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The Best Bridal Boutique In Chicago Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace
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As Engagement season takes center stage, brides seeking the perfect fusion of beauty and soft elegance have already discovered their muse in the Australian designer Grace Loves Lace. Situated in the heart of the windy city, the Chicago boutique serves as a beacon of timeless elegance, featuring opulent furnishings, enchanting lighting, and lofty ceilings that create a sanctuary for bridal beauty and sophistication, setting the stage for an unparalleled bridal fitting experience.

Upon entering, a flute of bubbly awaits, and guests are ushered into private bridal suites, where cherished memories are crafted with the closest family and friends. The contemporary salon, adorned with modern accents, provides the ideal backdrop for Grace’s delicate collection of lace and sand-washed silk gowns, each handmade in the Australian studio using century-old techniques to produce stunning fabrics. These modern gowns are designed to embody soul, originality, and authenticity.

While Grace Loves Lace is celebrated for its beautiful wedding dresses, including the signature “Goldie” gown, the boutique also showcases an exquisite selection of high-end lace dresses suitable for bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, engagement parties, and showers.

The origin of Grace Loves Lace traces back to founder Megan Ziems, who, disillusioned with conventional and rigid wedding attire dominating the industry, set out to revolutionize the bridal scene. Rejecting the notion that style should be sacrificed for comfort and that quality should be constrained by a price tag, Megan envisioned a future where brides could aspire to extraordinary elegance.

Megan’s vision materialized in the form of a brand that caters to the woman at the core of everything they do. The GLL woman is effortlessly sophisticated, captivating, down-to-earth, sexy, and authentic. With morals and values, she knows precisely what inspires and motivates her.

Grace Loves Lace

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The meticulous craftsmanship of Grace gowns prioritizes comfort and ease of movement, showcasing a blend of luxury that invites dancing. Led by Founder Meg and Head of Design Rosie, the in-house team in Australia collaborates with skilled pattern makers, graders, cutters, and seamstresses, establishing Grace Loves Lace as a symbol of innovation in bridal dress construction and fabric selection.

Renowned in the bridal industry, Grace gowns stand out for their revolutionary design, free from boning and corsetry. Crafted to harmonize with the body, these award-winning gowns embody liberated luxury, tailor-made for women who epitomize style, substance, and passion.

Located in the vibrant locale of Burleigh Heads, Australia, Grace Loves Lace’s Head Office and production facility form the heartbeat of its operations. Having originated as a pioneer in bridal e-commerce, the brand has expanded globally, with a retail presence spanning four continents and gowns gracefully finding their way to over 80 countries worldwide. The journey of Grace Loves Lace is a testament to its evolution from a revolutionary concept to an international standard of bridal excellence.

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