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OverIT Enables Organizations to Adopt Field Service Sustainable Practices

OverIT Enables Organizations to Adopt Field Service Sustainable Practices
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Founded in 1999, OverIT is a leading organization that offers innovative field service management (FSM) services and cutting-edge solutions that reorganize operations for enterprise businesses globally. Headquartered in Fiume Veneto, Pordenone, Italy, the company is a multinational powerhouse operating in over 30 countries. Led by Chairman and CEO Paolo Bergamo, OverIT has been recognized for its innovative software offerings tailored to various sectors, including utility, energy, oil and gas, telco, transportation, and infrastructure.

According to recent industry reports, OverIT runs a clientele of over 300 organizations, reflecting its significant market presence and influence. With a commitment to continuous innovation and customer-centricity, OverIT remains at the forefront of the FSM industry, driving efficiency, productivity, and digital transformation for businesses worldwide. OverIT offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to enterprise businesses’ diverse needs. Known for its unique approach, OverIT’s offerings span various FSM software, including asset maintenance, customer service, real-time collaboration tools, augmented reality solutions, and workforce management software.

OverIT’s international footprint extends to more than 30 countries, proving its solid ground in the FSM domain. Through its state-of-the-art technology, quality, and customer satisfaction, OverIT has set new benchmarks for excellence in the FSM industry, driving digital transformation and delivering tangible value to businesses worldwide.

OverIT’s innovation and product development have been active in revolutionizing the field service management (FSM) industry, consistently introducing cutting-edge solutions that uplift industry standards. A notable milestone in the company occurred in 2019 with the launch of its innovative hands-free Field Collaboration App, deploying augmented reality to enhance remote assistance and training for physically distant workers. This groundbreaking solution showcased OverIT’s forward-thinking approach. It addressed the evolving needs of its clientele in an increasingly digital age.

OverIT recently launched the Field Collaboration App in the RealWear App Marketplace, expanding its accessibility and usability. OverIT’s innovative offerings have caused a significant uptick in the app’s usability by several industry leaders like Italgas. Such advancements outline OverIT’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries and driving tangible value for its customers.

Once owned by the Engineering Group, OverIT’s separation in 2021 empowered it to operate as an independent entity under the ownership of Bain Capital and NB Renaissance private equity funds. A surge in expansion efforts accompanied this move. OverIT made notable inroads into the Latin American market, securing new partnerships and clients such as Edenor and Naturgy. Next, OverIT launched the Next-Gen FSM Platform in the same year, with more collaborations with industry leaders like PwC Italy and Siemens/SAP.

The company’s consistent recognition in the Gartner Market Guide for Field Service Management reflects its industry-leading capabilities and vision. OverIT’s acknowledgment as a Great Place to Work (GPTW) showcases its commitment to promoting a positive work environment and prioritizing employee satisfaction. These recognitions testify to OverIT’s ongoing dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction within the FSM sector.

To conclude, OverIT is an organization that delivers innovation and excellence in the field service management (FSM) industry. It leverages cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction to redefine industry standards. Through its rich history of evolution, marked by transformative milestones and strategic partnerships, OverIT has cemented its position as a leader, serving over 300 organizations across various sectors worldwide.

The company’s dedication to innovation and product development, evidenced by the introduction of groundbreaking solutions like the hands-free Field Collaboration App, continues to shape the future of FSM, driving efficiency, productivity, and digital transformation for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, OverIT’s remarkable growth and expansion efforts, which have added to numerous recognitions, show its status as a pioneer in the industry. As OverIT pushes boundaries and sets new benchmarks for excellence, the company remains poised for continued success and leadership.


Published by: Khy Talara


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