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How GreenJuice Is Transforming the EV Charging Market

How GreenJuice Is Transforming the EV Charging Market
Photo Credit: EV GreenJuice

Environmental concerns have long been associated with the rising number of automobiles. Thanks to the introduction of electric vehicles, they are not just reducing harmful emissions on this planet but are poised to be a feasible alternative to the limited fossil fuels. However, the transition to EVs is more likely challenging due to several ongoing issues in the current EV charging market. The primary problem is using multiple chargers and plugins, limiting charging to only a few EV models. This is where GreenJuice has stepped in to offer smart charging solutions to every EV owner. 

GreenJuice is a game-changer in EV charging founded by Christian Trippler and David Casey. The EV charging management solution, designed to meet the needs of every EV owner, is on track to transform the EV charging market. The company aims to eliminate the time-consuming hassle of charging your EV. 

The conventional EV charging system begins with finding a Level 3 charger, driving there, waiting in line, and spending 30-40 minutes charging your vehicle, which is time-consuming and impractical. GreenJuice brings the charging experience directly to users on a city-wide basis. The company has strategically placed charging stations at locations where EV users are frequent, like grocery stores, gyms, barbershops, workplaces, apartment complexes, and hotels. 

Property owners have endless concerns about adopting EV charging solutions. From high implementation costs and power grid upgrades to uncertainty about the best charging level for their property and skepticism about the long-term viability of EVs, they are limiting their use. GreenJuice handles these issues head-on with a comprehensive and transparent property auditing protocol. 

The company considers macro variables, such as the time people spend at businesses, the local EV driver population, and available government/ state funding. Once these factors are determined, the focus shifts to micro variables within the company. GreenJuice collaborates with business owners to assess several factors, like proximity to electrical power sources, existing electrical grid capacity, and parking space locations, to offer its clients the most cost-effective and tailored solutions. 

Besides installing chargers at suitable locations, GreenJuice strives to foster ongoing relationships with its clients. Through its app, the company assists in marketing strategies, leveraging tools like adding chargers to popular maps, and provides free marketing solutions. The app has features like uploading visible coupon codes and encouraging EV drivers to choose their client’s location for charging.

GreenJuice boasts an impressive track record with an astounding 99.985% uptime over the past six months. Trusted by Marriott, GreenJuice ensures EV drivers can rely on their charging stations anytime. The journey that Christian and David started six years back, noticing the common challenges faced by EV drivers after they purchased their first EV, has culminated in a transformational company.  

In the future, GreenJuice has plans to implement over 1000 EV chargers on the West Coast. In the next 2 to 3 years, the company will strategically place EV charging solutions aligning with drivers’ existing patterns. The vision extends beyond the West Coast to expand nationwide. In a world where time and environment are precious, GreenJuice makes EV charging accessible and convenient to make transportation sustainable.


Published By: Aize Perez

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