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The Bettie Gang Twins Takes the Music Arena by Storm as the Latest Signees to The Stachehaus Record Label

Visionary artists The Bettie Gang Twins share more than just similar eye-catching physical features as twin sisters; they also have the same fiery passion and talent for music. The two welcomed 2021 with fast-rising success as they became the latest and hottest signees to the boutique music label The Stachehaus powered by KMG/The Orchard. Today, they are determined to transform powerful messages into rap masterpieces that will surely move listeners.

Born and raised in the westside of Chicago, Illinois, fraternal twins Latonya and Latisha Jones, also known as LBezzy and SGezzy, combine their raw talent and relentless commitment to music to form an iconic rap duo called The Bettie Gang Twins. Together, they have become a force to be reckoned with in the music arena. They have opened up shows for famous artists such as Scarface, Twista, Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, Do or Die, Gunna, and Young Joc.

With their mother’s untimely passing on December 26, 2015, the twins dedicated their love for music to their mother and have used her name, Bettie Jones, as the inspiration for their stage name, The Bettie Gang Twins. This touching initiative is a lifelong tribute to their wonderful mother, whose death made national news almost five years ago. Her death ignited hope within the twins and fueled them to pursue their lifelong dream of making it big in the music industry. “Our mom already gave us a blueprint. We just had to put it in motion,” explains The Bettie Gang Twins.

As a rap sensation, The Bettie Gang Twins incorporates real-life scenarios and experiences into their tracks, channeling powerful lyrics that are extremely relatable to people from all walks of life. “We really live what we rap. We reflect our environment and display them in our music. We understand the trials and tribulations of growing up in Chicago,” explains the twins. Overall, the multi-talented pair leaves a memorable impression on their audience through their creative wordplay and catchy beats. Their natural ability to deliver each song verse in a seamless yet moving manner allows them to spark raw emotions within their listeners. Their music speaks of a multitude of themes, including struggle and anger, as well as love and devotion to family and friends. 

Today, The Bettie Gang Twins are most excited for the journey that awaits them in their new home at The Stachehaus, a leading music powerhouse that has molded rising music stars into full-blown internationally renowned music sensations. Indeed, LBezzy and SGezzy are ready to take their rapping and songwriting talent to the next level under the music label’s guidance. 

Essentially, The Bettie Gang Twins hopes for their music to touch the lives of the inner city youth worldwide. They seek to inspire independent people with dreams of success, ensuring them that their blessings are well on their way. Finally, they hope for their music to bring people towards generational wealth and independence, inspiring them to live on their terms regardless of criticism and circumstances. 

To know more about The Bettie Gang Twins and their upcoming music, please visit their official Facebook. You can also check them out on Plugstar

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