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Take your power back! A guide by Kimberly Spair, PhD

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Have you ever wondered if our body is designed to heal itself? What many don’t know is that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself. When we suffer from an injury or illness, most times, the body efficiently deals with the problem and restores itself to health. However, the question arises: if the body is made to combat illness, why does it sometimes fail to recover from symptoms that then become chronic? The answer is simple. There is often more going on. Toxins, pathogens, exposures, nutritional deficiencies, to name a few! Due to our limited knowledge, most of us are unaware of the power of our body’s self-healing mechanism, that is fully capable of fighting chronic illnesses when we identify the root cause.  

Dr. Kimberly Spair, a Ph.D. in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition, emphasizes the science of dis-ease, toxicology, and epigenetics. She believes that healing is inside of each and every one of us. According to her, we can utilize key therapeutic nutrition + herbal medicine to turn dis-ease (which means lack of ease) into a healthy mind and body and bring the body back into balance. 

This renowned practitioner has dedicated her career to supporting and empowering women, especially mothers and children, as they reclaim their health and vitality using food as medicine in a world that does not always align with these intentions. She is also a yoga therapist and has completed training in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), reiki, and homeopathy. “Healing is a JOURNEY, and there are many paths we can take. Several will lead to TRUE Healing,” shares Dr. Kimberly Spair.

Kimberly was diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease and then developed neurological symptoms and autoimmunity. As a result, she suffered at the hands of countless doctors, tests, traditional medications, and alternative therapies for years before she found her path to healing. Sharing her healing experience, Kimberly says, “The experience of overcoming chronic illness and disabling autoimmune disease has completely changed my life.” 

Although the path was challenging before finding answers, Kimberly’s determination to reclaim her health and vitality led to an endless pursuit of self-actualization and self-transformation. Furthermore, this healing journey steered her to help others suffering from chronic symptoms. 

When it comes to holistic health, it is described as a lifestyle approach that prevents or mitigates chronic illnesses; it emphasizes restoring the optimal level of health by identifying and treating the underlying causes of disease, not just treating symptoms. It includes the involvement of mind, body, and spirit; and asking people to take responsibility for their own health.

Kimberly advises adopting a holistic approach by using “food as medicine.” She encourages her clients to begin with a nutrient-dense whole foods approach. She then works by individualizing her treatment plans based on each client’s needs – this includes strategies such as conducting emotional therapy, detoxifying through whole foods, boosting nutrient intake, or using supplements and supportive herbs. 

If you ask, what is the one thing that you can do to heal yourself from chronic illness and stay healthy? The answer would be to optimize nutrition. Dr. Kimberly Spair supports this statement throughout her online courses and consultations. “Healing circle is a 6-week program to rapidly reclaim your health. Create balance and ease through nutrition, supplementation, and mind/body medicine,” she explains.

Moreover, what you consume in your diet has a significant role in combating chronic symptoms. 

There is no denying that embracing a holistic approach when it comes to our health helps support our self-healing mechanism, which can be quite transformative for our lives. On a concluding note, Dr. Kimberly Spair says, “I started my practice with a passion for recovery that is fueled by my healing journey and the desire to share the light of healing with all who need it and teach them to BE their own advocate, their own hero, and their own compass.”

Dr. Kimberly Spair is a renowned practitioner who has dedicated her career to helping individuals, particularly women and children, reclaim their health and vitality through holistic natural health and nutrition. She believes that the key to healing lies within each and every one of us and that by utilizing key therapeutic nutrition and herbal medicine, we can restore our bodies to balance and overcome chronic illness. Dr. Spair is also trained in various complementary therapies such as yoga therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), reiki, and homeopathy. She advocates for a holistic approach to health that focuses on treating the underlying causes of disease and emphasizes the importance of nutrition in combating chronic symptoms. Through her online courses and consultations, Dr. Spair helps individuals optimize their nutrition and rapidly reclaim their health.

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