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The King of Digital Real Estate: Digital Landlords Founder and CEO Nick Wood Is Changing the Game

The vast world of running a business online has only grown larger over the years. As business and technology continues to develop, countless investment opportunities have cropped up within the ever-growing digital landscape. One of the increasingly more lucrative investments in our digital era is that of digital real estate. Since the inception of the industry, a young and hungry entrepreneur has silently risen to the top of the game. Dubbed “the King of Digital Real Estate,” Nick Wood is not only showing the digital real estate space why he is winning big–he’s now teaching it. 

Wood recently announced the launch of Digital Landlords, an online course and community that teaches its students how to create and own digital real estate and make passive income through lead generation and sales. But before his foray into the world of digital real estate, founder and CEO Nick Wood was a successful door-to-door salesman with a knack for entrepreneurship, and a desire to build something of his own. In his early twenties, he started multiple tech ventures in the app space while incurring a massive debt of $60,000 in the process. Even in the trenches of entrepreneurship, his determination to build a successful business stayed with him. When he discovered the concept of owning and selling digital real estate online, he taught himself the basics and jumped into it headfirst.

In less than a year, Nick Wood went from being $60,000 in the red to building a multi-million dollar business. After honing his craft and learning the ins and outs of the industry, he realized that he could also use what he had learned to teach others. Thus, Digital Landlords was born.

Digital Landlords is the premier source for education and information in utulizing digital real estate to make passive income from home. The course distills the many tried and tested strategies that Nick Wood himself utilized to propel him to his current level of success, and gives students the tools to get earning right away. And with over 300+ students and counting, Wood sees how his course is accomplishing its purpose.

“This is the best business model on the internet, the best way to make passive income from home,” says Wood. “All you need is an internet connection and a lot of hustle.”

What has made the course appealing for so many is the fact that it requires no sales or technical experience, and can be remotely done from anywhere in the world. “It is an exciting time in the world where you can become a millionaire from the internet,” says Nick Wood. He shares that many of his Digital Landlords students have successfully generated passive income for themselves ranging from $10K – $40K per month. On the company’s website, there are indeed case studies shown that highlight the success of Nick Wood’s blueprint and how it’s helping students achieve their financial goals.

“Digital real estate is a hack for the modern-day hustler to make passive income online. If anyone can show me a quicker and easier way to make money from their phone then I’ll quit this immediately and do something else,” concluded Nick Wood.

Ever confident, “The King of Digital Real Estate” has indeed proven that digital real estate can be lucrative in the online space. Digital Landlords is now providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a road map and giving them the power to earn by assuming the title of “Landlords” in an always-thriving digital economy.

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