’s doctors provide treatments that enable the body to naturally and often rapidly achieve lasting relief. Their belief is that masking symptoms prevents the body from achieving true healing.

Restoring the body to optimal health

The belief that all of the body’s symptoms are interconnected and interdependent is foundational to Dr. Jernigan’s approach to healing. Optimal health, he believes, can only be truly achieved if each system is considered and precisely addressed. Every treatment that Biologix’s patients receive works with the natural design and function of the body without causing unwanted side effects.

Conventional health care delivery is often a minimalistic approach founded on the belief that it is far easier to prescribe a painkiller or antibiotic than to provide the maximum applied effort needed to truly restore the optimum form and function of the body. The Biologix Center’s approach is for those who truly desire to be well, not just feel well from drug-induced illusions of health. The Biologix team brings the best of every healing method and testing to each patient treated.

Providing treatments that are custom tailored

Eliminating the guesswork in doctoring is one of the distinctive features of Biologix’s approach to treatment. The conventional blood tests relied upon for much of modern diagnostic efforts provide a mere snapshot of a patient’s blood on the day it was drawn. Biologix’s methods look beyond snapshots, relying on constantly evolving technologies that provide far more insight into the root causes of a patient’s symptoms.

Before beginning any treatment, Biologix’s doctors test each option to ensure that it is compatible with and effective for each patient’s unique body. There is no “one-size-fits-all” at Biologix. Each treatment is natural, structural, functional, and uniquely tailored for the patient. 

For nearly three decades, the team at the Biologix Center has treated patients from all over the world who have fallen through the cracks of both mainstream healthcare and natural healthcare. Often, those who are treated tell Biologix that they have searched for a clinic like theirs for many years before finally finding theirs. Others say they had been uncertain about making a change from mainstream medicine to other treatment options, but that after they found Biologix they wished that they had done it sooner.

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