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The Remarkable Progression of Jessica Dalby, Founder and CEO of Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop LLC

Oftentimes, in our current society, success is rooted within the families of already established and well-known individuals. It is an undeniable fact that only a few of the shakers and movers of the world come from ordinary households working their way up towards insurmountable success. Jessica Dalby is one such individual and empowered woman straight out of the projects in Brooklyn, New York. She came from nothing but is now the successful CEO of Diggie The Progression Of Hip-Hop LLC.

Through her drive and passion alone, Jessica Dalby has acquired the coveted status of a successful entrepreneur. Before achieving entrepreneurial success, she would serve in the US Army, drawn by the love she has for her own country. Once her service was over, Jessica gravitated towards her love of music and hip-hop culture, establishing one of the most respected brands in music, apparel, and entertainment.

Despite all of the success that she has attained, Jessica Dalby remains as grounded and as humble as she used to be. Through her passion for business, she successfully established the Diggie clothing brand, marking yet another milestone in her entrepreneurial journey. In just a little over a year, Jessica then established another business under the parent company P.U.S.H. Entertainment. 

Hip-hop culture has been a massive staple in the United States. Jessica Dalby’s love for music and culture led her to push Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop to new heights, cementing the brand as a key contributor to keeping the hip-hop culture alive as well as opening new doors for independent artists of all genres.

Jessica Dalby’s work ethic is the hallmark of her success. She brings to the table a kind of calming assurance for independent artists that each penny they invest in their career and in their trust in the company will be well worth it in the end. From online marketing to artist interviews, Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop provides value for its clients in two folds. 

As a business owner, Jessica Dalby fully understands that investing in a career or business is an integral part of an individual’s continued success. As of September 6, 2021, Jessica’s podcast The Progression of Hip-Hop is among the top 45 hip-hop podcasts in the world. It is amid the top 45 hip-hop podcasts based on a business that encompasses a team of over 25+ experts who discover and rank popular podcasts and YouTube channels in various niche markets. 

Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop’s research team does extensive research, in-house media monitoring, and expert editorial team reviews prior to assigning them a ranking, relevancy, Alexa Web Traffic Rank, to name a few. 

“As we pay homage to artists that have impacted and paved the hip-hop culture through the seasons, we’ve been blessed to have several guests on the platform paying homage and discussing so many artists that have contributed or impacted to the ever-growing culture of hip-hop,” shared Jessica Dalby.

Some of the guests that have been on the platform are K Samone’, a radio personality from Hot 107.9 in Atlanta; Miz Korona, recording artist and actress from the movie 8 Mile; The Real Pop From Da Barber Shop, who personally knew the prestigious Biggie Smalls; and Chuck Platinum, who is a multi-award winning producer, DJ, radio personality, hip-hop artist, and audio engineer.

Overall, Jessica Dalby has been an instrumental figure in the success of her own brand. In the near future, she hopes to garner even more success as she continues to push the boundaries of the industry and cultivate the culture of hip-hop for many independent artists nationwide.To know more about Jessica Dalby and her company, make sure to visit the company’s official website.

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