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Team Humanity USA Talks Efforts on the Ground and Helping the Most Vulnerable Communities in Africa

The problems of the world, most of them daunting, are endless and overwhelming, especially to the underserved, unprivileged, and marginalized. From racial discrimination and gender-based violence to child malnutrition and climate change, today’s social and environmental issues hinder people from achieving quality life and maximizing their potential. Highly cognizant of the growing number of individuals and families suffering from different crises, Ayat Abuznade founded Team Humanity USA, a non-government organization committed to providing humanitarian and educational outreach to vulnerable communities. 

Established in 2019, Team Humanity USA is the brainchild of a purpose-driven humanitarian whose volunteer work has exposed her to the harsh realities that confront millions of people across the globe. The seedling of an idea that would eventually flourish into what would become Team Humanity USA was planted back in 2014 when Ayat volunteered at Zaatari Refugee Camp. The largest camp for Syrian refugees, which gradually evolved into a permanent settlement and is located at the border of Syria and Jordan, was where she connected with many families and witnessed firsthand the impact the war had on more than 80,000 vulnerable individuals. 

With her life changed and her view of the world altered in irrevocable ways, Ayat continued to travel and volunteer at several other camps. Ultimately, it was her encounter with various small groups of volunteers that not only highlighted the fact that more is needed to be done but also inspired the creation of Team Humanity USA.

Since then, Team Humanity USA has served the US and a long list of countries abroad, responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, as well as nurturing and promoting human welfare. Additionally, it has gone all-out in alleviating human suffering by advocating for fundamental human rights and creating opportunities for communities in despair. 

Currently, Team Humanity USA is on the ground, supporting numerous remote areas in Africa by building water well systems and providing safe access to clean water daily. “Our goal is to improve the water supply for African countries by delivering clean and safe water to communities in need,” shared the passion-fueled team at the helm of this initiative. “We promise to create water wells in Africa that will support and promote a healthy living environment and reduce unnecessary suffering from waterborne illnesses.”

Apart from being present in African countries, Team Humanity USA is also highly active in Pakistan, providing women, children, and families with life-saving food, water, and essential aid in the face of the catastrophic floods that have become the new norm in the country. Moreover, the well-respected organization has expanded its reach to Ukraine, delivering aid and assisting, evacuating, and transporting innocent civilians to safe territories. Under the leadership of Ayat Abuznade, Team Humanity USA has been at the frontlines in many countries over the years. In the future, operating under the recognition that wars and climate change will put more individuals and families at risk, it plans to remain a reliable provider of emergency aid and relief work, as well as a strong advocate for basic human rights.

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